Monday, March 26, 2012

Wk 86 - Weekly letter

Area: Buenos Aires
Companion: Elder Lima

Hey again... man this week was kinda fast... it feels like yesterday i
was writing email to you... man this whole email thing is so boring!
but ill still do it so dont worry. Sounded like another full week for
you guys and sounded like a fun trip. I gotta say though that so me
vacation would be going to the cold... i havent seen anything below 75
for over a year and 6 months... its starting to drive me crazy! the
coldest i get is in the shower. Anyway, as always i love to hear about
the baseball and what not. keep up the good work bros.

This week was as any other week on the mission. The district meeting
on tuesday and all... i did do a division with elder martinez though
which was cool. He is a good guy. We did have to take two busses
though cuz my lunch was way out in buenos aires again. So we had a
good chocolate cake at lunch with strawberrys... it has been so long
since i have had strawberries. My taste buds have completely changed
on the mission. My subway sandwich isnt just meat, cheese and mayonese
anymore if you know what im sayin. It was a good day tho with elder
martinez... he is a good guy. mexican heritage but he´s from mesa
arizona. We had a good day teachin the people and all but i wasnt
feelin to good. I had to put on some vicks vapor rub and take some
pepto bismol to sleep good that night.

Wednesday elder lima came back to the house and during the day we made
some new contacts with people that were cool. We met someone named
tamara haha go figure. But she was from a different city called oeiras
so it wont work out to teach her too much. It was elder pires´s
birthday so a member made pizza for us that night and we ate it with
him.. it started to rain to so they gave us a ride home... what a good

On thursday is weekly planning, but its hard to do this stuff cuz we
have elder almeida and elder santana in our house. elder almeida´s
comp has a hurt foot, so they cant go work for a while... it is
possible that his comp will get sent home to do some physical therapy
and stuff. We did meet with ana virginia and teach her about temples
which was cool. Thats definitely something that i plan on taking
advantage of when we get back.... the temples are awesome. We talked
to fabrício and mateus about baptism some more... but their grandma
thinks they are too young to make a decision for themselves... so it
will be difficult. We conversed with Guilbert and he is still
struggling with smoking and drinking a little... I really want to help
him, but i dont know what to do. it will require a lot of desire on
his part. Our last visit was with josé and fatima where we watched the
joseph smith movie. It is always a testimony strengthener of why we
are here and the sacrifices that the early saints went through so that
we can have the church on the earth today.

Friday i bought a new journal thing.. its kind of a calendar thing,
but im running out of paper in my journal... do you believe it? i have
written every day till now. WE had a good lunch of rice, beans, some
pasta casserole thing, fruit salad, and a mix of alfredo with meat..
it was good. Friday was the day as well that i went and saw jean. He
really liked you guys so thanks for helpin him out. haha he like the
xbox kinect so much that he bought one for himself he told me. Thanks
for the package! i´ve been eating a lot of candy lately but dont worry
about if i do or dont have candy on easter... doesnt make a big
difference for me if its now or later! Thanks for the treats and the
memory cards and shoe insoles!

Saturday lunch was really far away, so we stayed home and bought some
stuff close by then we went to mateus and talked about my favorite
question.... WHY? Why we should go to church, why should we follow the
prophet, why we should keep the commandments..etc. The why for me is
really easy to answer now. Its because God exists and he knows what
will bless and protect our lives. Its god´s map on showing us how to
be happy. Man the mission really cleared a lot of things up for me. We
took ana virginia to institute which is on the other side of the river
so we had to cross the bridge.... institute was pretty far but it
worked out for us to have her get a ride home from a member... we went
back to our area, but it was tough.. Carol wasnt home and neither was
amparo or rayca... so we pretty much walked the rest of the night.. We
got home a little early for us to cut hair.

Sunday we had church, then lunch which was super hot. I dont know why,
but the house we were in didnt have windows.... and the sun was
especially hot this day, so it was basically an oven or sitting in a
sauna in church clothes. it was quite the experience. We ended up
having a pretty long day again... just visited Mychely and talked
about enduring to the end and how prayer and scripture study and
reading the scriptures is important and we visited domingos who is a
stud and he walked in the street with us trying to make some
contacts... but we only got a couple of addresses and not too much

But it was a good week and like i said, it passed pretty quick. Every
week is going by and today there are about 8 missionaries leaving
including elder Gessel, elder olsen, Elder Wells, and some others.
There will be a change but i dont know anything about transfers still.

Love you. have a good week and remember to live life to the fullest
cuz its passin by so fast.

Elder Smoot

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