Monday, May 2, 2011

Wk 39 - A semana de tranferências... mas eu ficei com meu comp!

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

"the water is from the rain! the river in the street is insane in front of our house"

View of Teresina

Elder Bailey- before the haircut!
"I cut bailey´s hair this week. It was funny. I made a mohak first just for fun, then I cut it... he almost cried! it was short, but i used an 8! I dont trust myself with scissors yet.. but it was funny. its cool now.

Well hey! hows it going? I guess I will know this sunday comin up... that went pretty quick.
Tuesday we had a district meeting and it was good... the day went pretty normal and we visited Daniela, Joelma, Carla, and João (john in english) & Marli. Daniela is 17 and has a less active friend (that actually came to church twice after 9 months not going) and we just contacted her in the road one day... the week went well teaching her, but unfortunately she didnt come to church... so we will see whats up this next week. Joelma is 20 and started talking to us really because we were american. She wants to travel the world someday and anyway, she is a cool person. She really likes the lessons and visits, but im not sure if she wants to move forward with it. she has some good member friends now (rafael and cássio) that will try and help us. Carla is still good, but has a lot of problems. Her ex husband came back and i am really confused whats going on there... so we have to help her. She is still coming to church though and is doing good. João and marli are ok... but the lesson we taught this day was the plan of salvation. It went amazing, but later this week things got a little messed up.
Wednesday was just a basic day... doing our visits and what not. I had a nice talk with my comp about the mission and stuff... it was just a normal day. I am loving having a comp i actually like to be with and doesnt leave in the middle of the night. im telling you.. makes a world of a difference.
Thursday we had Rafael come with us again and had some good visits here in our area... nothin too special.
Friday we had a visit with Amanda (an 8 year old girl) who has an aunt that has 12 years or something and her other aunt and uncle that are members... and she said she wanted to get baptized.. so we went there... went well... but she didnt come to church.. so its hard. We had a good lunch again at Socorrinha´s house and visited Daniela again and also Manuel and Maria. So these two are doing good. Our goal is to get them married this week and baptized on Saturday.. it will be a race but i think we can do it... So we´ll see how it goes. They are a couple about 40 years old the two and they have a little son that is pretty cool. We then got new elders at like 11:40 at night... but i was sleeping so i didnt see them till the next day.
Saturday i met the two new elders from the mtc in são paulo, two brasilians, Elder de Oliveira and Elder Nascimento. They are both pretty cool guys. Anyway they went with Crittenden and Moraes during the day. We went to our places and had a visit with Dália who was at a cousins house. Dália lived in campo maior and elder bailey baptized her like a year ago. So it was cool. We both knew her and bailey had baptized her. We had cássio and Rafael with us and did some other visits.
Sunday was a good lunch, and the guy has a car and we got to ride in a car to lunch! It was cool. Then we did a split and i went with elder de oliveira and my comp went with nascimento. Both are cool guys. So elder nascimento lost his tag so i lent him mine just to have something on his chest haha. it was funny. he started saying he was my brother and that i was tan and he was just a little bit darker (he´s black) and that his eyes were just a little bit darker than mine. He was basically me with brasilian blood is what he said. haha he was cool.
Today nascimento left at like 5 30 to head off to Parnaiba and we got a bunch of people in our house with us now. We have a big house with some bunk beds, so when there is training, there is people in our house. Elder Stewart should be coming tomorow so i should see him! That will be cool. Anyway me, elder de oliveira and elder pimentel (i was in the ctm with him) we went up and played soccer with a bunch of students at this cement footsall field they have here. Man it was hot, but it was fun.
so it was a great week and it looks like im stayin with Elder Bailey for another transfer, which is awesome. We now have elder Gessel in our house who will be the comp of Elder Crittenden and Elder Moraes is going to Imperatriz.
Have a great week... talk to you on sunday!
Elder Tanner Smoot

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