Monday, June 18, 2012

Wk 98 - Just another week

the birthday cake (thanks domingos)
me and elder de los santos
they started a cake fight...

in the church tower
-The church with elder deaver and elder byington and pereira

-the stairs

under the bell

me, e. deaver and e. byington

-me and the comp from outside the church 
-e. deaver, e. de los santos, eu, e. byington

last pic with e. robertson



-playin on domingos´s bike... man i miss my bike

some guys on the bmx ramps... i saw them ridin so i had to go see it
for myself

Area: Buenos Aires 
Companion: Elder De Los Santos

Well sounds like baseball just never stops!! thats good to hear that
my bros are doin well though.. im ready to hit up the weight room a
little bit with jade.. i just hope i can keep up with him. Glad to
hear that summer is in full gear, hopefully you can get done what you
are wantin to mom... if not, ill be home in a little over a month to
help out ;)

Well as you know, im still in the same area... same comp. but my comp
is cool so its all good. but My week, like yours, just tooookkk
fooorrreeevvveerrrr... the week was light the engergizer bunny. just
kept going and going and going. haha just kidding. i dont know why
there was just a lot that happened during the week. Monday night we
did a visit then went to Domingos´s house for family night and he had
a cake and food and pop there and we had a little party... he started
rubbing cake in my face which was kinda funny then he got my comp. it
was him and the other member junior that were gettin us. anyway
domingos is the man. He also gave me a cool present of a switch blade
knife, binoculars, and a flashlight... Lets just say that he has been
a true friend to me as im here in this area. he also helps a lot doing
visits with us and giving us references. anyway, that night we had all
the elders in our house that were leaving the mission... a lot of them
were my good friends and some people i spent some time with on the
mish... for example elder robertson, elder donizeti and elder almeida.
there was a bunch of them in my room and sitting on my bed and they
busted my bed and there was someone sleeping in my hammock so i slept
with the mattress on the floor, but it was a long night.

Tuesday was officially my birhtday.. but it was like no other birthday
ive ever had. We got a wake up call at 6 30 am as president and sister
dias walks into our house. Luckily i was up and going but i ran back
to wake up a couple of the elders to give them a heads up that
president was there.  anyway he and sister just said our house was a
peice of trash and made us clean everything and throw out a lot of
stuff. we cleaned till about 11 and then they came back to do a last
check-up. Sister came and said i needed to fix the bed but threw out
the peice of wood that was broken so since then ive been sleeping in
the hammock. the pres and sister dias still dont know that it was my
birthday that day.. We finally got out to lunch just dead tired cause
of the night before the people leaving were up late and the early wake
up call, but we had a good lunch then went out to do our visits... it
was probably the least exciting day of the week, but its already over
so thats good. We visited arlete, then spent an hour and a half trying
to find an address, and when we found it the guy wasnt there, so we
talked to a neighbor that was pretty cool named jefferson. It is a
pretty rough area to live, but he was a humble guy that wants help to
stop doing drugs. We visited domingos then went home and elder deaver
and elder byington (that have been at our house because of medical
reasons) had bought me a cake to eat so that was cool.

Wednesday we got lunch money so we bought stuff to make tacos and
pizza. I made the tacos that in the end turned out pretty good, but my
comp made pizza that was pretty good. When we were leaving the new
greenie missionaries got there and two of them are in my district
(elder lima went to araguaína... furthest area in the mission) and
they didnt know where they lived, so i took the bus with them and
helped them get into their house and know a little of where their area
is. It is elder murray (from cali and has 6 months on the mish but
only 6 weeks in brasil) and elder soares de sousa who just arrived.
Anyway, we walked back and talked to cleiton. We talked really
directly with him and pretty much he just said he doesnt want to
change religion, but who knows maybe with a little time and
understanding he can change that. We talked to arlete again and also
talked with her daughter and grandchildren a little.

Thursday we had lunch cancelled so we made pizza cause it was good...
well my comp made it. And we made a fruit salad with bananas,
strawberries, and apples. It was pretty dang good. Elder Deaver and
byington were still in our house so we made it together for all of us.
 We had another decent day talking with jefferson again. we went to go
try his neighbor who was who we were looking for the first time and we
heard from them that he had been stabbed that morning by his son and
was in the hospital... pretty messed up. So we had a good talk with
jefferson about the restoration. We also visited a family that we
contacted the other day in the street and the man wasnt home but we
had a cool conversation with the mom. It is interesting now that i
realize how easy it has been for me to talk with someone. get where
they come from and try to help them understand this doctrine from the
knowledge they have... it is just flowing a lot better and i realize
that is a big blessing after being on the mission for a while.

Friday we had lunch at domingos then after he came to visit some
people with us. We visited arlete and talked about following the
living prophet and it turned out to be pretty cool. she recieved a
liahona of last years conference so it was easy for her to see what
the prophet does and teaches. She also bore a very simple testimony of
the book of mormon. She has been studying a little and said that ´it´s
just like the bible!´ she pretty much said that someone that says they
dont believe in the book of mormon but believes in the bible just say
that cause they havent read it!! and its true. the doctrine is the
same and the purpose is the same. Anyway, cool experience. We also
visited a new family of 4 sons and a mom that live there. We talked
about the plan of salvation and it was good because she really wanted
to know what is this life after death like... it answers well in alma
ch. 40. so it was also a good opportunity to show her the book of

Saturday we had a good lunch again and we were close to raquel´s house
so we stopped by there. She is the same as always. i just asked her if
she has learned anything with our visits and she said lots of things
but cant really say what... it is a challenge to help people become
agents and not just be objects... or in other words to act for
themselves to try and understand this stuff instead of hearing lessons
and just learning some interesting facts. to hear it is one thing, to
DO IT is another. We are DOERS not listeners... like it says in James.
we talked to cleiton once more. we talked very directly about
priesthood authority and just told him to pray about it... which he
probably didnt do cause he didnt come to church on sunday. Later we
visited Domingos´s neighbors with him who i contacted the other night.
They listened well and it was a good conversation... but that was the
end of our day.

Sunday we had church and Alcione was our only investigator there...
she was a reference from domingos but doesnt have much time to hear
the lessons because she doesnt want us at her house because of the
lady that lives with her and doesnt like us and she works and
studies... but it was cool to see her at church after our last visit.
The lady that was gonna make lunch for us had forgotten so again
domingos invited over to eat with him and his family... he is the man.
he works for the army and supports his whole family and a couple of
other people that live there with him. He then went out with us to do
visits and we taught a man named diesse (or jesse) who we contacted on
friday i think. He was a good guy and listened well.. we´ll have to go
back to see if he prayed or anything. We did a couple of contacts but
the only ones i talked to said they had been to church already and
gave up because they liked to drink beer too much... then some other
girls that wanted nothing to do with the church and we went to arlete
who didnt go to church, but she wasnt home so again... its been like
this for a while and it just seems like everything is falling in
pieces... i would really like to have some success these last weeks
but im not finding the light of day... just keep on swimming.

So it was a long week, but we made it. I am trying to hold on but
everyday is just getting harder and harder because of how long ive
been here.. but dont worry im still fine and holdin on tight. I´ve
been a little sick this week with a cold.. just really wanted some
nyquil to knock me out a couple of nights but they dont have it
here... anyway, hope you are all doing well and hopefully this next
week can be better than the last. love you,

Elder Smoot

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