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Wk 34 - Teresina-Satélite

Saying good bye in Campo Maior

Elder Iverson & Elder Smoot
Drinkin' Guarana Jesus with Elder Stewart!
skin problems you can encounter in Brazil
(Elder Larsen's leg)
Encontra dos Rios

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Heyo! Well as you kind of heard from Tiago, I am now in Teresina. At first i was pretty bummed that i was being transfered, mostly because of Eliane´s baptism, but I am so thankful that i got put into an awesome area. I am in the area Teresina, Satélite 1. My companion is Elder Bailey- from Salt Lake and has 1 year and about 6 months in the mission. I dont know really how to explain him... he is just crazy. haha but he is a cool kid and im loving it here in Teresina. There is so much more to do here!

Last monday i had the curveball thrown at me. We had gone to have family night at an investigators house and i got the call. i was totally expecting to just hear who my new comp would be, coming to Campo Maior... but then he said i was leaving and they were leaving only 2 missionaries in Campo Maior. Anyway, pretty much spent the evening getting ready.

Tuesday i got completely ready and went to Eliane´s work to tell her i was being transfered. She thought i was joking, but... i wasnt. I said bye to a few others and then got on the bus going to Teresina.... I got to Teresina and had no idea what to do. So i luckily wrote down Presidents number and called him to know what to do. Ended up taking a taxi alone to the Staff, which is where the secretaries live... Nobody was there so i just waited 20 min till they got there haha. It was a pretty wild and depressing start. My new comp, Elder Bailey, got there a little later and i met him.

Wednesday we went to our area and it was a good day. Elder Bailey is a goof and is unashamed and will literally talk to anyone about anything, its pretty funny. So i got to know him a little and our area. Our area has a lot of hills and this time its an actual ward, not just branch, and has a pretty cool chapel.

Thursday... Nothin too big, just getting to know the area a little better and working still.. We had a member come with us this day to help us a little more. I thought it was cool and funny, but Elder Bailey was almost mad that i havent had very many baptisms in my mission to this point. He really wants me to see what it is like to have success, even though he is a little tired of the mission at this point.

Friday we had another priest from the ward leave with us named Rafael. He is one of the coolest kids i have met here. Anyway, it was another pretty basic day, but fun. I love the Book of Mormon. If we can help the people gain a testimony of that book, they will automatically know that the church is true and that leads to a desire to be baptized. That book has a lot of power.

Saturday I was just thinking that it was Eliane´s baptism... ya i didnt get to do it.. but i am glad she got baptized. Elder Iverson called me on Sunday and told me that everything went well, which was good. We were leaving on the bus to go home, which i will tell you why in a little, and this guy came up to us and told us that a missionary left his bag on the bus. Turns out one of the missionaries left his bag on a bus and someone grabbed it and gave it to the bus driver who tracked us down and we tracked down who´s bag it was. Anyway, Elder Bailey started talkin to him about the gospel and it was sweet. It is honestly a miracle how sometimes people come to us. Ive seen it at least 3 times this past week. People come up to us and god just puts them into our hands sometimes.. it is awesome. So we take the bus because the house that is in my area got robbed so they have been living in the Staff house which is in the Center district of Teresina. The house should get reinforced this week so we can move back... Its tough living with 9 missionaries in one house, but we will still have 4 that live with us. Elder Crittenden(from Heber, and his parents came to Elder Blackhams house before the mish), Elder Moraes, me and Elder Bailey.

Sunday there were about 200 people in the ward... by far the largest group i have seen in a while. It was really cool and there are a lot of awesome people in this ward. There are lots of young men getting ready for missions that willingly do splits with us during the week which is awesome. That night the other elders, Crittenden and Moraes, had a baptism which was cool.

To sum it up... I love the new area and being here in Teresina. Today we went to the Encontra dos Rios, which is really cool. A nice shaded park area with two rivers that meet up at a point. I have some pics of that, of when i left Campo Maior, of me and Elder Stewart ( he was getting a new comp to train so he was in the Staff house when i got there... we´re drinkin Jesus! ), and of an Elder´s leg that had a weird thing going on with his skin. Elder Larsen is his name and he got here a couple weeks ago and is having some interesting problems!! Funny guy though. The mission is still getting better and better.

Well, Love you mom, dad, austin, tal, ruger, jenna, jade and tayton. have a good week.

Elder Smoot

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