Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WK3 - Oi! (Hi)

Area: Brazil MTC
Companion: Elder Shepherd

Ok to start hopefully i can get all of your questions answered. With the time limit on these computers it is pretty intense though. THURS-- We got a new missionary in our room from Cabo Verde. He is cool but didnt have a companion till friday and we got another one in our room from Sao Paulo. Seriously in the MTC all of the days become a blur so im not really sure anything exciting happend FRI or SAT. Every saturday night we have a district meeting but thats about all that changes from a normal day. Sunday we get up, study, go to church, have leadership meeting with the leaders in the branch, then have a fireside. MON-- Normal day.. And i will explain what that is. Wake up 6 30. Study for 1 hr in the classroom. Breakfast 1/2 hour. Class for 4 1/2 hrs with irmã Cardoso. Lunch for 1 hr. Class with Irmã Elias for 3 1/2 hours. Dinner 1 hr. Gym for 1 hr. then get dressed again. Comp study for 1 hr. Then plan. Then get up to the room just after 9 30. Write in journal, go to bed. Then wake up and do it all again. Quite the life huh? Other than that I have devotional on tuesday and P Day on wednesday. Tuesday-- The devotional this week was really good. One funny thing is that the speaker said he had a son serving in Teresina and asked if anyone was going there. I was the only one in the entire MTC to raise my hand. Pretty awesome right?! That was cool. There used to be like two other brasilians and one brasillian sister but they all left so im the only one. Today- Wed--- We went to Campinas temple again which is amazing i love it. I love that no matter where you go, the temple is always the same. The temple is really big and beautiful. Ok So to the questions. The Branch Pres is from Texas. He is a really cool guy and his wife is really nice too. I look forward to sundays because we have a couple hours of downtime to relax and write letters. --It was cool to make the connection with Irmã Cardoso. She is honestly one of the coolest people ever and is always super happy to be here. She spoke well of Kaylee and said she makes awesome cookies. And honestly if i was to guess i wouldnt think she was brasillian, but she is. Shes an awesome teacher. Ok for fun this week look up the Brasil National Anthem. It is crazy but we sing it every sunday. I love it and can almost say like 10 words in it haha just because its so fast. A couple other things... The doctor here is from Blackfoot and used to serve at the idaho falls temple. He knew of grandma and grandpa but doesnt really know them. Anyway just a thought. They are Elder and Sister Hill. One quick note as well. The MTC provides sheets, pillow, blanket, and a towel. So anyone going out can know that. Also a watch is super important. Time is everything on the mission. --Thats interesting to hear about BYU youll have to keep me posted. --The package you want to send.. I honestly cant think of anything i need right now so i will think about it and get back to you. --Last thing. Today at the temple i saw Wes Christansen at the temple and hes been on his mission for 9 months and is serving in Campinas. I went to high school with him so it was way cool to see him in the temple today. We just came out of our session and he was just going in. Anyway its been an eventful week!! Now that im done with email we are gonna go hit the town! We get to go walk around and we usually go to the stores and stuff its pretty fun. Well Have an otimo semana! - ELDER SMOOT

< From Dad >
Can you tell more about the Federal Police visit?
< Tanner's Answer >
Ok fed police we went and got finger prints on a computer. Nothin big haha sorry i don~t have time. Love ya Scanned Letter
Translation of the first part of the letter: "Hi Father! How are you? I am very well"


  1. Sister Cardoso served with Kaylee McEwan in Washington DC on her mission. I guess when she mentioned in class she served in DC, Tanner asked her if she knew Sister McEwan, they made the connection! Pretty cool! Kaylee stayes in contact with her on facebook, so we found out before Tanner told us!

  2. We found a note from Elder Adam Fridley's 3rd letter in the MTC. He is in Tanner's District:

    "we are learning a lot very quickly and the supervisor of the mtc came and talked with us. he told us that he loves this district... he says we are getting the language quicker than everyone else and that the spirit we bring is above every other district. so he counseled us to continue to be humble and work hard... he says we are the best district this mtc has had thus far.... that was a pretty neat experience."

  3. Elder Smoot shared the 4 reasons that missionaries serve missions. I'm guessing it was from Elder Juno because of a letter from Elder Fridley.

    "we just had elder juno from the 70 speak last night, and he gave an awesome talk."

    I can't find anything about Elder Juno, he must be new.