Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Area: Brazil MTC
Companion: Elder Shepherd

Alright so this week was a pretty good one. Not a ton of new stuff but i try to write stuff down so i remember to write everything. Starting with last wed night-- I gave 3 missionaries haircuts. They were my first hair cuts here but they actually went pretty well. Thank Tal for me for the hair cutting stuff. I am getting a lot of new friends...
Thurs-- I had class all day again which is always long, but it feels good to get through a day. I have gym in the afternoon so this time after gym, i carried my good friend Elder Manson, who weighs about 220 lbs, up to the top floor. I missed the first 9 stairs but i figured it was like 99 steps up to the sixth floor. And that night i gave another person a haircut.
FRI-- Same old class, and during gym i counted that its about 14 laps around the track here to do a mile so i grabbed my friend Elder Fridely and we ran a mile together. It felt really good to run and i enjoyed myself. After that i carried E. Manson up to the sixth floor from the 2nd floor so my legs were pretty exhausted that night. As you can see life is pretty exciting in the MTC. I am very easily amused.
SAT-- Other than the normal class routine, we had group meeting. The MTC Pres taught and we talked about recognizing the spirit and that everything we do needs to be with the spirit. It was really good.
SUN-- Me and my companion said the sacrament prayer in portuguese. That was actually really cool, even though it was pretty choppy, it worked. The language comes really good some days and is really hard on others. Learning a language takes a lot of patience and a lot of work. The português is comin... Slowly but surely.
MON-- All I remember about monday is that everyone was really tired and exhausted and just mentally out of it in the morning. It ended up being a really good day, but it was pretty funny how worn out everyone seemed to be. In gym i ran the mile again with Elder Fridley and i timed myself this time and got like 6:15 which isnt horrible, but definitely not race material. On top of that, i pretty much chilled so it felt nice. I am amazed that i can still run decent, even though i feel like im getting fatter every day. This is because we eat Breakfast, Have class for 4.5 hours then eat lunch, then back to class for 3.5 hours then dinner and finally gym. It is fun though, my district is way cool and the guys are real fun to be around.
TUES-- We had an english fast yesterday which was so hard. I was really frustrated all morning and most of the day i just kept my mouth closed because i was affraid of speaking english haha. It was an adventure ill tell you what. By the end of the day my head was going to explode. I never knew how important being able to communicate was. I also found that i need to get going on the language. It is a challenge, but you just need to trust that youll get it eventually and do your part.
WED-- Today we went to the Sao Paulo temple which is really beautiful. The inside is amazing. We even got to go see the baptismal font which is really cool. All throughout that temple and in the MTC there is mahoganny wood which i guess is illegal to harvest now or something, but it looks really good in the buildings. ---
So i have been thinking about what i would need in a package and im still not sure. I don~t know what i will need out there. Some things i would have liked to have here is just some cheap normal spiral notebooks because they are like 2 reais each here, some scotch tape- its like 6 reais, maybe a marker and the lint roller i think i should have brought. None the less i have everything i need and probably even more. It has been a really fun time here in the MTC and i hope i have more exciting times to come here because im running out of things to say haha.
Best of luck and make it a fantastic week -Elder Smoot

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