Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WK 5 - Over Half Way Done With The MTC!

Area: Brazil MTC
Companion: Elder Shepherd

HEY yall! howdy do? K im just gonna jump right in.
LAST WED--- So other than the temple which i told you about last week, i ran a mile at gym, i bought a Brazil jersey from the tie lady on the corner, and that night our Brazilian roomate wasn~t feeling good so me and the guys in the room gave him a blessing. That was really cool. We used my oil because everyone else~s hadn~t been set apart yet, anyway i did the first part then his comp did the rest in português which was cool.
THURS-- Normal day... Just so you know for gym there is 3 main things to do. Run/Do pull ups, Play volleyball, play basketball. Most of the time we play volleyball and basketball.. and run.. so we do it all just depends on the night. also Elder allred from MV came in that day. Im not good friends with him, but hey i went to high school with him.
FRI-- During class we went into a room and got recorded teaching Brazilians. We didn~t do so good so luckily our video didn~t work. That night i ran a mile at gym again and we spent the rest of the time doing trick shots. I made an off the wall, up over the back of this fence shot and a couple others but they were amazazing. That was actually pretty fun. We also learned how to play the kazoo with our tags.. Quite annoying but its pretty funny.
SAT-- We taught Irmã Cardoso in class for milestones which is just our weekly teaching visits with a fake investigator which is our teacher. Then that night we didn~t have dinner because the next day was fast sunday.
SUN-- Fast Sunday so no breakfast which was kinda hard but not really. The meetings were so good that you kinda forgot about food for a while, which was awesome. The MTC President talked about making the little decisions and that when someone does something really bad its not just instant. They were slowly led off the path that led them to just go that much further until they did something really bad. Anyway really good talks on sunday, and testimony meeting was good. Everyone in our Ramo or Branch bore their testimony.
MON-- Taught Brazilians again which is always interesting. I pick up about half of what they say so i don~t get the whole story and it messes me up, but it went well.l It was also the last night with our Brazilian and Cabo Verde roommates so we said bye to them and got a couple of pics.
TUES-- was Brazil independence day.. nothing really cool happened which was a little disappointing but ya it was their independance day. There were a few fireworks, but youd see more fireworks at a soccer game here. It was the first day that it really rained which was cool. It didn~t pound too hard but it came down better then ive seen it since weve got here so we had gym in the indoor basketball gym. Also my comp cut my hair which actually doesn~t look half bad.
WED-- São Paulo temple in the morning. We had a friend of ours there that took pics with us with his camera so im going to see if he will send pics of us that we took today. Its kind of a long story but Irma Elias- our teacher - is his girlfriend and he taught us for a while and now he doesnt work here anymore because you only work here for two years.. anyway now we have hookups its pretty awesome. Anyway then we went to this Rodizio place that was like Tucanos for brazil. Super super good fresh meat that they bring around and that was cool. Hopefully Irmão Heleman- our friend- will send pics from both places. It will take a while though because we need to give him email addresses for our parents.
OK onto other stuff--- First off i love my van heusen shirts best. I spilled a drink on one and it ran right off with no problem and it was orange soda and i wiped it right off. Pretty awesome. And mom you´d be so proud, i iron my shirts almost every day. the laundry room is across the hall so i just do it with the irons in there.
By the way.. Did you get my postcard? i sent one a week or two ago. Also im sending another letter today.
Questions--- The language is coming and i learn more everyday, but nowhere near really good. I can sometimes get my point across and understand others, just depends on the day.
2. I got the pictures and they are awesome. they are good quality and fit right in my photo album.
3. I do get a water bottle with a filter when i leave the MTC.
4. P-Day- we walk around, go to mr. cheney´s, go to DIA(the little grocery store right next to us) and mail letters at Correios. It~s pretty fun and today im going to try to give out a BOM.
5. We are in the MTC for 9 weeks so we leave the MTC right after conference that tuesday i beleive. I have no idea if i would travel alone..
6. I use the gift certificate everyweek to buy a cookie for me and my comp and i buy milkshakes etc. I love it. I also got a couple of little brazil pins there too. The package-- I think i will get scriptures if you didnt send any. the ones we get are the cheapest kind and wont last. if you sent some let me know. im getting a little case for them. and there are different sizes...
7. i start to like the rice and beans.. not bad.
8. there are probably about 150 or so in the mtc now. used to be about 300 when we were here but no americans are coming in. there are about 20 sisters or so. about half americans.
9. This friday we go proselyting.
10. Everyone learning port. speaks english.
11. I got all the letters from before on friday so it can take a few days to get here, thus i didnt reply about scriptures.
Anyway sorry no more time!! peace out. ELDER SMOOT

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  1. Tudo bem Elder! Espero tudo de bom para voce na sua missao! Boa sorte ensinando os Catolicos que dissem: "Se Deus Quiser" quando estao pedido se eles querem ser batisado. Eu vou estar no Sao Paulo algums meses que vem. Que pena que voce ja' vai estar la' na norte! Sua familia te ama!Tchau. Bryce