Monday, February 27, 2012

Wk 82 - ´Hey, is this water yours?´

-some cool bikes at our apartment

some lightning

Area: Teresina Horto 2
Companion: Elder Lima

Well hey.... one more week passed by and my last carnaval is over.

there wasnt too much to see here... just a deserted city and a few
exclusive parties... but we had a good time in our house studying and
what not. i loved to hear about your week as always... i dont even
remember what its like to have cars, ball games, school... man the
mission is so much easier. You have one objective and you just do your
part until someone tells you to go to a training or tells you that you
are being transfered... what a good life. and on top of that, you
always have someone with you to remind you of stuff and to help if
help is needed. pretty simple right?

this week was pretty normal... we did have district meeting even with
carnaval going... carnaval is pretty much just at night. everyone
sleeps all day to party all night. so we had a district meeting, but
this time with elder pires and his comp elder donizete.... we were
there with the secretaries and elder logan and elder pearson who are
the zone leaders... im still not sure if im part of their district....
but we had a good meeting. We had lunch at a members house, taught
some recent converts, then went to michelly´s house (well her aunts
house). We had a good lesson about the plan of salvation and marked
her baptism for this saturday (march 3rd). We then visited Ana
virginia (the adams family lady) and we had a good lesson and marked
the 3rd of march for her baptism as well. We talked with domingos and
his mom before we went home for carnaval at 6 pm. we got home, studied
a little and i made german pancakes and syrup.... turned out pretty

Wednesday i passed by the post office to ask about my package.... i
had the secretaries go there to see what was going on and it said that
my package dissappeared.... So that was all i had until friday. I did
go back on friday myself this time to see what was wrong... the man
told me that my package just simply disappeared and that you have to
file the claim because i have no proof that i am the one receiving the
package. he said that there is a possibility that it got lost on the
plane and will still come, but here in Brasil that is very unlikely.
So pretty much someone stole my package.... We had a decent day tho.
we taught José and Fátima who are the parents of ana karine and kelly
who are recent converts.. their parents are doing well.. but still
havent gone to church with us. We met a new guy named paulo
henrique... he seemed good the day we talked to him, but when we came
back, he was ´never there´... its kinda disappointing, but nothin i
can do about it. We went to another address that was passed to us, and
the address was wrong, but it was the house of a less active... pretty
cool. But they didnt go to church and now everytime we try to go there
they hide or leave. Then we ended the night at felizbela´s house...
she is not doin so good. she just talks about how she wants to die and
doesnt want her suffering any more.. .but at the same time says that
she knows that going to church will help her... but she doesnt go
still! ugh...i dont know what else to do.

Thursday morning i started studying about the atonement... the central
point of the plan of salvation. It said that anything injust in this
life can be corrected through the atonement... That all of our
feelings of hate, or guilt will be replaced with peace, comfort, and
joy if we trust in the atonement. That is the miracle of forgiveness.
I have learned a lot about that and how a lot of times things are out
of our control. we just need to pick ourselves back up, brush off the
dirt and keep on going, regardless if it was our fault or no. Pretty
cool. We again visited michelly and ana virginia to follow up and they
are both doing good. At night, we had an awesome family night at the
sepúlveda´s house with josé and fátima with ana karine and kelly. they
talked a lot and are opening up a lot more to the idea of joining the

Friday i did see that my package was lost.. i have a paper that they
printed, but its all in portuguese so it wont help you much, but its
in their system that the package was ´extraviado´. We did get to visit
michelly in the morning to finish the lesson on the ten commandments
and to talk about the law of chastity... haha i think its funny that
even though it is super wierd and what not to talk about this
commandment, but i am super blunt now and i dont have fear to talk
about it.. hopefully thats a good thing. we had lunch at the
sepúlveda´s and then we left with their son josias and the other
member domingos to do a division. i went with josias and we taught
some people and later we met back up to drink some coke then josias
had to go, so me, elder lima, and domingos finished off the night
teaching some of domingos´s neighbors. We taught one named soares. he
is the preacher of a different church that was created by the cousin
of joseph smith it looks like. he beleived in baptism for the dead and
some other stuff that is similar to the church, but their way of doing
it is different. Anyway, he really liked the message, but traveled
this weekend so he didnt go to church.

Saturday morning we were studying and the doorbell rang... my comp
went to the door and a man was there. he said ´hey! is this water
yours?´ My comp then looked in the hallway of the apartment building
and it was all flooded... we live on the 6th floor.... So my comp ran
back to the room and called me and the other elderes to come and
look.... haha elder sadler had put some clothes in the wash, but the
little hose that drains the water was out of the sink and on the
floor! all of the water that was in our washing machine was now all
over the apartement building. We live on the 6th floor, so all of the
floors below us were also getting wet.... man it was super funny. we
had to help clean it up, but it was quick and pretty funny. Anyway,
nothin too special happened during the day, but it was a decent day.

Sunday was an early day. we had to go early to get people to church...
we passed in a few houses, but only ana virginia went with us... whih
was great! later we were visiting some people and we visited
domingos.. i talked a little about the liahona (the ensign here) and
how it has the words of the prophet which are the words of christ. i
had found a cool verse in my studies in Alma 37:44-45 that explains
well the simbolism of the liahona.. i thought it was cool. We then
went to visit josé and fátima... and guess who was there? Sister
sepulveda doing her visiting teaching.. it was cool cuz she had the
whole family there talking to them about the importance of family and
the role of the mom. anyway it was cool to see that. We got a ride
home and my comp started feeling pretty sick.. i think the cake they
gave us had something that he was allergic to, so he had a swollen
throat throughout the night, but he´s better now.

today we are gonna go to elder almeida´s house and eat and then play
some soccer.. man i love sports.

Thanks again for the love and support. have a great week!

elder Smoot

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