Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WK 7 - 22 SEPT 2010

Area: Brazil MTC
Companion: Elder Shepherd

Alright Lets get started....
WED: Besides what i told you last week.. i carried E Goldhardt up all of the stairs. Though he was quite a bit lighter, at least i did them all. i didnt miss the first 9. As you can tell i get easily amused here doing the same things for 9 weeks.
THURS: Class... Normal day. Portuguese was suprisingly good today when we taught. That was nice. And that night we got two new roommates. Both goin to TERESINA! same day as me. I met about 6 others that are going the same day as me so i wont travel alone.
FRI: Taught in português as usual. We do a lot of mock practices of teaching... All in portuguese so its been going pretty good. And i cut Elder houstons hair.. Not that cool but he got it done by the barber and asked me to touch it up haha. The barber is funny. He sings and just cuts away.
SAT: We had TRC. Which is where we get video taped and recorded when we teach. me and my comp taught a couple of the sisters here and it went amazing. You can just tell the difference that when the spirit is there it goes smooth and really well, but when it isnt, the language is really rough and its not very smooth. I got more ex lax and some fiber this time because i hadnt gone to the bathroom in like 4 days. It hardly does anything to me haha i give up. But its not bad i feel totally fine. That night we had a lesson by Irmão lopez and he basically told us we cant let people tell us what our mission will be like. We cant believe it if people tell you your mission doesnt baptise much. It depends on us and if we want to work for it. So really good lesson..
SUN: Blessed the sacrament again. Its always a little rough, but much better then the first time i tried! We also got a new district in our branch because that other district left. One of which is going to teresina so thats cool!
MON: Normal Day... Did some pull ups at Gym. We have pull up bars out in the middle of the track so i do that sometimes.. Also i played basketball with some brazilians. I felt super tall and like i could actually jump!! they are all short soccer players with little basketball experience so it was way fun haha. I loved it.
TUES: I got a haircut from E. Fridely, I cut Fridely´s hair, and Fridely used my stuff to cut my comps hair. So that was fun i always like short hair. And that night we had Brother Puerta talk to us and he is an area 70. About as close to a disciple as we get here haha. And tuesday is always a good night just knowing that the next day is pday.
WED:São Paulo temple this morning and after that i bought some scriptures! they are pretty cool. And i bought a mini hymn book.
Other stuff:
So about the camera stuff. I am not sure i still have time for the Mr Cheneys thing... I only have one more p day here! And im not hurting on memory space. So i will try to send you some later and see how it goes. Just let me know.
Im fine money wise. I have about 200 reais cash still so im good.
If i need a new watch i will buy it so dont worry about sending one unless you already have!
I write my friends the best i can, but pretty much write back who writes me... And i write Taylor every week and just started doin missionties to him.
Did you get pics from Irmão Heleman?? Everyone else heard they did but just wondering.
The lady at the front said we are like the last of the mohekans! haha because of the whole visa problems. Its ridiculous!
Friday this week i have my second time proselyting so ill let ya know how that goes!
I have been gaining weight. I came in at about 155 or so and i have hit 168! but i go up and down all the time...
Well im running out of time. So there will be more info in the mission tie letters so hopefully youll get those. Thanks for all you do!!
Elder Smoot

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