Monday, June 11, 2012

Wk 97 - One year older and hopefully a little wiser too....

sunset in Teresina

-me and the sunset
my friend arthur from parnaiba leaving on the mission

me and elder de los santos at the wedding

my new car... kinda

Area: Buenos Aires 
Companion: Elder De Los Santos

Hey again... well thanks for the birthday wishes... i guess im gettin
kinda old huh? wierd. well yeah i am not sure i have any special plans
for the b day... i think im just gonna do what i always do haha. I
will buy myself ice cream today or something.... sounds good. But it
was good to hear about the week and everything. summer days are always
good ones. i really want to do some yard work im telling you i really
hope that doesnt change when i get home. It is always good to hear
from the family and all especially being so far away. I think i really
realized the value now of everything that i had at home, and
especially after a temple dedication and having the reminder that we
have an eternal family.

It was a long week until the weekend... which was pretty funny because
its usually a slow weekend. Tuesday we had a lunch after district
meeting super far away and it took forever to get back, but it was
suuupperr good cause we ate some good pizza. We did have one cool
experience though is because we were at a members house a little later
and her nephew is 12 and said he wanted to be taught. so we had a cool
conversation with him... just one thing is that he lives in the area
of elder lima and donizeti because he didnt live with his aunt.... so
bummer, but it was still cool.

Wednesday we had another great lunch at francisco andrade´s house and
he makes a lot of food... but let me explain to you my diet. EAT AS
MUCH AS POSSIBLE EVERY DAY. the members love it when you eat a lot of
their food so it is a battle every day to eat a lot.... but just so
you know i eat more than my comp so i think im gettin quite a bit of
food in me. But as well dont worry, we do exercises in the morning so
its all been good. We had a different experience that afternoon. we
got invited to go to a language school to talk to some people in
english and spanish. the english class was very new so they didnt
understand much, but the spanish class was really cool because they
understand a lot more and asked lots of questions about the church..
hopefully something good will come from it. We visited a couple of
people and talked to an old man in the road that didnt go anywhere but
we are trying to find some success in this area.

Thursday we had some extra people at our house and some that got there
at 3 am and came into my room... man its been tough to sleep lately
and ive been exhausted because of it.... But we had a good day still.
we had lunch at sister sonia´s which is a good lady from the ward and
lives with a large family and 4 sons and has a son on the mission that
gets home a week before me.. so its fun to talk with that family. We
had a tough day, but later found a less-active family that has some
friends that arent members so we taught them a little then went to the
church for a members wedding. they asked us to come becuase there were
many non-members there, but the wedding went to late so we were just
there at the start and didnt get to watch, but they gave us some food
on teh way out :).

Friday we still had some extra people in the house which was elder
deaver (the humble giant... great guy) elder byington (he´s been sick
and needs to do some exams... great guy as well though and is elder
deavers comp) and elder taylor and elder pereira... so its been pretty
packed at home. We had a great lunch at domingos and after he did
splits with us.. i went with domingos and my comp went with another
member. We visited his friend alcione. We had a good lesson and
watched the restoration short movie... it was good and i think she has
a lot of potencial to progress because of her friends from the church.
We visited a young man that i contacted a few weeks ago, but this time
we talked to his 3 brothers and mom.. it was a good talk and we´ll
have to go back there to see how things are going. We talked to a
couple more people about prayer and it was an overall good day. we met
back up with my comp and got some food then went home.

Saturday we had a good lunch at the furtados house.. the mom is
sisters with sonia and she as well has a son on the mission.. so it
was good. We then went straight to miltons to see how he was doin..
his wife had her baby so he was dead tired but we talked quickly about
prophets and left a liahona magazine for him to read about the modern
day prophet thomas s monson. We visited ana virginia and she was doing
better and we tried to visit a couple others but it didnt work out. we
saw the game ending of brasil and argentina which was funny because
everyone was saying to my comp that argentina would loose... but
brasil lost and everyone was a little upset with my comp after that.
We visited carol and mateus´s family to end the night. we got home
tired and my comp got beat on by the brasilians haha guess soccer is
pretty important here.

Sunday we had an awesome day.. it went way better than i thought. We
had a member buy pizza´s that we cooked and then took off to the
dedication at 1. It was a cool dedication with pres. uchtdorf and
quentin l. cook. There was a lot of good talks and it reminded me a
lot of the peace and happiness that we feel in the temples. it was a
good reminder and something that i have missed a lot here on the
mission. i hope it works out dad for us to go to all the temples in
utah. After the dedication we went to domingos´s house to teach
alcione. She is pretty quiet but we had a great lesson about the book
of mormon. She understood well and when you see that they understand,
it makes you really happy. That was a great lesson and after that we
taught arlete.. .we have been trying to find her at home the whole
week and she was never there so i was getting a little worried that
she was hiding from us, but we talked to her sunday and it was
awesome. we also talked about the book of mormon and the spirit was
there and it was just awesome. She said that she knows the book of
mormon is true and we explained it a little more and you could see the
lightbulb just click in her head. she kept saying that if the bible is
true, so is the book of mormon...and i firmly believe in that as well.
We had a last visit (and domingos was still with us throughout the
afternoon) at raquel. She was doing ok but crying a little about the
plan of salvation. I felt really good about that lesson as well and
hope that she understood well that day. we talked for quite a bit and
i dont know.. i felt good about it.

Well it was a decent week... i still havent heard anything about
transfers, but i will hear a little later to day whats goin on. Thanks
for the pics, the videos and the birthday wishes. Have a good one!
love you.

Elder Smoot

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