Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last Week in the CTM!

Area: Brazil MTC
Companion: Elder Shepherd

Well HEY howdy hey.
WED: Cut E. Manson´s hair.. pizza night every wednesday and we have this banana chocolate pizza that is really good. Anyway maybe ill try making it when i get home. Also right after i emailed i went down and found Elder Stewart. He is doing awesome by the way.
THURS: i found out i have gym with elder stewart so thats cool. At least i get to see him some part of the day. Also that night E Houston went to the hospital for stiches. We were playing basketball and he hit his shin on this little wall. Hard to explain but they are doing a bunch of remodling in the outside gym and ya. So that was cool and he had a sweet ride to the hospital i guess.
FRI: PROSELYTING... Ok so during proselyting there was a ton of rain! like it pounded it was sweet. So first person we talk to is this asian guy. He said his life was good and he didnt need religion. It was really frustrating because we couldnt explain how important it was. Anyway he was nice but didnt take a book. Nex my comp started talking to this man about our age and i kept walking, oh and we proselited on a bridge that has just thousands of people walking across it so it was cool, and so i turn around and like run to catch up to them walking the other way. Anyway he was way nice and had a beanie and earings, so obviously appearance isnt everything. he was evangelical but he accepted a book which was awesome. Next there was this old black guy and i could not understand a word coming out of his mouth it was insane. He had a few teeth so it was really slurred. Anyway he told us we were only out there because we grew up in the church. We explained to him that we have testimonies and that ya our family is a big part of it, but we know for ourself. He took a book, even though i left really confused what was going on in the whole conversation. So last there was a young man about our age again that was evangelical and he was super cool. We walked with him and he did accept a book and said he would read. So i dont know if any of these people did or not, but it was an awesome experience. Also that night we found this 2 inch long gecko one of the bathrooms so that was exciting.
SAT: Nothin too exciting. We did more practice teaching and what not and then that night there was no dinner because we did fast sunday before conference.
SUN: Fast sunday.. there were a lot of really good testimonies and everyone in our district bore a good testimony. It was a good spiritual day. Pres and Sis clark were the fireside that night and they told there conversion story which is amazing. Anyway good day.
MON: Normal day.. Taught the Word of Wisdom in practice.. nothin special
TUES: We had an ice cream party, which i love ice cream so it was awesome! it was for the opening of the new weight area so it took out of our class time and we got ice cream! it was the best of both worlds. In gym i finally could grab the rim playing basketball. With all this new weight im packin on i couldnt do it, but i finally did. and i cut E Goldhardts hair. Pretty basic tuesday. Oh and we watched Elder Holland on DVD at the provo MTC for the Devotional.. Exciting eh?
WED:Last time at the São Paulo temple for at least a few years.. maybe ever. It was a really good session and i enjoyed it.
Well onto questions/concerns/traumas...
-I fly out on OCT 5th. I am flying with 6 Brasillians and im the only american. I know all of the brazillians though because they are our roommates and on our floor so that will be cool. Elder Stewart will be two weeks behind me. Oh and i will see if i can call you when i go to the airport so if you have any questions you can ask me then.. it will be really early for you though. Anywhere from 2 in the morning to 6am for you im thinking. Depends on the flight.
- Health is good, nothing to worry about. Im doing good :)
-I agree with the no more missionties. Its cool but if im going to send a letter, i will send it to home. So no more missionties.
-And yes i used all my coupon. Well i will use it all. I started with 75 reais and now i have 5 left.
-I cant think of anything right now for a package... American candy is gold here. I dont know for sure though. If i think of something in the next 20 min i will write it in the missiontie letter.
-As far as conference goes= Yes we watch it here and i think we are lucky because we will watch it in english. If i went to the field last week i dont know if id get anything out of it! It should be around 1-3pm and 5-7pm. And i hear we watch Priesthood on sunday morning.. Not positive though. so that will be fun.
-One quick question. could you tell me how much i spent last week? Thanks. one was for the scriptures, the other was for the cases at a small store here.. Anyway thanks.
Well thats about all i got for now. Go out and have a great week! remember the gospel rules! it really is fun and i love the joy it brings.

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