Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WK 6 - Tudo Bem (How are you)

Area: Brazil MTC
Companion: Elder Shepherd

Well its been a good week! Lets just get things started off.
Last WED: Like I said i was going to try and place a book of mormon. We talked to a couple of people but everyone we talked to had a book of mormon already... I guess thats what you get for proselyting next to the MTC. It was really fun though. Good experience for the upcoming friday.
THURS: Ya thursday was pretty enteresting. So the day before we went to that all you can eat meat place. I was so full after that and then i was kinda feelin plugged up on thurs. So i asked to doctor for something and he gave me laxative. Suprisingly it never hit me too bad, but helped. Anyway enough of that... just thought it was funny. It was a pretty normal day. The most exciting thing that happened was that we played tennis with a volleyball over the net and with our hands. Pretty lame i know, but we´re in the mtc. It gets ya through the day.
FRI: Probably the most exciting day of the week with proselyting. We went out and the first person we talk to has a BOM of course, but he was not a member, oh and he was probably about 16 or 17 ish and ya he was super cool and super nice. He said he had a book and reads it and had some friends in the church so that was cool. We told him to keep reading and what not and he even took another book to give to another friend he thought would be interested. Next we went to the little run down park in our boundaries and everyone either had one or rejected us, which was fine so we just moved on. It is just hard to express your feelings about the church in a language you hardly know! When we left the park a bunch of kids were getting out of school, so we talked to this like 12 year old... He started taking off his shirt which was actually pretty hilarious. Anyway we offered him a book and he accepted and we told him to take it home and read with his family. so next we were at a stop light and there was an old man sitting there so we started talking with him. We gave him a book and bore a very simple testimony. After that he asked if we were americans and then we said yes. Then he asked if we liked Obama and what not. That was pretty funny. Anyway we left and looked back and he started looking through the book so that was good. The next lady we talked to we asked her if she had a BOM and she said yes, but didnt have the number to call if she had questions so we gave that to her. That was actually really good too because she looked very interested and it was interesting you could tell who was interested and who wasn´t. Next we were waiting at a corner with another companionship and i noticed this man looking at us. I told the other comp to go talk to him. They didnt and we started walking off and i just felt bad. So i grabbed my comp and we went and talked to him. At first he wouldnt listen much, but by the end he acctepted the book and would read the intro. That was really cool. And we gave out one more to an asian lady walking by. It was such a good experience and i decided that is a big plus to be here at the Brazil MTC.

SAT: Irmão Peçanha, one of the head people that work here, gave a meeting about excercising faith as a missionary. It was really good and he told us about how even going on a mission was an act of faith. As a missionary we are required to exercise faith everyday. When we promise blessings to investigators, we exercise faith in that we beleive they will be blessed. Anyway really good meeting. We also taught the first lesson in português which went really well.
SUN: I gave a talk on obedience and it was the last sunday with the other district in our branch.. and there are only two districts in our branch. So now we are the oldies, and we get a new district this week.
MON:Last night with our friends from our branch, which were the missionaries on our floor in the room next to us. they were really cool guys and i may see some of them when i get back because they are all going to byu. I also ran a 5 50 mile that night. It was hard because you have to stop at each end of the track its so skinny! but it was fun.
TUES: Me and my comp taught our teacher Irmã Elias which went pretty well. We had a devotional that night from someone in the 2nd quorom of the 70 which was good. And that night there was a car crash outside the MTC which was awesome. There were two cars and they started yelling at eachother and i thought there was gonna be a fight.. But there wasnt. Woulda been cool thought. oh well. That was about as exciting as that got.
WED: Today we hit up the temple and ate lunch... thats about it.
Well it has been a good Week! if you have any questions you know where to find me ;) Well Tchau for now.
-Elder Smoot

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