Monday, April 18, 2011

Wk 37 - Another good week in Teresina...

Carla's baptism

Elder Smoot & Bailey

church house in Teresina Satelite

A little wet from the rain!?
Elder Smoot & Moraes

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well sounded like another busy week for you guys! This week was pretty good here and we even had a baptism! Wohoo. Well let me go through to explain how it went down.

Monday was pretty cool. you saw some of the pics already, but we climbed up in a bell tower of a catholic church. it was pretty awesome.

Tuesday we had District Meeting... Then we went to Carla´s to make sure everything was good and that the baptism was still good to be marked for sunday. We went to João and Marli´s to see why they didnt go to church... i guess joão went and got his arm broken falling off a motorcycle... then we talked to Manuel and Maria because manuel came to church last sunday with his kid and so we are starting to see some progress with them.

Wednesday we had lunch and then it just started pounding rain... and didnt stop for a while. i think i got soaked 3 times this week. i decided that an umbrella wasnt worth buying... everytime i have it with me, it doesnt rain... everytime i leave it, it rains... its just a pain. So anyway, later we went to the center for interviews with president, which went really well and i got one of the packages with two shirts in it. Thanks for those! They are pretty big, but it works well. Anyway i got some letters sent of as well... a bunch got sent back to me for some reason... anyway, good day.

Thursday was alright and nothing real speacial happened.

Friday we had a member, Rafael, come with us to do some visits and it was good. We marked a baptism for next saturday with Aline (daughter of João and Marli) but now she is having doubts because her sister of the assembly of god church started saying false accusations about the church and she has some doubts now... so we´ll try to help her out this week.

Saturday was a busy day.. we had some good visits and talked to some new investigators and i came home soaking wet that night. We had a good day... just that the people we talked to didnt come to church!! Man this is kinda a stressful work.

Sunday we had church, went to lunch, then went straight to some visits and then the baptism! I will tell you a little about Carla. She is kind of an interesting person, but she got seperated from her husband a few years ago and is stuck with 3 kids.. who are all baptized now. When we got here, she told us that she will not and does not want to be baptized... well here we are a few weeks later at her baptism. She was really nervous, but it went well. After a member gave a quick talk, she started crying and it was a good baptismal meeting.. anyway, it was awesome!

It was a good week here in Satélite and im enjoying myself a lot more in the mission. Hopefully we can see some more success in the upcoming weeks.

So lets get on to other stuff...

So you decided to fix the white Car? Just know you have full right to my account to help pay alright?! Man i still feel bad about that.... but i learned my lesson. And man i must say that i really, really miss having a car.

Happy B Day Tayton! Turning 12 will be awesome and having the priesthood and all. I sent a letter in the mail... hopefully it´ll get there in a little while. Love you buddy.

jenna, congrats on the job. The pizza factory sounds awesome. But that is making me hungry right now haha. I miss that food sooo much.

And how do i keep my pants and shoes clean? i do my best to wash them and what not... they stay pretty clean when i take care of them... but they sure arent as clean as they would be if i was at home... but they are taken care of dont worry. We just go through some mud and puddles almost everyday i dont really have a choice. A mission outside of the country, especially in Brasil and other places like this, is a whole different experience.

Did you have a good turn out of investigators for church again?This week wasnt as good, but we have a couple more baptisms coming up if they dont drop out..(which the majority do)

*What was the picture where you were standing outside in water with no shirt on? So it was raining out front and there was a river going down our street and so we were in our garments and i didnt want to get a shirt wet so i just ran out there real fast without my shirt to see how deep it was... and my comp took a picture.

Please give more information about Elder Bailey. Where in Salt Lake is he from? North Salt Lake What High School did he go to? Woods Cross.. Graduated in 2007 What are his parents names? greg and joni. etc. He is a pretty crazy guy... like taylor and will... and he´s a good guy.

Could you get a picture of your Ward Building (Just sent that) Apartment and street? I have some of our house.. well kinda. But ill try to take some pics. We have probably the biggest house in the mission. It is awesome i love it. Its not great quality, but it has space and i love having space. We have a banana tree in back too.

Well love you! Have an amazing week and ill do my best to have one too.

Elder Tanner Smoot

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