Monday, November 21, 2011

Wk 68 - My Comp is gone

-last goodbyes to Elder Arrant

-joao paulo got some church clothes

Nayara´s baptism

-Missionaries in parnaiba

-Bruno... we decorated his christmas tree

-view from the top of the hotel

-one last view of the city
Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Arrant

What a week.... mom i am tired too... i don't think it matters where
you are or what you are doing, there is always something to do... it
is exhausting. this week especially cause my comp was getting ready to
go home! and can i say, i miss the snow! that was a good video... i
almost felt cold just watchin it.

Well this week started as usual with the district meeting and stuff...
our lunch was cool this day though. there was a District activity that
was a Feijoada... a type of bean mixed with meat stuff-very common
food here. So we went there and got food there for lunch. There was
soccer, fishing in the river, a cool little shower thing, beach
volleyball court..... and we couldnt do any of it haha. But it was
cool. We met up with teresa cristina there to talk to her a little...
she wanted to get baptized, but it didnt work out because her parents
pretty much said they were gonna get the police to the church to stop
her.... yeah the police are kind of corrupt here, you can bribe them
to do whatever. But it was alright. we ended up making some peanut
butter bars later and gave it to some investigators... we visited
joelda and it was a good visit. It was funny cause she started saying
that maybe she´ll join the church (her sister is a member now) and how
it would be wierd cause she has always been catholic... anyway, we
hardly said anything... she was saying it all alone.. and for many
people it starts like this. she said that she used to think we taught
nonsense, then she started to listening and she is slowly changing...
its cool.

Wednesday we had a member give us money to make lunch... so we made
beans, rice, and chicken.... basic brasilian food haha. and of course
with a coca cola to top it off. I then went on a division with elder
Yorgason... He is in Branch 4. He is a good guy from West Valley. We
fixed his door of his house, taught some people, then taught an
english class... on the way home we grabbed a pastel. Do you know what
that is? i dont know what they have at home anymore... but anyway, it
was a fun division... elder yorgason is a really good guy.

Thursday i went back to my area, we had lunch at bruno´s. We ended up
helping him decorate for christmas by setting up his mini tree... it
was pretty awesome. We then went to William (the 50 cent wannabe) and
his sister italana´s house and talked to them... its funny cause they
said they like it when we come cause they feel different. they keep
calling us to come over and we´ve only gone a couple of times. We then
went to joao paulo and nayara´s house.. so a few weeks ago nayara came
out and answered the door and said that she never wants to get
baptized... i guess when i was on the division she said she wanted to
get baptized saturday! it was crazy.. she just started going to church
on her own, made some friends, and now she wanted to get baptized...
cool. She had a doubt about joseph smith, so we brought the film the
next day. We met up with teresa cristina at bruno´s and made
sandwhiches and watched the legacy. it was a good day.

Friday we went to branch 4 to do a baptismal interview, Elder arrant
is district leader, then we came back and went to lunch at luziano´s
restaurant thing. We had a member named jonathas go with us during the
day to visit beatriz, joao paulo and nayara (where we watched the
restoration film), some random people in the street, and we ended at
joelda´s where we watched the joseph smith movie... it was awesome.
Joelda had a lot of good questions after the movie and after watching
it a couple of times i love the frase at the end that says, `Shall we
not go forth in so great a cause?´ Its just a true statement.... Our
ancestors went through soo much more than us... why cant we just do
our part to keep this work going...

Saturday we got up, cleaned the baptismal font, interviewed nayara,
then they invited us for lunch so we stayed to eat lunch at their
house... we now have a pretty good friendship with the whole fam.
After lunch we had the baptism and we made some cookies for her and it
went well. we had our english class and we ended at irmã lourdes house
to give her a blessing.. good day as well.

Sunday was Elder Arrant´s last day here! we had church in which nayara
was confirmed and arrant confirmed her and i blessed the sacrament...
i was thinking it is pretty cool how many youth we have at home... a
dont know when the last time a missionary ever blessed the sacrament
in our ward haha. We spent the day teaching a little, but mostly
saying good bye to everyone... we saw nonato, raimundo, teresa
cristina, Bruno, mayza, joelda, prado, antonio and osailde (family of
david), irmã lourdes with joao victor and jorge lucas, and joao paulo
with nayara... it was an exhausting day! my comp finished packing up
and i was out.

Today i went to the bus station early with my comp to drop him off!
he´s headed home! so you´ll have to go visit him or something cause i
sent some stuff home with him! he was a great missionary and im gonna
miss serving with him. so i did get a call on my way to the
internet... i will stay here in parnaiba and be a junior comp of Elder
Cunha! he is an awesome guy from the south of brasil so im pretty
excited. he is from a city close to Florianopolis.

Anyway have a good one! love you all.

elder Smoot

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