Monday, April 11, 2011

Wk 36 - I think im part brasilian..

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well it was a good week and things are still going good here in Teresina. We have some good solid investigators and im enjoying my time here with elder Bailey.

Tuesday wasnt anything real special, but we did have an interview for Carla who will be baptized on the 17th of this month. So that was about the highlight of the day.

Wednesday i was super tired, but that happens a lot here in the mission and you just pull through it. We did end up having a great day and this is actually the day when we marked Carla´s baptism for the 17th. she wanted to put it off for a while, but we helped her decide to do it a little earlier. We were walking in the road and this lady stops us, she was on a motorcycle, and she told us to come to her house in 30 min. It was like, what is this! But it ended up to be cool. She told us she saw this member that was with us in a dream. She doesnt know why or whatever but she started asking about our religion and she just wanted to know why she saw this guy in her dream. Anyway it was really cool... the only problem was that it is in Elder Crittendens area so he will baptize her here in a couple weeks. I also made brownies this day, which are good but not amazing, and a member dropped off a guitar at our house. It is fun to play with and im actually getting better at the guitar haha who would have thought.

Thursday we met up with João and Marli and their daughter Aline. She is 17 years old, is going to seminary and has been to church a couple times... the only problem is that the parents havent been to church yet and need to be baptized... so we will have to work with them... but they are an awesome family. Later we talked with Mayara, who is 15, and we have been working with her a lot lately. She has a problem with coffee and is seriously addicted to it.. so that will be tough. other than that we woke up this day and played a little football at the field close to our house. My comp has a little nerf football and it was pretty fun. During the day we saw some kids yellin at us in the street and so we went over there and they wanted us to play soccer with them. So we played, me and Elder Bailey vs. another two kids. haha we just messed around with them and it was really fun. A couple of the kids were members and stuff. I also got a couple of letters that night from Amber, Talia and Austin, and Grandma and Grandpa Smoot. Letters are getting better the more time im out here. I feel like i dont even know home anymore! Its wild.

Friday we had a pretty good day and ended up finding a lot of random people to teach.. and thats how its been so far. Someone will say something to us and my comp goes right over, messes with them a little, then starts teaching. Its pretty cool. We met Daniela this way and she has heard from the missionaries before and hopefully she will progress.

Saturday was a good day as well and again we got some new investigators. So that lady that had the dream, we ended up with her sister in our area so we are teaching her now with her 13 yr old son. Anyway on Saturday´s and Sunday´s the whole town, or at least my area, there is lots of loud music, loud motorcycles and parties going on... its kind of annoying to try and be a missionary when there is so much noise and commotion going on.. but it still went well.

Sunday we had church.. and had 10 investigators there! This week was the best, numbers wise, week that i think i have had in the mission... it was pretty awesome. There were tons of people in the ward today and they would split really easy.. just that there needs to be a few more preisthood holders to do that.. other than that it was a pretty chill day, a meeting in the church with the ward missionary leader and a lesson later with Mayara again.

It was a great week and im still enjoying here with elder bailey. The april fools joke was really funny and everyone had a good laugh together. Me and my comp get along pretty good and so there is no problem jokin and stuff, which i really like. Also another thing is that i dont know what is going on but i think i might be part brasilian. Lots of people will ask me if im brasilian, sometimes i say yes others no, but then they will ask me if my parents are brasilian and just moved to the USA or do i have descendants from Brasil... anyway it is pretty funny. Some people tell right off that im american and some people it takes a little before they believe me. but its pretty awesome.

*Everything is good. house is safe. We even had this member come over and do exercises with us one day... he´s a fighter and stuff so it was pretty fun... ya know just in case we have any further problems ;)

*Im always healthy haha. I have a little more chubbiness then i used to.. it just comes with the life as a missionary. and the occasional diarrhea here is pretty normal.. so id say im good

So this computer is hard to send pics from.. there is the monitor cord blocking me from using the card reader!! I will try a little bit longer to send pics.. but sorry if it doesnt work.

love ya,

Elder Tanner Smoot

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