Monday, May 14, 2012

Wk 93 - hey again. Mothers day weekend... Love ya mom!

-my new shades and a little reminder of how catholic brasil is 

me, elder de los santos, josé and fatima, kelly and ana karine, and
the little girl is domingos´s neice named aniele.

a jersey from the district in parnaiba. Elder stewart got me it cuz
they did a group order

the jersey. It is the churches jersey in parnaiba 

at the leadership meeting

elder iverson

elder stewart

elder deaver (pretty short huh??i call him the humble giant... great
guy from cali)

me and irapoã

-me, irapoã, and elder lima.. baptism

comps eye

-passin through a graveyard.

at domingos´s house.. i got another pair of pants and a
hat...domingos is awesome

-the iguana i wanted to catch on our way to church

-me, elder de los santos, josé and fatima, kelly and ana karine, and
the little girl is domingos´s neice named aniele.

Area: Buenos Aires 
Companion: Elder De Los Santos

It was great to talk to ya guys! i loved to see the baby and all...
even though it was really choppy and the last 15 min it didnt even
work, and it was a 30 second delay,  it was still great. I have really
learned to appreciatte my family and all of my good friends on my
mission. That is one thing that i will strive to do better with when i
get home... really learn to value what i have. And like president
uchtdorf said... Love is really spelled T I M E. Cant wait to spend
some time with you guys.

Well since i still didnt tell you about the week, ill give you the low
down... this week was a pretty tough week as far as work goes... i
hadnt told you i think, but my comp has had a problem with his eye the
last couple of weeks, so we went to the doctor the past week and got
some cream... the cream stuff didnt fix the problem so on tuesday was
his appointment to see what they were going to do... I actually had to
go to the leadership meeting so i went with elder donizeti and elder
lima went with my comp to the doctor. The leadership conference was
alright, againg its a little annoying because most everyone stays in
our house so there was about 20 of us in our apartement, and the whole
conference was about baptism. They just talked about how we need to
just talk about baptism to our investigators and our baptisms will
increase... our assistants are just like that... they just want to
look good and throw a bunch of people in the water. Dont get me wrong
like i know it is important to baptize, but im trying to help people,
but i havent baptized in like a month and im getting pretty
discouraged and that training pretty much said if you arent baptizing,
what are you doing here? So ya... it was some salt on the wound. But
its all good. I got home and figured out that my comp was going to
have to do a little surgery on his eye on friday so that was some
interesting news.

Wednesday again we had a leadership training, and this time we had
weekly planning... and ive already had the training when i had the
trainers meeting a couple months ago.. so it was easy. Again they
talked about guess what?? baptize, baptize and baptize.... we had
lunch then the last minutes with pres. dias and then we went back to
our areas. Me and elder de los santos went out and talked to some
people, one of them being milton and said he was going to go to church
on sunday, but didnt go.... I dont know what else to do.

thursday we got money for lunch, so we bought a quentinha... its just
a little tin foil tray thing with rice, beans, lettuce and your choice
of meat... its ok but not amazing. We went out in the street and just
every one of our appointments fell through... it was a long and hot
afternoon. We finally talked to a new investigator named arlete. She
was the one that came to church with us on sunday which was very cool.
We taught her the gospel of jesus christ about exercising our faith
and acting on what we learn and specifically about baptism.. it was
alright and she did go to church on sunday so it was very cool. We
talked to Levy again... he is still the same way. We tell him he needs
to go to church and he diverts the conversation to talk about hunting.
Guilbert wasnt home.... so we went to irapoã´s baptism which was
sweet. Irapoã was that cool man that i talked about last week.. he was
an elect that the Lord prepared for his gospel and president came and
baptized him and it was great. He was very happy and content with his
decision to enter in the church of Jesus Christ... even though he
wasnt from my area, nothing makes me happier than to see people like
him who truly seek the truth and when they find it, they leave
whatever behind to follow it... it was truly a miracle.

Friday we went to the hospital and had the surgery.. took about a half
hour and then we went home at about noon... my comp had a big thing on
his eye so i made some spaghetti for us for lunch with potatoes and
hot dogs... the doctor told us to stay home until we had to go back at
4 and then we left the hospital at about 6 and yeah... the day was
pretty much over and my comp couldnt leave because of the risk to get
another infection in his eye with the open wound... It was a long day
at home so i pretty much just slept through it.

Saturday we had lunch and again it was a hot afternoon. When you dont
find anyone to teach you just walk in the hot sun... and it is
depressing. But we did teach milton again... he is the same as well...
i dont know if im wrong to keep going back and all cause he is a good
friend with us and all, but i cant decide if he is going to progress
or not. We were on our way home at night after a long day and a
jehovas witness stopped us and started talking to us... It was really
interesting.. he started quoting a bunch of verses of why he thought
his church was true...i really need to study the bible a little more
when i get home but it was just a simple answer that we gave him... if
you want to know if this church is really what we say it is, you gotta
ask God. He knows all things, i dont. He can give you a straight
answer that you will believe, I cant. Its SO SIMPLE. Ask in faith, and
it shall be given you. I love it. Every religion that we see is just a
great idea of how you can follow the bible.... But how is that gonna
help you if we arent following God´s will? Have you asked God what he
wants you to do? People that want to follow the bible and dont join
the church dont understand the principles taught in the bible. A
prophet to lead and guide us is essencial and i am so grateful to have
that knowledge. I know that moroni´s promise is true because i have
seen people change their lives because of it...a simple prayer with a
little bit of faith. all it takes is a little faith and humility.
Simple... thats how God does it. Gotta love it.

Well sunday we showed up early to take arlete to church and we got
there at 8 30... and she was all ready to go! pretty sweet. We went to
church and she enjoyed it and all... that was our only investigator in
church today, but i really think she felt good there. We had lunch at
josé and fatimas which was cool. They are a good family but still
havent committed to go to church.. fatima is really stuck on her
catholic traditions. We went to go visit some people in the afternoon
and one of them were some members and they were talking to guess who?
elder crittenden on skype haha that was pretty funny. i talked to him
for a little bit. Later we went up to jean´s house and my comp started
talking to his family then i called you guys... then it was already
time to go home..

Today we dont have much planned.. just cleaning the house in the
morning then we came here to the lan house to use the internet...

Thats my week... do really like to hear about this?? haha im sure its
getting old by now. anyway, have a great week! again i loved the phone
call! next time i call i will be on my way home...TCHAUZINHO

Elder Smoot

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