Monday, May 21, 2012

Wk 94 - once again...

on last p day we went to that church where i
went about a year ago in the bell tower... noone knows about it except
those who have gone! haha I took my comp and then two other elders
that live in our apartment (elder santos and elder tenório).

a pic of the new motorcycles we bought ;)

-the group that did the division on tuesday with us

Area: Buenos Aires 
Companion: Elder De Los Santos

ok i think i can count on my fingers how many times i have left to
write you now!!! thank goodness. This is probably the toughest part of
p day haha. anyway, i loved hearin what is happening at home... i cant
believe jenna graduates next week.... pretty cool! summer vacation is
close and school is ending... thats always a good time. Well, i guess
i can just rub it in your face that i am already in the summer
weather..... and that was about 2 years ago hahaha you may be jealous
of the heat, but when you dont have air conditioning and a car to get
around and you cant go swimming to cool off... its not as fun as you
think. but im used to it by now i think and its goin good.

This week was pretty normal though... nothing TOO exciting ya know? So
as you can guess by now.... tuesday we had district meeting, then we
ate lunch with elder lima and donizeti then we all went to my area
with a couple of members and split up in my area to try and get
something started there, because ive kinda been in a whole lately.
President has been pounding everyone about baptizing every week here
that im starting to get a little dissappointed cause im not doing it!
its been a while since ive baptized someone. So, because elder lima
and donizeti are good guys and wanted to help, we all teamed up to go
into my area. I stayed with a member named francilio. He is a funny
guy and we had a good time... we mostly just made contacts the whole
day and i made a contact that was really cool. We decided that there
is no way that one of us doing contacts all day wouldnt be able to
find someone interested...  We ran into a man named cleiton. He is 25
and goes to the catholic church but is super open to other churches...
i did something that i usally dont like to do on the first visit which
is mark a baptismal date. but i just felt like he was ready and
prepared, so i marked his baptism for the 2nd of june.. hopefully it
works out. he did go to church on sunday which was a good sign, so
hopefully he will keep progressing.

Wednesday we didnt have lunch so my comp made some food after we went
to the supermarket. Its always some pasta with meat that he likes to
eat. we had a bunch of visits during the day, one of them being to
cleiton and it went well,but nothing out of the ordinary

Thursday we had lunch at domingos´s house... i really respect domingos
and get along with him very well... i gotta say that domingos´s is the
best friend that ive met from brasil, he´s been a true friend to me.
anyway we went to visit milton who is doing ok.... he isnt progressing
as much as before, mostly because of the marriage issue i think. but

Friday in the morning we were reading some stuff and what not for
studies and we got up and walked around a little to stretch out the
legs when all of a sudden the other elders started picking on my
´little´ comp and it started a huge water fight haha.... dont ask me
how it started but i just stayed in my room and when i left our
apartement was like a swimming pool. but it was all good cause the
guys were good sports and cleaned it all up and it actually made it a
lot cleaner in the house. We had lunch at frances and nevias house
again then went to do a division with domingos and another member. i
went with domingos and we had a good day. Like i said, he is a good
guy and we get along well so the day went by fast. we visited a lady
named lene who is a new investigator now. she is a hair dresser lady
that has a kind of different religion. I just like to see when you
explain about the church and the person understands.. you see a
lightbulb just click inside their head and it just says ´hey this
makes sense´.... but even though it all makes sense, lots of people
dont want to follow. We talked to marcos who said he was going to go
back to his church (the assembly of god) even though when he went last
week noone talks to him because he is a ´sinner´. Man i really dont
understand these people sometimes. Then we had a really cool testimony
meeting with Fátima (kelly and ana karine´s mom) and it was good...

Saturday was kind of a long day, but not too bad. Saturday is the day
for everyone to eat, sleep, drink, and be merry... Its usually a hard
day to do missionary work, but we did talk to ana virginia and arlete.
Arlete is also a semi-new investigator that went to church last week
and went again this week, and this time with her granddaughter! I feel
like she is progressing, but it will be difficult for her because of
lots of other influences in her house and 1 or 2 kids that are hooked
on drugs... we will do our best to help her. And at night we passed by
the stake center for about 15 min because there was a stake talent
show going on... and it was very well done. But that was the end of
the day.

sunday we had a good turn out to church. We took cleiton to church who
now told us that his name is chavier... im still not sure what his
name really is, but he came to church with us... Later arlete showed
up with her granddaughter barbara. Another member brought some friends
with her that liked the church... and lastly we had Felizbella come to
church!!! If you remember about a month ago or even more we visited
her a lot and she never came! well, this was the first time ive seen
her there since ive been here... and she was baptized a couple months
before i got here. We had lunch at josé and fatimas house and we
stayed there for a while. They had a friend show up that i was
teaching with elder lima and it was good to talk and see him again..
hopefully we will have even more people progressing and going to
church next week...

That was pretty much the week... sorry i know there was nothing too
interesting to hear about, but it was a decent week.

have a good one as school is finishing up and all... see ya later

elder smoot

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