Monday, November 28, 2011

Wk 69 - My Week

--olson was pretty tired at lunch.. poor guy

-eu, elder cunha and elder black

--happy thanksgiving

--Batismo Ione

--tchau amaral!
Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Cunha

Well sorry its gonna be quick... well i hope. I dont have a ton of
time. But.....

Tuesday my new comp got here... his name is elder Cunha. he is from
Florianopolis, Santa Catarina... He is a good guy. We got home and hit
the ground runnin after lunch. We visited Raimundo and João, we met
some members, and we went out to drink some Coke... pretty tiring
day... its always a little wierd at the start with a new comp, but you
get used to a new one pretty quick.

Wednesday we met João Paulo and Nayara in the morning.. We had lunch
at Luziano´s restaurant, and jonathas, 15 year old member that got
baptized like 6 months ago, left with us. We visited brendon, who is
progressing well. he has 14 years and his sister has 16. It was a good
visit about the day of the lord and why we go to church and how it
will help us. We met William´s mom, vera, and she was pretty cool..
very religous woman and loves our visits.... so that was cool. we met
Joelda and Elder Cunha got to know her a little and we talked about
having faith means that we act. We then met with Vitor and Ione, if
you remember from last year were trying to get married.... well they
were planning on Thursday to get married finally and ione get

Thursday... HAPPY THANKSGIVING. mom thanks for the package.. i did
make the rest of the pies there and i made the mashed potatoes and
stuffing... turned out really good! everyone enjoyed it. We had a good
lunch, we met up with nonato, with raimundo and joão again, then....
we had Ione´s baptism!! it was a memorable baptism... she was truly
someone that was so prepared and knew exactly what she was doing... it
was awesome. We met up with one more person named viviane and she said
she would go to church on sunday... and she did!

Friday the missionaries in Sobral came to parnaíba to have zone
conference with us. Me and elder cunha met up with elder black (from
centerville utah) and elder sessions (from boulder, CO). We drank some
coke with them and they went to the bus station and we went and
visited some people and ended at Teresa cristina at Mayza´s and
savio´s house... it was fun.

Saturday we bet with brendon one last time and he did end up going to
church on sunday, we made a cake for vitor and ione who was baptized
and we had english class on saturday... it was good. we drank some
more coke and made some pasta at home... good day... if you cant tell
my comp loves coca-cola!! haha

Sunday we had a great day at church. Ione got confirmed and i had a
nice suprise... i had to give a talk haha. It was funny. he mentioned
to me that he might call on me, but said it jokingly... then the hour
came and said, our first speaker will be elder smoot.... yeah luckily
i only had to fill in 5 minutes. I just talked about conversion to the
gospel of Jesus Christ... We had lunch, we visited william and his mom
and it was very good. We then went to chagas who invited two people to
church! it was awesome. we had a good 7 investigators at church and it
was a good meeting. We had some dude stop us in the road, some drunk
dude, it was funny. He told me that he had a pistol and everything and
asked if our church accepts assassins... haha i told him i had a
pistol and have shot one too... he stayed quiet then said.. ´are you a
bandit too?´ so everyone here that has a gun is either bandit or
police... so i had to be one or the other... but i just said i was
from out of the country and immediately he became my friend and we
talked about video games and stuff... he wont remember a thing but it
was funny.. we taught joelda again and it went well.... and at night
we went to go fill up a soccer ball at joão victor´s house and it had
a little hole... so the rubber insine stuck out then exploded! it was
so loud. Anyway that was a bang to our last night... and finally... p

WE cleaned this morning and then some! our house is very clean at the
moment. We ate lunch, then played some soccer... decent pday... but im
tired... as always.

Love yall

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