Monday, April 25, 2011

Wk 38 - Semana Santa

Tanner & Rafael

The street Tanner lives on

Elder Smoot & Elder Bailey at the bridge

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well it was an interesting week! It was semana santa.. or holy week and so everyone was on vacation and the city was just empty...which makes it a little hard to work... but we made it.

Tuesday we visited Daniela who is one of our investigators... she is 17 and her mom is visiting with us as well. They are really cool and we have been teaching them for a couple weeks now.. We picked up Rafael to come with us and he visited Aline and Marli with us... who are having problems because their relatives are all of another church and they were putting a lot of doubts into their heads... so that will be a tough one. Then we talked with manuel and maria who are an awesome couple with a kid. They are about 40 years old and they enjoy the church and all... they just need to get married. and they are working on it so its been good with them.

Wednesday we talked with Carla who was baptized on sunday. She is doing good and she did get confirmed yesterday so she actually has been pretty happy lately and it is looking good so far. Rafael came with us again (no school this week) and we visited maria, Joao and marli and aline again and it went well. we talked about the plan of salvation and the steps to living with heavenly father again... i think the plan is one of the most important things to understand... it basically gives us purpose for being here on earth... and i did use the little puzzle you sent (thanks mom). Also i wanna wish Tayton a Happy 12th birthday. congrats kid thats awesome.

Thursday we had lunch at the church because they were having an activity there... we gotta play a little bit of dodgeball with them haha. It was really fun even though they have some different rules. The day went pretty well and at night one of the coolest things ever happened. We were walking our friend jessie and her mom home because it was dark and they were carrying some stuff.. so we were going and this guy behind us (more or less 50 years old) dropped something... i saw that it was a knife. Two seconds later a Rone (a brasilian police car... way different then ours) came flying up from behind and stopped the guy. Put him up against the wall and stuff. So when they came flying at us he tried to hide behind us! The guys all had some big old guns coming at us it was so cool. Anyway they took the guy with them.. (if you youtube Tropa de Elite.. it maybe will show you more or less how the police are here). all i can say is that the lord was either protecting us... or more likely him haha. just messin. But it was seriously a really fun experience.. like watching a movie it kinda felt like.

Friday we had a good lunch at irmã Socorrinhas. She gave us lunch 3 times this week! She is a really cool member and always gives us a good lunch. Then Rafael (16 yrs.) came with us again with Cássio (18) (two awesome members in our ward) and we visited Joelma later. She is 20 years old and she came to church on sunday.. Rafael is really helping her because she has a lot of family problems so she is trying to find a little better of a life.

Saturday we had a good lunch too that a person named Helton made. He is from here in Teresina, but served a mission in the Canada Toronto East mission! He is a good guy and showed us some videos and pictures from his mission.. man i miss snow and being cold.. It was cool. He said he´s going to conference in october so i told him he should pass by our house.. maybe a place to stay and even talk with grandma and grandpa about canada or something.. thought it would be cool. tell me what you think.. Anyway he made some amazing potatoes and stuff. If he comes by he´ll have to cook a meal for ya. Anyway we walked the streets a lot... kinda hard to work when everyones gone and on vacation. but it was good.

Sunday we had church and páscoa (easter). We had another good lunch in a members house with lots of food. We had lots of visits yesterday. Everyone was basically home and we found lots of people to teach. on top of that... Cássio and Rafael went out as ward missionaries and did a bunch of contacts for us and gave us references. What studs. Man it helps so much to have the members here working with us.

That about sums up the week.. Today we went to the bridge with the tower... havent gone up yet but we will. I still havent had a chance to buy that cowboy hat so i gotta wait a little longer. anyway, it was a good week.

Love you. Dont forget to live life to its fullest and take it one day at a time.

Elder Smoot

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