Monday, December 5, 2011

Wk 70 - 1 year & 4 months later... im still here

-divisão with elder wells

-under the bridge- RCHP

--The new court at the church

-the christmas tree.. thanks mom

Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Cunha

What up? thanks for the letters.... man i miss being home for the
holidays, but ill be there next year. The pics are awesome and i love
it. Mom i wish i was home to help ya haha not much i can do right
now.. maybe next year ill be able to take down and put up the lights
and decorations.

Well this week was pretty normal i would say. Tuesday was district
meeting... the only thing that changed is that the zone leaders came
and did a division with me and my comp. I went with elder wells in my
area. We had a decent day. we actually took joao paulo to teach with
us... we ended up teaching his friend and her family then he went with
us to teach a few more new people we met in the road and also to visit
nonato and raimundo and joao... it was a good time with him.. he
really enjoyed it and said he cant wait till his 6 years pass so he
can go on a mission too. We then took him home and went with Bruno our
friend to teach a girl named viviane. It went suprisingly well.

Wednesday we traded comps again so i was back with elder cunha, which
made me happy. My comp is a really good guy and i prefer to just stay
with him in our area than do divisions. We taught chagas and his
little daughter who are both recent converts in the church.. we talked
about a story in the book of mormon. We taught Joelda again about a
chapter in the book of mormon and we are still trying to figure out
what she needs... she is a good investigator but she doesnt want to
leave her catholic religion (that she doesnt even follow) because she
has known that church her whole live... we ended up teaching viviane
again and emphasizing the importance of prayer.

Thursday we had lunch at luziano´s restaurant, then we had to walk all
the way back where we taught nayara and joao paulo.. we talked about
the importance of scripture study in order to endure to the end. Later
that night we went to mayza´s house, a member, to teach her friend
tereza cristina... because we cant teach at tereza´s house still.. but
it was cool. we watched The lamb of God movie and it was cool. It gave
a good eternal perspective on things and after the movie everyone just
bore their testimonies about the church and about christ. During this
month we like to teach more focusing on christ and trying to get the
christmas spirit with us... (its kinda hard without snow though haha)

Friday i ended up doing a division again... this time with elder
morris (a new elder from washington). he got here about a week ago and
it was fun. My comp had to go to elder yorgason´s area to help sort
out a problem with an investigator that wants to get baptized.. anyway
our day was good. Elder Morris is a happy kid and is pumped and fresh
to be out here and all so the day went by pretty quick. We had
jonathas come with us and we taught Brendon and Barbara his sister...
we talked about a scripture that we left with them.. but focused it on
baptism.. its funny though cause i almost have to teach the whole
lesson cause you know how it is when you start... the language is
tough. but it was a lot of fun. we then went to william´s and talked
with his mom vera. william had some good questions like why people
have to suffer here and why does God let it happen... we kind of
talked about the plan of salvation and then at the end irmã vera asked
us to sing a hymn for her haha it was funny cause she picked a hymn
that elder morris was singing on our way down there. we did pass by
joelda´s again and we talked about 2 nefi 31... good chapter. We
talked to viviane again and going home joao paulos mom made us food
for the 3rd time in the last week! Her name is jacyara and she is a
good friend now... so i hope we can get her to church and all here

Saturday we traded back comps, had lunch, had English class again.
This english class was pretty fun. we ended up teaching together, me
and elder olson, and we talked about christmas and taught them the
first noel hymn to sing... it was a good class. That night there was a
big activity that they called Young Womens Excellence or something..
but it was like Prom. the girls came in big ole dresses and the guys
were all dressed up and stuff... very interesting. i saw a little but
not too much cause we had to go... anyway it was a decent day as well.
at night, a man named carlos that frequents our english class passed
by our house and dropped off a bunch of fish and shrimp for us to
eat... he is a good man.

Sunday was cool. we had church and at church for the first time i saw
joão paulo passing the sacrament! He is super excited about the church
and is at all of the activities as well as his sister nayara... good
stuff. We ended up taking viviane to the afternoon ward because she
had work in the morning... we taught jacyara (joao paulo´s mom) just a
little christmas message and sang a hymn for her and invited her to
church... she said she´ll go this month sometime... good day and good
end to the week.

Im glad its p day again and its exciting to hear about everything that
is going on. love ya

Elder tanner Smoot

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