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Wk 95 - Faça Valer

-zone conference (me, elder stewart, elder robertson)
the bridge (ponte estaiada)

ponte estaiada
me and elder gardner
bowling again... (this is everyone that lives in the apartement with me)
 Elder de los Santos,
Elder tenório, elder Santos, Elder Gardner, Elder Eberhardt, and me.
-the district (pizza at nilza´s. me e. de los santos, e. lima, e. donizeti)
some dude carrying roosters in the street

this is marcos and raquel´s daughter. name-fernanda 

Area: Buenos Aires 
Companion: Elder De Los Santos

Sounds like life is good for you guys! haha man i would love to do a
little bit of yard work... i really hope i keep all of these desires
that i have when i get home... We cleaned our apartement today,
another deep clean, and its always nice when its all clean... Im
pretty sure i learned that one from you mom. But yeah i cant beleive
jade is 16... did he get his lisence yet? and jenna is gonna graduate
this week?? pretty cool. Good luck to ya! what are your plans in the
fall jenna?

The week was pretty good... last monday we went bowling... again! i
have gone quite a few times for being on the mission haha, but always
with different people. I have been here for a while so i know a lot of
things, so i am pretty used as far as showing people around teresina
and where to find cool hammocks, jerseys, or presents for family, or
just to show them cool places in teresina.

Tuesday we got back into the rythm with district meeting.. it was
alright. Our zone leaders came which was kind of boring.... i dont
really understand why its like that, but in our mission everyone seems
to be up tight when the leaders are there... not that they do
anything, they just usually critique what you do and tell you that you
are wrong if that makes sense... and nobody likes that. but whatever.
It was chill, then we went to lunch. The member actually forgot about
lunch so he threw something together real quick... its kinda cool here
that you can buy food for lunch at many places... but its all the same
food... rice, beans, lettuce with tomatoes, some noodles, and two
types of meat... usually chicken and beef... sometimes its good,
sometimes not so good. but it was good this time. We then visited
Arlete who has progressed the most this week. We had a good plan of
salvation lesson with her... the lesson just went smooth and it was
easy to understand. When we teach her we sit in some lawn chairs on
the sidewalk in front of her house... man its so different than things
at home. We visited cleiton or chavier.... still not sure what to call
him because at home the people call him cleiton, but last sunday he
said his name was chavier, then he said his full name was josé roberto
chavier...... yeah im just gonna call him cleiton... anyway we had a
quick visit with him then went to milton´s because he lives close by.
Milton wasnt home, but his wife and mom were there so we talked to
them for a bit. his mom´s name is tânia, and she commited to come to
church with us on sunday.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference.... this was a good one because it
was my last one! I was asked to give the thought, so i talked about
alma 22 and how aaron converted the king (lamoni´s dad) and
specifically why the baptism is an important part of conversion and
why it is essencial in our work... because everyone now just talks
about baptism, baptism, baptism.... president said that if you arent
baptizing every week, then you are doing something wrong.... so
obviously im doing something wrong, but yeah it is kind of annoying.
But, i talked about WHY it is important and not just the fact that we
need to baptize. anyway, as well the people leaving and the newbies
got to bear their testimony. So i got to bear my last testimony, as
well as elder robertson and elder stewart... Elder robertson is going
home in two weeks though. anyway, it was a good meeting and after that
we didnt have lunch, so we combined with elder donizeti and lima and
bought some stuff to make lunch... which turned out alright. We
visited Raquel and marcos later and she was doing good... but still
didnt come to church on sunday! with them as well is one that we sit
down on the sidewalk in front of the house... one of the reasons is
because it is hot inside the houses! so everyones sits out front to
catch a less-hot breeze haha. We passed by domingos´s house as well to
see how he was doing and it was a decent day.

Thursday we had weekly planning, which is always.... super fun....
yeah... then off to lunch. Ate lunch then went to ana virginia´s. She
is still going to church and is studying and doing well, but this day
she wasnt feeling so good. So we taught her about priesthood blessings
and offered her a blessing. We again went to miltons, this time he was
there, but as always he likes to talk about lots of other things... he
thinks he knows the church well enough and just wants to study on his
own... its still in a hard situation for him to get baptized because
his wife is pregnant with 8 months, he receives money for his dad that
died until 21 years old and he doesnt have a job so there is no way to
pay the bills and for the new child if he doesnt recieve that money,
and yeah... so that is how its been with a lot of investigators we
have... people that i think would get baptized, but have a lot of
barriers in the way of that. We taught arlete again who is still doing
well... she as well is ready for baptism, but we figured out this week
that she lives with a man. she is like 55 years old or so and wants to
get married, but her ´husband´ just never saw the purpose... so now
she as well has a barrier to pass. We went to wish raquel a happy
birthday then had a good 30 min walk home.

Friday we had a good study on the commandments.... the simple
commandments that we teach as missionaries... i really like that it
tells you to share personal experiences of how keeping a commandment
blessed your life. i really havent had THAT eventful of a life.... in
means of crazy things happening or dangerous experiences, so i guess
thats pretty much the blessing! I have really seen how blessed we are
where we live, and i know that is because of what we do to receives
God´s blessings. Everyone just loves to see our family pictures and
everyone says, ´just send me there because it looks like a paradise
with your family all united and happy´ count your many
blessings! We had lunch then met up with domingos for a while and he
came with us to meet a man named ribamar that lived close to his
house. He is an interesting guy, a painter acutally that also sells
alcoholic beverages, but was a very humble man that has a family...
hopefully we´ll see some progress with him... other than that, not too
much happened during the day.

Saturday was a pretty full day. we had lunch at a cool members house,
then we needed to meet up with elder lima and donizeti, but they didnt
have a phone because its broken... so we walked up to their house and
knocked on the door, but they had already left... the neighbor then
offered us water and we started talking to her and actually taught the
neighbor and her two daughters... so that was pretty cool, but they
didnt come to church on sunday like they said they would. (later i
found out they were in the chapel and we passed right in front of it
to go to their house!) So we headed back to our area and again talked
to arlete and talked more about the baptism and prayer. We visited
cleiton real quick and he said he couldnt go to church on sunday
because he had to go to the hospital to visit his grandma, so we went
to milotns. We again talked to him and his mom and she commited to go
to church, and she did... on the way home we stopped by felizbella´s
and she was doing great.. much better after she went to church. We
talked to her and her neighbors there a bit about how God´s blessings
come from our actions and had a prayer with them. We were on our way
home when we saw a lot of commotion and there had been a car accident
there... there was one getting into the ambulance and one guy almost
started fighting the cops which was interesting... that was just on
the walk home, but i dont think anyone was too seriously hurt... but i
have seen a lot of interesting things like this on the mission.

Sunday we walked with Tânia (miltons mom) to church. We had a good day
at church because arlete came alone again and brought two
grandchildren with her to go to primary... she is really liking it.
Arlete even brought some canned food and empty 2 liter jugs to help
the releif society with a donation drive thing...We had a good class
in the principles of the Gospel class about baptism and that really
opened up our investigators. Elder donizeti interviewed arlete during
church, but all that she needs to do is get married now. We had a good
lunch, but after i wasnt feeling too good so we booked it home and i
was having some stomach pains so i spent some time in the bathroom...
i took a shower and layed down for a bit, but later we ended up
leaving. We passed by domingos´s house then i went to talk to jean. I
guess he is going there this week, so is there anything you want me to
send with him??

Well that was the week... hopefully that was detailed enough for ya.
Hope you have a good week! time is flying and we are all growin up,
like it or not.. Love ya!

Elder Smoot

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