Monday, April 2, 2012

Wk 87 - Conference weekend

Area: Buenos Aires
Companion: Elder De Los Santos

Well it was good to hear from you guys as always. I am glad helton

made it to our house! Haha he´s a good guy. Jade is so stinkin tall!!!
Gosh dang… I don’t know how im gonna like that when I get back. How
did he do that? Im gonna start sleepin with my feet attached to the
ceiling. Anyway there´s some pics for yall. Got some of us playin
basketball…. Me and elder smith with elder azevedo in the background,
me and elder lambert, me and my new comp elder de los santos and what

This week was super different. Monday we played basketball then got
calls that there was a transfer. Elder Lima went way to Buenos aires
1… or the closest area to ours possible. I will see him every week in
district meeting and every Sunday at church haha. I am gonna miss bein
his comp tho cuz he´s a funny kid.

Tuesday Elder lima went to his area (jean picked him up) so I stayed
with elder almeida. We went to his area to pack his bags and to eat
lunch at the stake patriarchs house. We then went to say bye to a
recent convert he baptized and they gave us a ride back to the center,
close to the staff where I live. I helped him to the bus station with
his bags at about 5 pm and that was where I stayed waiting with elder
pearson till about 8pm where his comp showed up. I got a ride back
with them in elder pearson´s investigator´s car and I was dropped off
at the staff… on the way there he had a little box of sound that he
used to listen to music. I put in my church music USB and it was cool
cuz we heard some sweet church music and he asked for it and he´s not
even baptized… pretty cool investigator if you ask me. I got home and
got kicked out of my house because all of the newbies were there and
it was going to be a pain to have 20 people using the same bathroom
and trying to pass their shirts in the morning… so I went to the
uruguai area with elder Santana and elder sessions who have a little
more time on the mission… good guys.. so that’s where I stayed for the
night. In a completely different house!

Wednesday was a training in the morning so we came back early to get
there and we had that till noon… just learning about a new 12 week
program they have for new missionaries. We ate lunch then I was on
division with the secretaries all day because my comp was having some
issues being in brasil because he´s from argentina so he stayed in sao
Paulo for a couple of days. So I stayed with the secretaries and we
did mail runs, then I organized materials, sorted letters, then we had
to pick up a young man from the bus station to go on his mission and
take him to presidents house to be ordained (this because districts in
the mission boundaries use the mission pres. As stake president when
leaving on missions or going to the temple.) We then went to one of
their investigators house to teach them (well me and elder eberhardt)
and it was a crazy long day.. good stuff though.

Thrusday we had another 5 hours of training about weekly planning. We
got done at about 1 30 and again I went with the secretaries to do
mail runs, then organize more materials. My comp is Elder De Los
Santos and he got there at about 4 pm. He had his interviews with
president then we had a little training together… I took him back to
the house to drop off his stuff just in time to grab a taxi to go to
presidents house… Because his group of missionaries already passed in
presidents house, I got to go with him to eat dinner with the
president… we had a little devotional with him then we went home to
hit the hay.

Friday was our first official day together. We have to study for 4
hours a day. 1 hour of personal study, 2 hours of companionship study,
and 1 hour of language study. We had lunch far away so we grabbed a
bus… and we had a long walk back. We had a great day though. We made
some new contacts and met a man and, funny story, I tried to give him
a copy of those book of mormons that sister lois sent me… and he
wouldn’t accept it because it had a picture! I explained what it was
but he said it was a personal thing and couldn’t accept it because I
received it from someone else… Ugh. But im giving them away. We then
met a MARRIED family that was awesome. They have a 14 and 16 year old
kids. WE had a great lesson about the restauration then at the end we
even had a kneeling prayer and they agreed to everything… so now we
need to go back and see how they are doing. We also talked to carol
and invited her to be baptized and she accepted… sure it will be
difficult but I think we will be able to do it. My comp is a pretty
good guy and speaks portnish. Its half Portuguese half Spanish haha so
its kinda weird to understand. Argentina has a weird accent.

Saturday we had our studies, then lunch. Just that we got to lunch
late so we ended up watching the first session on the members computer
in a small room haha but we made it back in time to watch the Saturday
afternoon session at the stake center. We dropped of some pamphlets at
the one families house that we met yesterday and I dropped off a book
of mormon to the man that wouldn’t accept the one with pictures haha.
WE also met up with fabricio to see how he was doin… he is doin good
but it is hard to baptize them because they have known the church
forever and the grandma is cool but keeps saying that her heart
doesn’t want it yet, but sometime in the future she intends to get
baptized in the church…. I don’t know what to do!

Sunday we watched the priesthood session from 10-12, ate lunch at the
church, then had conference from 1-3 and 5-7. The last session of
conference José and Fátima came!!! They really enjoyed it, but had to
leave early because they had a phone call saying that their neighbor
just died or something… Im really happy we had the comfort of the
talks this weekend that can help anyone facing these difficult
challenges. There were truly some powerful talks that bring lots of
comfort to our lives. After conference we taught a new contact we made
that was pretty cool. He really didn’t want to let us in, but after
some talking he let us in and we even taught his daughter and it was
really cool… I realized with a newer comp than me that I have learned
and grown a lot out here… It is amazing.

It was a hectic, but very pleasant week with conference weekend. Like
you mom I didn’t sleep at all! I really learned to enjoy conference
now and just get a lot more out of it than I did before.

Love you guys, have a great week

Elder Smoot

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