Monday, November 7, 2011

Wk 66 - Parnaíba....

me and the skull i found

me gabriel, and geovana at church

me and bob marley again!

me and elder arrant on top of a hotel.

halloween with joelda, josieda, and michelle

Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Arrant

well it was a good week here in parnaiba... my comp only has 2 weeks left now!

The start of this week, my comp and elder olson went to teresina, so i
was with elder amaral. On monday we were in my area and we had a
halloween family night. it ended up being pretty awesome! we had them
get some watermelons and we treated them as pumpkins and took
everything out and carved them... it worked out great! we had a lesson
about how the dead will rise again because of the ressurection... it
was fun.

Tuesday we went to elder amaral´s area (still in the same branch). we
visited some people... and at night we had a family night in which we
watched joseph smith, prophet of the restoration.. something like
that... it was really good.

Wednesday i was still with elder amaral, but this time we went to my
area. we actually ate lunch at home... and when you have it at home
you are kinda lazy... but we made rice beans(whats a meal without it!)
mashed potatoes, and eggs... pretty lame. But it was a rough day of
work too... it was a holiday so noone was home! we did talk to
Raimundo, an old less active that came back, and his brother in law
joão. we walked a lot and later talked to our friend prado.. he is
supposed to paint some t shirts for us... but still hasnt. hopefully
we´ll see them this week.

Thursday i was back with my comp... we had lunch at joão paulo´s
house.... we were passing the other day and his mom asked us to come
over for lunch.. so we did! she made us fish... here you just kind of
cook the whole fish, eat the skin, and try to avoid the bones... its
alright though. We visited João and raimundo again and after we talked
to Nonato who is lovin his life after baptism... he always just
answers the door with a big grin now.... it is awesome. we then met a
less active that stopped us in the road... his name is ribamar. and
there are about 4 brothers and sisters of his that are all less
active.. it was pretty cool to meet them... they still havent come
back though.... hopefully next sunday. The rest of the day was pretty
tough... so we stopped and taught this group of girls that always
stops us in the road... so i have to admit. there is something called
snakes here in brasil. they are girls that go after missionaries and
it is insane... like they are shameless and hiss at you and stuff...
every once in a while you can teach them, but most of the time you
just keep going.. cuz its not worth it. they love americans especially
blonde hair blue eyed... ask any missionary that has passed in brasil
about them.

Friday i officially had 1 year and 3 months... kinda crazy but kinda
not... ya know? sometimes it feels like it´ll never end... the next
you think its going way too fast. It was a very long and hard day...
we ended up walking a lot... then a handicap guy took us to his
house... i knew him from the first time i came here... he is about 45
yrs old. we had to agree or he can get really upset. We went and he
has this sweet old lady that takes care of him... and he cusses her
out quite a bit.. its sad. But she gave us food. it was very nice. We
finally got out and went and taught Joelda. We gave her a talk to read
called Ask in Faith by Elder Bednar... from a conference that already
happend... It is a very good talk.. so i hope she reads it. We then
visited Prado to see how he was doin... he has all sorts of medical
problems... so its tough sometimes.

Saturday we had a cool lunch and after the person showed us her
grandma´s workshop of where she makes Hammocks.. they are a lot of
work. very cool, but super expensive. We visited Nonato, and raimundo
again... (they live close to eachother) and then it was time for
english class. i taught the advanced class while my comp went out with
a member and worked. At night we went to mayzas house to eat pizza! it
was awesome.

Sunday was decent. At church o João Paulo and nonato got confirmed. We
had a good lunch then we visited João paulo and his sister was
there... Nayara came to church without us calling.. im hoping what her
brother is doing is influencing her too. We visited Brendon, another
cool investigator, and his sister beatriz. We had a good lesson about
how keeping the commandments will make us happy.. it was good. We then
went down to bernardo, a member, house and talked with another member
that was having some difficulties... anyway, it was a good end to the

I am doing good and just trying to survive out here haha its good
though. My comp only has 2 more weeks and this weekend we are going to
teresina to see elder Bednar! pretty cool huh?

Good luck to yall. love ya

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