Monday, June 4, 2012

Wk 96 - 22 months down.... just a little more to go

fotos--encontro dos rios


me and elder tomé

encontro dos rios

-the seperation of the rivers

-me at the waterside

-me and elder davis

-the floating restaurant

everyone that was there;; Elder Davis, elder de los santos, elder
robertson, me, elder tomé, elder mendez
a license plate i made for taylor...

me, raimundinha, and erika

-my hammock :)

my hammock again


Area: Buenos Aires 
Companion: Elder De Los Santos

Thanks so much for the pics and videos and stuff... i love to see you
guys and hear about the week... i love pics so keep sending them...
Sounds like summer is in and school is out! great stuff. I know you
probably are sick of hearing me from email and all, but ill tell you
about the week anyway.

My week was alright... last monday we went with the elders from
timon... elder thomé, elder Robertson, Elder mendez, and elder
Davis.... to encontro dos rios... or `the meeting of rivers´... anyway
it was a good, super chill p day.

Tuesday, we had our district meeting in the morning, then lunch at
domingos´s house. It is always a good time there, cause like i said
before, domingos is my best friend here in brasil... super good guy.
We went and got a little money from the bank and we didnt have time to
go home so we ended up going back to domingos´s house to drop off the
stuff from district meeting and stuff to not carry it the whole day,
but when we got there, domingos´s little nephew had locked himself in
a room and wasnt able to get out cause he didnt know how to unlock
it.. it was pretty funny and quite the predicament, but we got ahold
of the key with a string, but ended up breaking it.. and all in all,
we ended up getting a key dude to come open the door. That was just
something interesting that happened today. But we had a good lesson
with Arlete, we actually ended up teaching the law of chastity. My
comp is still pretty timid with this type of stuff so i taught pretty
much the whole thing, but it was good because she understood why she
needs to get married. the rest of the day was pretty long

Wednesday we went early to a bank so my comp could pick up some money
that his family sent him to buy glasses... With my comp, its always an
adventure. we were on our way there and his bag caught on to a
motorcycle and tipped it over... luckily it wasnt close to the other
motorcycles or it would have been a domino effect. But he got his
money and ordered the glasses. We had lunch at carina´s who lives next
to Jean. It was a good lunch and Jean came over for a bit... (he is
supposed to be in the states now so let me know if he gives you a
call.) during lunch the news was on tv and we saw a funny thing... it
said that there were a bunch of packages arriving in teresina being
lost and stolen going to a place called ´shopping da cidade´. So im
pretty sure thats where my package went. They sell really cheap,
mostly stolen items there... haha just thought it was funny cause
there were a few people in the same time period that didnt get
packages. well, We had a good day of visits.. we went to mateus who is
a young man who we used to visit a lot but.... as always he seemed
pretty convincing that wanted to go to church and all, but when sunday
comes around he always ditches on us..its hard to decide who you
should keep visiting. We visited marcos and talked a little about the
differences that started to change that sunday he went to church and
when he was listening to the messages of the missionaries... He made
lunch for his wife the sunday he went to church, he started changing
then decided he wanted to go back to his church and has now convinced
himself that we came to get him to back to his old church.... ugh it
is so annoying. they just dont let it sink into their heads when they
know whats right, they always convince themselves that they are
right... and that happens a lot with everyone i think. there was even
a talk about that in the last couple of years about not putting
yourself as an exception to the rules... and man it is tough. After a
long day we got home and had a couple of extra missionaries at our
house, as usual. One finished his mission and was goin home and sold
me a big and beatiful hammock for 50 reais... this thing is a monster
and man i looovvvee hammocks like this but havent had enough courage
to buy one cuz they are more than 100 reais.... anyway, we are gonna
have to have a hammock campout in the backyard when i get back aight?
during the night though, this missionary went to wash his clothes and
the faucet broke. I woke up at 1 30 am to use the bathroom and found a
swimming pool in our house, so i helped them stop the water that took
forever and we all got soaked and helped clean up... it was a long

Thursday i was a little tired cuz of the night before, but i finished
the Book of mormon in portuguese that morning... I have been reading
and studying for a long time, but because of soooo many things going
on and having to read other material, it took a while. But it was cool
to finish it in another language. I certainly know that the book of
mormon is true and was a book inspired by God. If the bible is true,
then even more sure i am that the book of mormon is. We had lunch at a
restaurant thing where a member invited us... its not like a
restaurant... more just a room on the corner that has food for you to
grab... rice, beans, noodles, and two types of meat.. they are all
like that. but it was good. We went and picked up my companions
glasses that he ordered yesterday then while we were there i got a
call from erika and raimundinha from Campo maior that said they were
in teresina so i went and said hi real quick cause i was close by. We
went and visited cleiton who introduced us to his friends which was
cool... but cleiton is starting to ditch out on us as well... i just
dont see the time of day!!! nobody wants this anymore..... man i am
gonna need more faith to get something going here because im dying. We
went to milton after that as well and it was the same thing... he just
likes to ask questions about the US and its hard to teach him... after
the long day i got home, took a shower and went to sleep in my new
hammock...and slept amazing.

Friday... happy june! We got money for lunch this day, so we went to
the supermarket and my comp made lunch... it was hotdogs with a
vinagrette salad thing of potatoes, tomatoes and onions... it was
pretty good. my comp makes that and pasta a lot. I dont think i would
ever eat this before the mish, but now i think its really good. Wierd
how that changes isnt it? We went to talk to arlete about temples a
little because on the 10th we wont have church because of the
dedication, so i had to explain why. We talked again with marcos and
raquel and talked about these changes that were happening in their
lives, but they are pretty much not progressing anymore... maybe one
day. We got a ride home that night with josé who is kelly and ana
karine´s dad... so that was nice. im kinda tired of walking everywhere
haha my body is gettin pretty exhausted now.

Saturday we had a great lunch at maria do carmo´s whose neice mychelly
lives there (that me and elder lima baptized) so it was fun. She is
doin good and goes to church every sunday still... at least the people
we baptized are still active and doing well. We did some quick visits
close by to rosilene, a member named francisco andrade who has some
references for us, then to ana virginia... It was a long afternoon but
finally on our way home we talked to mateus and family.. again they
are pretty much the same way that they always were... not really

Sunday we passed in 6 houses on the way to church and none of them
came... It was quite the start to the day, especially being fast
sunday and all. We had a great lunch at domingos´s house after church
and after his house spent the rest of the day doing contacts looking
for some way to get out of our drought and hole that we are in.... We
had some impressive contacts, but most of them were pretty...
non-promissing... but we ran into some people that already knew the
church and some that want to change their lives so we´ll see if they
really have that much of a desire. We had a decent night and a decent
week as well... hopefully next week will be a little better.

Well love you all! thanks for the pics and videos! i love to see
everyone and hear about what you guys are up to... summer break is a
great time to be alive. haha i guess i will go from my 2 year summer,
back to the summer at home. i only have a little time left so i gotta
make the best of it... love ya have a good week.

Elder Smoot

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