Monday, March 12, 2012

Wk 84 - just another day in paradise

Mychely's Baptism

Area: Teresina Horto 2
Companion: Elder Lima

you know, i was talking to a returned missionary in our ward that came
back a little over a week ago from são paulo... I realized that home
is cool and sure there is a ton of stuff that i miss.... but it really
is awesome on the mission. We are all happy when we are workin and we
have one objective which makes life very easy. So for me, i´d just
like to stay here! haha every week it seems like you have a ton to do,
a lot done, and it never stops. I dont like to think about school and
stuff at home. It really is a nice life out here. But i loved to hear
about the hectic life that you have. There are so many things in this
life that are frustrating and not fair, so we just gotta keep are
heads up and do our best to enjoy life. I loved the vid of ruger ha
he´s growin up quick. cant wait to see him.

I know my life is boring, but ill tell you about a little about the
week.... on tuesday we went and painted a house. It was actually the
members house that made lunch for us, so we painted forever then ate
lunch after.. we pretty much ran home after cuz the house was like
over 3 miles away from our house and its so boring to walk! Dont worry
mom i am pretty sure ill work hard to buy another car... walking is so
not worth it. We taught mychely who got baptized on saturday... we
just visited her randomly throughout the week to make sure she felt
good and ready for the baptism. We then were walkin in the street with
nothing to do when a member called us in the street... it was a member
from another ward that was visiting their cousins. her nephew had been
in a motorcycle accident and was pretty beat up and asked us to give
him a blessing. He said after the blessing that as soon as he gets
better that he is gonna get baptized in the church... we went back a
couple days later and he was doing a lot better and we taught him and
his mom about the plan of salvation.. it was funny cuz she asked us to
put more oil on his head cuz the last time we did he got a lot
better!... pretty funny i thought. We taught a man named Guilbert as
well. He was a contact in the street and i havent seen too much
progress so far, but he has showed a sincere interest so we just need
to get him to church. We got home on tuesday and we had some elders
there for the monthly leadership training.. i saw elder iverson and it
was funny because exactly one year ago on this day was the night that
my comp went to carnaval.... crzy how time flies.

Wednesday was the day that i dropped of my stuff to Jean. He will
bring another... hammock (yeah sorry i dont know what else to buy!)
And a cool cowboy hat.... and a letter that has my last SD card in it!
I am out of SD cards now so if you want to send one with him? or is
there one comin in the package? I dont know, so you decide. He showed
me what a digital picture frame is... they are pretty sweet! Anyway,
It was a long day.. actually it was a long week. we went to teach
people and it didnt work. my comp ended up burning this lady cause she
was saying a lot of contradiction against her own religion... man its
just tough sometimes. i got home and saw elder stewart for a bit. he
was headin out to go to the bus station and i also met an elder plewe
from salt lake haha he´s been in maranhão his whole mish and has a
year and almost 3 or 4 months just in são luis... So thats why i
hardly ever see him.

Thursday was normal. it was the day we visited josé eduardo (20 year
old... the kid that got in the motorcycle accident) and his mom. I
really learned a lot about the atonement and how it takes away
spiritual and physical death. We will all recieve an imortal body and
if we accept Christ in our life throught the first ordinances of his
gospel, we can return to God´s presence... its so simple! We talked to
ana virginia to make sure that she was doing good after her baptism
and i gave her a little picture of the prophet. We taught Fátima at
night (the mom of ana karine and kelly) and we had a good lesson about
the plan of salvation... It really makes sense and the mission has
helped me connect all the dots in my head that the church is true and
then some.. it all makes sense now.

Friday we had elder martinez do mychely´s interview, i recieved a
package as well from the spinder family and from the primary. That was
really nice. Tell them thanks! the treats are super good and the mac &
cheese i ate today and it was super good as well... its so different
than what they have here. This was really the longest day of the week.
we spent the day walking and walking and occasionally sitting down on
the curb just not knowing what to do. we said a prayer and just
started making contacts... i gotta say that it is tought, but i also
realized that no matter how long the day seems to last, it always

Saturday we did a lot of walking, but we spent the time inviting
people to mychely´s baptism. We walked ana virginia to the church and
had a good baptismal meeting. All went well....... except that we dont
have keys to the font! The ward mission leader said he filled it up
full... but when we saw it, it was too late. It was at about knee
highth... my comp baptized her, but she had to sit down and lay all
the way down to get under the water. pretty embarassing, but funny
story to tell tho. It all went well and her aunt made cake so we got
some after the baptism.

Sunday we had church and Mychely and ana virginia were confirmed
during sacrament meeting. We went to visit the people after lunch and
some members were going in a car to visit our investigators with a
weekly report that we gave them.. So they invited us to go with them.
we got to ride in the car almost the whole day! it was a miracle. my
comps knees are hurtin and so it was a good help. We even visited
fatima and jose and it was an awesome visit. the person driving the
car was a returned missionary that served in japan so he knew english
and japonese after the mission so it was cool to talk to him. Anyway
that was about our week.

Today we played some basketball in the morning, thats why im a little
later... but it was fun. we played with elder martinez and his comp
and elder pires and donizete. It was fun, but its wierd to play with
brasilians, there are very few that play good ball.. most just know
how to play soccer.

Well love ya guys, thanks for the support, as always.

Elder smoot

I am almost 100 percent sure now that im going home on the 24th of
july... ill arrive on the 25th. OKAY? the group before me is going
home on the 12th of June... so there ya go.

ALSO MY COMP would like to buy one of those thin towels that we got at
Missionary mall... if you could stop by there with Jean while you are
there close by... my comp would like to buy one.


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