Monday, March 5, 2012

Wk 83 - Mais uma vez...


American Football!

Ana Virginia's baptism

Area: Teresina Horto 2
Companion: Elder Lima

Hey. Well first off i just gotta say... my comp bought the monster...

i dont think i´ve ever drinken an entire monster or energy drink in my
life... and thats the only time that i had a little in my entire
mission. I just think the mark is cool. you gotta admit, its a pretty
cool symbol isnt it?

Second, mom dont worry about me being ´trunky´ (by the way, where did
you learn that word) its not like homesickness, its just funny and a
word that missionaries use when we hear about home or somethin... so i
wasnt trunky, but i thought it was pretty cool. If anything im getting
more and more into the mission as time goes. its gonna be hard to

Thanks for the updates and stuff, it was good to hear about the
week... Sounds like everyone is doing the same old stuff... jenna
singin and dancin, jade and tayton playin ball... its good stuff. Keep
up the good work.

This week was pretty good. Last monday for p day after i talked to you
on the internet, we went to a members house to do a service project,
then we went and played american football cause it started to rain and
it wasnt gonna work out to play soccer. So we played american football
with my comps football and it was really fun. we taught everyone how
to play and it was me, my comp, elder almeida, elder santana (new
elder), elder martinez, and elder Jimenez. Hey ask austin if he served
in an area called Ituzaingo 4 in the buenos aires west mission...
(that was his mission right?) Elder Jimenez is from there and his
family always lived there but he had been living in another city when
austin was on the mish. Anyway it is in that Ituzaingo ward or
something and the Jimenez family.

Tuesday we had district meeting. We are with everyone that played
football on monday. Elder martinez from arizona (i lived with him in
parnaiba) is the district leader. We then walked back to our area. We
talked to ana virginia who got baptized on sunday, and george (a
recent convert that was baptized 6 or so months ago) and we walked a
ton. We had a meeting at night with the ward mission leader.... We got
home just dead tired. we walked a lot!

Wednesday... happy leap day. WE got pretty lucky right? got an extra
day on the mission. We had lunch pretty early because the member
called and forgot about our lunch and so they gave us money to eat. My
comp made some rice, beans, and macaroni... it was pretty good. It was
a slow slow day... its tough but the week was really long and slow as
far as appointments and stuff goes. But we did have a nice
conversation with Fátima, mom of ana karine and kelly, who really
opened up to us. I guess that she had talked to ana karine one night
about her troubles and ana karine explained the plan of salvation to
her... ana karine told us after that she knows the church is true, but
has fear to get baptized... so that was really really cool to hear.
But this night she told us about her life, she had a son that died and
lots of other things that happened in her life... we are going to work
hard with this family this week.

Thursday.. happy march.... MARCH MADNESS right? haha cool. Well we had
weekly planning, lunch, we were walkin in the street looking for
something to do and we had a lady stop us to come talk to her son. he
was having withdrawls from drugs and was just out of it... we didnt
really do anything, cause he was sleeping, but we marked their address
and sent it to the other elders. We had a cool visit with Carol, ana
karine´s friend, later and talked about our purpose in life... i found
some cool verses in alma 40:12 i think is where it is. it has a lot of
cool stuff about our life after death and it is alma talking to his
son coriantum who wasnt the straightest of his sons. That was about
the highlight of the day.

Friday we had lunch at Jeans house... He is a cool guy and he had that
thing to call you... but i didnt believe what it did. So he asked me
your number mom and called you haha that was funny. its a little USB
port that hooks up a telefone and he can call anyone in the states for
free.. using the internet. We talked to ana virginia later that day,
another man named francisco that we found the other day in the street
walking his kid home from school, and when it was getting dark, we
went to domingos´s house to watch the joseph smith movie with his
family. it was a good spirit there cause that film is powerful.

Saturday we had elder martinez come do the interview of ana virginia..
she decided to get baptized on sunday. He stayed and ate lunch with us
that day then headed to elder almeida´s area to do more interviews. We
were then walking in the street when a car stopped us and i saw that
it was antonio and his daughter mariana (where we skyped for
christmas). they were in teresina for the week and it was cool to talk
to them again. We taught Leonardo and Larisse after a few weeks of not
visiting them... they feel good when they go to church and stuff, but
they are so fixed on family tradition that they dont want to get
baptized... thats why we havent been visiting them. but this time we
were a little more blunt and told them the results after this life if
they follow the gospel of jesus christ... anyway, it was a good
lesson. That night we went to visit José, the dad of ana karine and
kelly. Everyone else was gone because of a church activity and the mom
was working, so we watched the joseph smith movie with him. He pretty
much said that he knows the church is true, and as soon as his wife
fátima gets baptized, he will as well... i have a lot of hope for this

sunday i completed 1 year and 7 months on the mission... im starting
to get old out here.. .here in a few weeks elder gessel, elder wells,
elder olsen... they are all headin out! and taylor is only falting 5
weeks thats insane! But the mission is good times so im going to enjoy
the time i have left. We had a meeting at 7 30 am... but it was a long
ways away so we were a little late.. but nothing like wakin up early
to do a 45 min walk in church clothes... We had church and ana
virginia was there and the meeting was very full. We had lunch, a kind
of tough day to teach so we spent a lot of time just inviting members
to the baptism, and at night, we had ana virginia´s baptism. i
baptized her, and almost drowned her cuz i put her under the water 3
times... haha never again i will let my comp be a witness. Just
kiddin. She didnt want to go under, so i put my feet on hers and
forced the 3rd time haha but it went very well, had a cool musical
number and she was very happy.

Man it was a tough and long week but we made it. im gonna buy some
stuff today to send home... probably a hammock, a cool cowboy hat
thing, some other stuff and we´ll see what else.

Love ya, have a good week.

elder smot

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