Monday, August 29, 2011

Wk 56 - Comp sick... decent week

-me and bailey in the center 
--me and bailey... take 2
------pics of the institute

-bailey and i...take 3-mcdonalds
lunch at paulão´s
-paulãos.... bailey, me, helton, paulão, paulinho
-my brasilian family
-paulão´s jordan jersey
big mac combo...yum!
Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well... im still here... same place same comp. Things are still pretty good, but we are loosing our minds in this area. It is tough to be teaching the same people for this long. We have to visit all of our recent converts and all the new investigators... But at least i havent been here suffering. my comp is a good guy and we get along well. This week was a little different because my comp was sick, but finally he is doing good and we are back in business.

Last monday after using the internet, we went to the mall and i bought McDonalds.. it was amazing.. but like 15 reais for a big mac combo... ridiculous. But it was incredible and so worth it.

Tuesday, instead of going to district meeting like normal, we went to the doctor because my comp wasnt feeling so good. The only problem is is that we have to take 2 buses to get there and 2 buses to get back... and every time we take the bus it is 2 reais to ride. But we went and the doctor said that bailey had to do some blood exams the next day. So we went back home and i talked to president and he told me to just stay home and take care of my comp. so i made lunch, hamburgers and rice, then he slept and i washed the dishes and took out the garbage... pretty boring day. BUT, i finished Jesus the Christ... big book but it was awesome... I realized im thinking a lot more about him and really how he is a central part to our lives.. many times we get distracted in life and stuff, but seriously, without him, we would have literally no purpose here on earth. Only through him can we be completely happy.

Wednesday we went back to the hospital to do the exams... they were quick, so we ended up going to lunch after.. Elder Bailey still wasnt feeling too good, so we went home for a bit... we did pass by paulão´s house later because it was his birthday, and we taught Junior, a less active, and his wife rosilda. They are cool, just its gonna be tough to get them to church because they are always working on sunday. that night i tried to do some push ups... but for the last week, when i do pushups i get a headache.... what could be the cause of this?

Thursday we had a special lunch at cassio´s mom´s house... Cassio left on the mission and we started teaching his mom... she offered us lunch so we went. It was a very good lunch and we taught them about the book of mormon... it is interesting to teach this stuff... i start to wonder if i knew these basic things before i left on the mission. For example... what is the purpose of the book of mormon? Why is it called the book of mormon? etc.... The book of mormon has a lot of power... if we can get people to read and sincerely pray about it... they change themselves and we just give them the steps to do it. Its cool that really we do nothing here... just invite people to read and pray. Anyway, after lunch we went to visit a few people that werent home and ended up at Maria das Graças. She helped elder bailey a little because he was still in a little bit of pain, but we did end up teaching her neighbor francisca. on our way back down we visited Manoel and Maria, then went home for a bit again.. Bailey just had some body aches and a little fever so it was hard on him to leave this week. We went to use the internet to send some info to the secretaries then went up to helton´s for a little to see how he was doin.

Friday i had to get up early to go renew my visa. We went to do that with the secretaries, then we went to go pick up the results of bailey´s blood exam... he is normal and is all better now... It took the week to recover though. That took a while and it was already lunch time.. so instead of heading back to our area, we grabbed lunch in the center with helton. He took us out to eat when he got off work... that guy is a stud. After which we went to the ear doctor because Elder Bailey´s ear started hurting again. he cleaned out his ear and he has ear drops to put on now. We finally got back to our area when it was getting dark.. we taught a little, but my comp was still recovering. His body is just giving up on him haha. We have fun though and he is fine now.

Saturday i did a division with Gessel and we went to Campo Maior so he could do an interview. I saw a couple of people that i knew before and then headed straight back to lunch at Naya´s house. Me and Gessel ate and then the others came back and they left. We sat down and talked to the members for a little bit, it was like 3 o clock in the afternoon, and gessel, pimentel, and elder pires came back like 5 min later.... they were robbed again!! They took the cell phones and elder Gessel´s bag haha. That kid has no luck.. but they went and got paulão and he got his bag back. Anyway, me and bailey went to the institute again with Rafael. Institute is really cool and its good for our new converts. After that, mcdonalds was close, so we went and got mcflurrys... they were awesome! I think its funny though. McDonalds is a place where ´the rich people´ will go eat... it was a pretty nice mcdonalds... i enjoyed it. We came back and went to Naya´s to hear about the Gessel´s bag because i guess the bandit dude brought it back to her house after paulão told him to... We got home and i decided to try pushups again.. but my head hurt even worse than before... i can still feel it today. What is going on with my head? its like up in the back of my head and it throbs and just kills... the worst headache ive ever had... and it only happens when i try to do pushups or jump rope... im gonna try running this week to see if it still does it... but if you could do some research as to maybe why im getting this horrible headache in the back of my head when i exercise... that would be great to have some info.

Sunday we had church... and as usual it was pretty loud and crazy. But we made it and we had a great lunch at Paulão´s house. Every last sunday of the month we have lunch at his house. They are a cool family and i enjoy being there. We had a good time, good food, then went to work. We taught benedita, ywério´s mom, about the book of mormon and its purpose... how she needs to know if the book is true so that she can know if the church is true... it was cool. And ywério was there and we talked to him. After that, we headed down to Italo´s to teach his dad. He is a cool guy and understands well what we teach and even reads with his son italo... but he works sooo much and doesnt have time to go to activities or go to church.. its tough. And to end the night we taught Lucimar with Lustosa and Helton. They are an awesome group and it was a good end of the week.

Now its p day and i think we are gonna go to the zoo... should be funish i think. Elder Landeen (i dont know if i already talked about him) but he is from sandy, ut and is leavin tomorow from the mission. Elder Bailey and Crittenden have entered into their last transfer and have 6 weeks to go... pretty cool. Im enjoying brasil and doing my best here...

Love you all and thank you mom for your love and support. The packages are awesome and ill let you know when i get the next one. Have a great week.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wk 55 - Another week come and gone


Baptism--me and Bailey


Mission Office
Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well.... like about every week in the mission, this week was pretty long and stressful haha. We did get a kid named Rafael who is 20 yrs. old baptized.. that was about the highlight of the week.

It started off as usual... on tuesday we went to the church in Cidade Jardim to have district meeting. We had a good meeting and i enjoy it actually... the guys are all pretty chill and its fun to leave your own area every once in a while... just it stinks because we have to walk a ways and pay for the bus. But when we were there a guy sold me a couple of d&c scriptures to give to our recent converts.. and i bought another little bible, its smaller than the one i have, to carry around that was like 3 reais. We rode the bus back to our area and had lunch at miguels... i like lunch there because we eat cremosinhos. After that we met with Rafael at our church... he lives pretty far away and up a huge hill so he came down to the church to meet with us.... i guess he has a lot of problems with the law of chastity and it is always tempting him so we had to meet with him a lot this week... After our visit at the chapel he actually came with us to do a visit to a man named Damião... he has like half of a leg. Anyway, we stopped at the bakery later and bailey started teaching the attendant lady... her name is lily and it was kind of funny. We made friends with some people that work at the bakery and they give us huge discounts and sometimes free food...We met with maria das graças again and then to naya´s to visit real quick because she is helping a bit with dailane and then we went up to Helton´s... Helton bought us a Subway sandwhich! What a cool guy. I´ve made some good friends here.

Wednesday we had lunch at this sister branca´s house... which is kinda funny because it´s pretty much calling her sister white... because of her skin color. Anyway, lunch was good, then we had to go home to give Elder Crittenden some book of mormons and he asked to have a haircut so i cut his hair real quick. Afterward we went and got a coke and the bakery.... going out to drink coke is a pretty common thing here. And my comp had doctors orders to stay off his feet for like 5 days.... thats kind of impossible but this day he soaked his feet and i read another chapter of jesus the christ...Which i am now on the last chapter and going to finish tomorow i think. And we went out at night to teach a little and we received arroz doce, which is sweet rice and is pretty good.... i think im getting more allergies to stuff though... i have been sneezing and stuff a lot lately when im by cats and stuff... im so mad! Allergies are so dumb and i never had a problem with it before... ugh.

Thursday i woke up and my head was super congested... But luckily we went out to teach and after lunch we visited Cássio´s mom, cassio just left on a mission recently, and she gave me some medicine that helped a bunch. We taught some others and met with Lediane who went to church on sunday... She´s pretty cool. Pretty basic day.

Friday i got up and went back to what we do every day... this day was a little different in that i had to go with elder pimentel on a division to go to the center while bailey went with another elder to do an interview for Rafael... anyway, we were about to get on the bus, but he forgot the camera, so we had to go back and get that. we get on the bus to the center and i told him that i thought it was a certain bus stop, because i had already done a wedding with manoel and maria, but we kept going... we met with the family a little further down in the center and i was right. we went way to far.... So pimentel grabbed a taxi and payed for them and we had to walk the whole way back... awesome. We had the wedding and when they were doing it, the couple that was getting married, their kid lost his tooth. so we had to take him back and wash out his mouth. anyway we finally got back to our area and had lunch. then i had to go again with pimentel to the center to get another elder that was coming in... elder pires... so now we have 5 elders in the house.... anyway, finally we traded back, i was with bailey and we visited lediane again with her husband idelande and after we met a cool less active family... the dad loves sports and when we said we were from utah he talked about the jazz and the bulls in the finals years ago and it was super cool.

Saturday we had to get up early again because rafael had to have an interview with the mission president... so it was at 7 30, we had the interview, and he said that we had to take him to institute before the baptism that night... so we had lunch then met back up with rafael to go to institute.... it was cool. We saw crittenden there that was teaching english and the building was a big house that was very nice. they had ping pong, pool, and fooseball. good stuff. we got back late because it took about an hour to get the bus back, then we stuck with rafael until the baptism.. we finally got there, rafael was having second thoughts, but he got baptized... it was a long day.

Sunday we had an early meeting with a less active named dina.... she is also a recent convert, but is having a tough time and doesnt want to go to church anymore... so we talked with her then went to church. Rafael came to church and got confirmed so that was another miracle... these baptisms and confirmations are never easy. After church we went to lunch and what not.... it was very far from our area and from where we needed to be, but we went, then came back to teach cassio´s mom and friends again then we headed up to taquari to meet up with lediane... Lediane went with her 7 year old son and it was good. she liked the church and all... and to end the night we taught lucimar with lustosa and helton... good way to end the week, they are some cool people. It was a crazy week and a crazy sunday when my comp really needed to rest.... he isnt feeling to good and he is just getting warn out here on the mission... it is crazy to see all the missionaries, what we say, they are dying on the mission...crittenden, bailey and their group.... time just keeps movin forward.

Well it was a long and stressful week, but as usual, i made it and im still alive.... Well hope your week was a good one... have fun starting school! 

Elder Smoot

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wk 54 - Another Day... same old stuff

going to church
dinner with Helton & crew
the dinner again... with Lucimar, Lustosa, Helton...etc
in the street
At Zone Conference
Hump Day Package
Cleaning the roof shingles
Rodrigo and his family...
We are teaching his mom Francisca
matching cute!
at Stake Conference

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well hello again.... It´s been a while. Man i am so tired right now so if this email is a little all over the place... forgive me.

So like i said, last tuesday we had Zone Conference. It was a good one... Elder Bailey and Elder Crittenden gave their last testimonies because it was their last zone conference. After zone conference we visited Dailane then visited Ywério and his mom Benedita. Benedita went to church on sunday so we are trying to help her know the church a little more. Then we went up to Maria das Graças and we talked to her husband, who is not a member, about prayer... we challenged them to pray that night together and it was pretty cool. We really went up there to tell her that we were going to pass by the next day to wash the roof shingles again.

Wednesday we went to Maria das Graças to help them wash shingles again. We then went to lunch at Rosalene´s house which was pretty good. We met her neice there named Luana. We started teaching her and she said she was going to go to church on sunday... but didnt because it was stake conference in the center. Then we talked to Carla who has been struggling lately. For some reason she stopped going to church and stuff... so we are trying to help her come back. I think it is because her sister Ana has a very cool store now and Ana stopped going to church so now carla is a little jealous. ugh... We had a good visit with Francisca, who is Rodrigo´s mom. She has some very big problems to fix before she can get baptized, but she is progressing well. We had a little visit with Fernando, the less active guy, then we had a member call us over to eat some pizza which was very nice.

Thursday was the same old stuff, just a new day. But, i have been studying Jesus the Christ and im almost done. I have learned a ton and i really think that book is making a difference with my thoughts and how everything is starting to focus more on Christ.. its sweet. And i can understand the new testament a lot more now...incredible book. well, we went to meet with Ana after lunch, but she wasnt there so we talked to some of the kids that were baptized. We talked to Benedita again, ywério´s mom, about the Book of Mormon this time... I read today the talk given by Holland when he talked about his testimony of the Book of Mormon... that book is so important.... and if these people just read and understood it, it could change their lives. Then we talked to Manoel and Maria and Pedrina who was also there. they are doing good. We then tried to find a reference, but just ended up talking to a bunch of people in the street. We met with Italo´s family, but the dad wasnt there, but it was still a good visit. And to end the night we visited Dailane. She is doing good... she is seperating from her husband though, so that has been a little hard.

Friday was lunch at socorrinha´s.. as always. It was another good lunch there, then after lunch we headed to the doctors. My comp has a little sore on the botton of his foot so he went to go check it out. The doctor told him it was a little hardened skin that was hurting and told him it would be best not to walk very much for 5 days... haha! Ya right. President told him to follow the doctors This week we are going to try and not walk very much.. we´ll see how it goes. We had a good lesson with Francisca, rodrigo´s mom, again. She just kind of has one big problem. I think she is getting with this guy that is already married... It is very interesting and will be really tough to get out of. Getting a baptism here is rarely an easy thing.

Saturday was very busy and a long day. We started in the morning visiting a new investigator named Naiara. She has visited the church before so we went to teach her. Then we visited Ywério to see how he was doing. We then went home real fast and i made some amazing acerola juice... like it was really good. then to lunch, which was very good, then hit the ground running again. We visited two references, met with socorro to see how she was doing, then headed way up to Manoel and maria´s again to talk with pedrina... sadly pedrina has not prayed yet so we told her to pray about what we have taught so far and the importance of prayer. After that, we did a division with the elders from cidade jardim so that we could do an interview. I went with Rodrigues to Socorro´s house to visit with her, lucimar, and lustosa. We had a good time talking about baptism and i think that lucimar is very close... she just needs an answer that she is sure the church is true. And they gave us spaghetti after which made my day.

Sunday we actually got to study in the morning because we had conference in the afternoon. We went to visit Luana, from lunch on wednesday, and she said she couldnt go to church like she promised.. so we left the first message and told her to pray. Then we had an amazing lunch at irmã Jaqueline´s, who isnt even a member, and visited them. They are a sweet family. We then went to conference and in the middle of conference they asked the missionaries to give up their seats so people could sit down cause there was so many people of there, so i missed the last our of the conference. We took the bus back to our area and went up to visit Rafael.. who is planning on getting baptized on Saturday... just that he has to give some stuff up first... concerning the law of chastity.. he is like 18 and we taught him that lesson and he just was jaw dropped and is having second thoughts about baptism now.. its gonna be a tough one.

Well that was my week... im pretty tired and i think we are just gonna chill at home today. hope you guys have a good one.

Elder Smoot

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wk 53 - Officially on the downhill...

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well... officially hit the year mark and am on the downhill... sorry about taking so long... we went to the lan house yesterday and all 4 of them in the area were busy and then some... it was pretty annoying, but nothin we could really do.

Last Tuesday i started with the everyday routine... wake up, do some little exercises, take a shower, and get ready. We had District meeting, again, but it was pretty nice and chill.. at least we have a good district. We had a pretty good lunch then we went to talk to Renata and her husband kaká and also their sister paula. They are all kind of willing to listen but they arent changing anything in their lives... so they have been kinda hard. But i think they will finally get Paula in a clinic for her drug abuse, so thats good that bishop is working on that. Then we talked with Jó, who is really funny recent convert. Good guy and just super chill. After that we took a long walk to the salon to teach Dailane with her two friends Lucilene and Oscarina. They are awesome people and oscarina went to church on sunday and lucilene lives in a different area and is talking to the elders there. Then to end the night right, we had a visit with Lustosa, our recent convert, with Lucimar and Socorro. They are all doing pretty good, and Helton was there.. they are just good friends so i really like teaching them and we have a good time.

Wednesday was my last day of the year.. exactly a year ago i was set apart. In the morning we left to go help Maria das Graças with a service project while she made us lunch. We cleaned a few hundred tiles, which are like a ceramic stuff, and it was alright. She made us a good lunch though so that was nice, and she insisted on us taking a nap after lunch like the rest of brasil and put up two hammocks for us haha. Such a sweet lady. Then we talked to Manoel and Maria because they live close and Maria just had a baby on sunday i think. It was a little girl and they were very happy. After that we went home to shower and get all ready and we went to visit Fernando, who is a less active that we are visiting now. He came to church the last couple of weeks and it has been good for him... he is a little wierd, but we are here to help everyone. Then we visited Dailane because she was feeling a little down, but we just come in happy and tell a couple jokes, leave a quick message and we left her a little happier... thats why i like being with bailey. We know how to make friends, have a good time, and do our job. If you arent happy... you arent doing it right.

Thursday I made it... I was officially on the downhill. We went to the doctor in the morning to make sure Bailey´s ear was fixed... everything was good and he even gave the guy a book of mormon... i thought that was pretty cool. We had a pretty good lunch at bishop´s house and i got to play on the wheelchair again, because it is the bishop´s daughter. We had a visit with socorro who is doing ok.. not sure if she understands everything yet, but she is getting there. We met a new girl named Luana who accepted the message very well.. You can just tell when people understand, and she was understanding so it was cool. We talked to a pretty rugged dude that my comp wanted to talk to. His name was Tiago and he has a big old beard and is on crutches and we just wanted to see what was up... i guess he got hit by a motorcycle about a year ago and he just sits outside on the front sidewalk because he has nothin better to do... like most brasilians here. Cool guy though. We talked to fernando again, this time about the Conference talk on Desire... its a good one. And once again to Dailane´s house. To end the night, we went to Helton´s and visited his family.. he bought us a pizza and a coke... i love that guy. Good times.

Friday we had lunch at irmã socorrinha´s, like we do every friday, but this time was especially delicious. It had rice, beans, spaghetti stuff, mashed potatoes and a salad... really tasty this time. She is a cool lady and i enjoy being at her house. We talked to Rodrigo and brought him his baptism fotos. We talked to his friends as well... just that they are all like 10 years old.. but we gave them a picture of the baptism becuase majority of them were there. We also printed some pics for manoel and maria of their baby so we took those to them, then met a girl there that is helping take care of the house while the baby is still new. Her name is Pedrina and she was pretty cool. We talked to Italo´s family and then went to an activity at the church. The bishop gave the other elders money to buy candy and so they bought a ton and we had a big activity with members and non members and it went well, though very exhausting.

Saturday we had an amazing lunch and then went to visit Renata and Paula again... and again, not a whole lot of progress, but there are some good members in the house to help so im hoping one day they will decide to change. We were walking in the road and i noticed these 4 ladies with some very heavy groceries.. so i offered to help, we walked about 1km with them and then my comp asked if we could pass later to talk about the messages we have... she said no haha. But we say Josecléia there, who is the sister-in-law of a member so we taught her and told her we´d come back. After we met up with Naya to go visit Dailane, ya know to get some member integration going on, but Dailane wasnt home so we stayed and Naya´s mom, Irmã Iva, made some Maria isabel... it was amazing. Its rice with meat in it and it had a really good flavor. That family is really cool too.

Sunday we had church and Ywério´s mom came... which was cool. We are now teaching her and she is progressing well. We had Irmão Maon take us in his car to lunch, which is always awesome to ride in a car. And at lunch it was, and always is really good. He has lots of fruits. there was mangos, banana, pineapple, tangerine...etc. The fruits are so good and tasty. Then we tried to teach someone, but they werent home, so we went to a lady´s house and it is helton´s friends and Bailey had them buy stuff so we could make them an american dinner. We had beer can chicken, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, and a normal salad with ranch dressing... It was pretty dang good.... i miss food from home haha. We taught lucimar and socorro there and we talked serious about praying for baptism and stuff... it was cool, but we wont see them again till next saturday because they are working and studying now... but it was a great sunday.

Today... tuesday, we had Zone Conference and i did get my hump day package... good stuff. Thanks a lot! Love you mom.

Well have a great week. talk to ya later

Elder Smoot
The Mission Office
Playing on a wheelchair
Brazilian Money

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wk 52 - HUMP DAY already?

Rodrigo before his baptism
Rodrigo & friends at his baptism

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well it has been quite the week... Me and my comp have been here for 19 weeks together and we are still goin.

Tuesday we had District meeting... like we do every week... This time the other elders came to our area so that we could do our interview with Rodrigo after the meeting. In the district meeting i gave a doctrine about enduring to the end... cause that is what most of the people we baptize have problems with. Then we had Rodrigo´s interview and then we had to go the the ENT doctor for my comp... and i decided to see him as well because my throat was hurting.. It was a very cool doctor and hospital place and bailey got some meds and i got some stuff for my throat.. After the doctor, we were already too late for lunch at the members, so we went to the mall and bought lunch at Subway! It made my life. I got a 6 inch meatball (it was the special that day) and a chicken breast. I even bought a frozen yogurt afterward. I cant tell you how much i miss the food at home now... i forgot how good it was. After lunch we headed back to our area and we taught ana, a recent convert, then Carla. Both of them were very stressed when we got there and we just joke a little with them then leave a message, and they always are a lot happier when we leave.. it is pretty incredible the difference.. Then we dropped a book of mormon off to one of our investigators named Socorro and then we went to Paula´s house... She lives with a family of members and she is also a member... just that she is away from the church and now sells drugs and has two kids with no dad.... so we have been trying to help her. And to end the night we went to visit Marcynha and her friend... And we were told that the first counselor to the bishopric of our ward disappeared... it was very wierd.

Wednesday we had lunch at the members house that had disappeared.. There was lots of members there to help and they made a lunch for everyone and it was just a little wierd... This member just disappeared at 6 in the morning when he was going to work.. his wife and two kids are still at home. Anyway we went home real fast and i tried to make cookies, but i left them in the oven to long and they turned out black... Bummer. (but i made some on saturday and they were really good) We visited Rodrigo again to make sure everything was all good for the baptism on saturday, then we got a call from this lady, Dailane´s mom, whose husband had ran away as well and wanted our help.. She had never met us before but knew who we were because we baptized Dailane.. anyway, she asked for us to pray for her.. we came back on thursday and she was doing a lot better. We then went to Manoel and Maria´s house, and maria is 9 months pregnant so we have and will be visiting them often. Then we went on a 45 min walk to the other end of the area and bought my comp some meds and stopped to talk to Dailane and her friends at the salon where they work. On our way home we stopped to talk to Renata, who lives in a house with members and her husband is a less active but she is just getting to know the church so we are teaching her.

Thursday we went to bishops for lunch. So the member that disappeared is his son in law. And his first counselor... so i guess the man that disappeared had called and said he was ok.. and that he thinks someone is trying to kill him so he ran away... it is a very interesting situation... and he is still not back. Anyway, we then visited Paula again... to make sure she stops with her drugs and stuff... but she keeps leaving at night to sell them and stuff... its easy money. So we are still trying to help her. Then we visited a member named Maria das Graças. She is a sweet old lady that loves our visits and always gives us juice and crackers when we come. really cool lady. We visited Dailane´s mom again and she was doing better, as i said before, then went to Manoel and Maria´s again. To end the night we visited Lucimar, Socorro, and Lustosa with Helton... They are an awesome group of people and it is pretty fun there.

Friday we went to lunch early because Irmã Socorrinha wanted me to make pancakes for her... she received some syrup and wanted to use it. After that and after we ate lunch, we visited Daniela... who is our old investigator. She is doing good... but doesnt want to join the church because of her boyfriend. Then we went to visit Carla again because she was pretty stressed out. We visited Renata again and Paula... (they live in the same house). Paula is still selling drugs and it was hard to teach renata because she has a little kid and she is always helping the little baby and it starts crying and what not. but it was good.

Saturday we had a good lunch at Naya´s. Her mom makes really good food and any day we pass there her mom gives us juice and a treat... its awesome. After that we visited Rodrigo, cleaned the baptismal font and got our stuff and went to the church. We had a good baptism and a lot of rodrigo´s friends came... After the baptism we went to go see Renata to see if she prayed... it was a pretty good day.

Sunday we had church, and rodrigo was confirmed. A lot of rodrigo´s friends came again that arent members... it was pretty funny. We had lunch at Paulão´s, which is always amazing and then some. we visited Gina, who is a recent convert and wanted comfort because her grandpa just died this past week... We visited the Uruguai ward with an investigator named Rafael and also Dailane. After that we visited a less active named Fernando.. He was pretty interesting, but he hadnt gone to church for over a year, and for some random reason he showed up on sunday.. pretty cool.

Well sorry my week was pretty lame... i really dont know what to write anymore... But it was a pretty good week.. Lots of visiting and trying to solve people´s problems...

Hope you guys are having a good one and happy august. Cant believe im already hitting hump day this week! See ya in another year.

Love ya,

Elder Tanner Smoot