Monday, April 4, 2011

Wk 35 - Livin life in Teresina

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well... sorry i dont have any pictures. We were kind of in a hurry and I forgot to grab my camera. I will be sure to get pics of the new chapel, its pretty cool, and whatever we do during the week. Things are still going great with my comp and I like the house.

Tuesday we had District meeting as we do every week.... It went well and we talked about baptismal invites. Ok so my district is this: Me & Elder Bailey, E. Crittenden & Moraes, E. Landeen & Rodriguez. All of them are really cool and we get along well which makes a world of a difference, its awesome. Also this day, because we were living in the staff, I couldnt find another shirt in my bag and had to use a long sleeve. Man i will probably not do that again. At least we are in the colder part of the year, but its still hot. I have a sweating problem... like i swear i sweat way more than anyone else. Is that just genetics or is there something else i can do? We taught Welton who is a cool guy that already knows everything about the church (btw, it was an accident that we found him in the road but he is awesome and even came to general conference and said he wants to be a missionary, and he is 17) and the only thing that stops him from being baptized is his dad... so were are trying to do service for his dad or something so we can help welton out a little. Anyway they are an awesome fam. Also we made some chicken and mashed potatoes at a recent converts house for fun to get a taste of good food in the USA... turned out really good actually.

Wednesday we spent most of the day moving back to our house in the area Satélite. The story is that the house was robbed a month or two ago so they all moved to Staff (where the secretaries live). They put some cage things over the window and we moved back this day. The house is pretty big and the shower has some insane pressure coming out of it so i love the house. It is me and my comp and Elder Crittenden (our District Leader) and Moraes (He was in my room in the CTM). Its a lot of fun and the new house has been good.

Thursday Elder Crittenden and Bailey went to renew their visas in the center and i went with Moraes to do some visits. My comp got back and we went to visit João and Marli (some people that the previous missionaries were teaching). They are awesome. There are the parents and two kids (17 and 20 yrs. old) that are all about ready to be baptized.... Just that the parents need to get married first and they will get baptized... its pretty awesome.

Friday about half way through the day i realized it was April fools day... haha. We had a pretty normal day... walkin in the sun, teaching lessons, saving the world one person at a time type stuff ya know... We got home and i pretended to get a call from president just acting like president was getting all mad at elder bailey and how i need to do something about it... anyway i gave the phone to elder bailey and he was all confused and mad that he was getting in trouble for something he didnt do and man i wish i had it on tape. The look on his face was priceless. It was a good one!

Saturday we went to lunch and then to conference. We had to go to a building about 30 min walking from our house. Also, we had to walk from the members house at lunch which was even further to walk. The other chapel was really cool and it was an amazing conference... though i had to watch it in portuguese. Though the translated voice, which is a lot more boring i might add, I managed to get some notes and what not. Sadly enough, we did not get the opportunity to see the preisthood session that night (would have started at 9) and neither the next day.

Sunday we didnt have time to go to the center to watch the preisthood session because we wouldnt have lunch, we would have to take the bus and we would be late to the morning session... so it was a bummer. But conference was still really good. We still ended up being a little late because we grabbed some investigators. And in the middle of conference, the power went out for like 10 min! Man it was a tough conference to watch. After conference we went to talk with a girl named Maiara. It started out normal and we taught our lesson and man i dont know what happened, but there was one of the coolest experiences I've had in a while. There was all sorts of noise, motorcycles and people walking by, but when i talked, she just looked straight at me and it seemed she was just shocked and just believed in what i was saying... i dont know how to explain it... Just usually when you teach people that are 15 they are very easily distracted... but she didnt look away. it was cool.

Anyway it has been a fun week and i am enjoying where i am and bein with my comp.
So mom, i have about a 4 year supply of bug spray and chapstick now so you dont need to send anymore haha love ya though. And my sunscreen is only about half way done... and i use it pretty much every day... it doesnt go away as fast when only one person uses it.

As far as money goes... i just take my money out every week and i use it well. I do have some stuff im buying but it would be cool to send you maybe another bigger hammock home, some guaraná jesus, some other jerseys or whatever... ill think about it. I am just good with money in that i take the money out and save just a little, like 15 reais each week and then save it until i have enough to spend it... so im doin good.

Dad, so internet is like this. There are quite a few people that have a USB thing that picks up internet (kind of like your sprint card you used to have). The majority do not have this. That is why the lan houses are so popular. Many have access on their cell phones, but dont always use it, it is an extra fee.

As far as the ipod and speakers go.... I can do one of two things if you dont send it to me. Normally there is at least one person in the house that has music, so i could just stick it out... Or i can use my USB and put music on it from other people and buy a little speaker box and it has access to the USB... not a big deal. So you decide. If it is too big of a pain.. then dont worry about it. I just like having my own music.. but im not like dying here.. so its all good. Just give me a response next week.

Well thats about it.. again sorry i dont have pics. Hopefully ill remember next week.

Elder Tanner Smoot

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