Monday, August 1, 2011

Wk 52 - HUMP DAY already?

Rodrigo before his baptism
Rodrigo & friends at his baptism

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well it has been quite the week... Me and my comp have been here for 19 weeks together and we are still goin.

Tuesday we had District meeting... like we do every week... This time the other elders came to our area so that we could do our interview with Rodrigo after the meeting. In the district meeting i gave a doctrine about enduring to the end... cause that is what most of the people we baptize have problems with. Then we had Rodrigo´s interview and then we had to go the the ENT doctor for my comp... and i decided to see him as well because my throat was hurting.. It was a very cool doctor and hospital place and bailey got some meds and i got some stuff for my throat.. After the doctor, we were already too late for lunch at the members, so we went to the mall and bought lunch at Subway! It made my life. I got a 6 inch meatball (it was the special that day) and a chicken breast. I even bought a frozen yogurt afterward. I cant tell you how much i miss the food at home now... i forgot how good it was. After lunch we headed back to our area and we taught ana, a recent convert, then Carla. Both of them were very stressed when we got there and we just joke a little with them then leave a message, and they always are a lot happier when we leave.. it is pretty incredible the difference.. Then we dropped a book of mormon off to one of our investigators named Socorro and then we went to Paula´s house... She lives with a family of members and she is also a member... just that she is away from the church and now sells drugs and has two kids with no dad.... so we have been trying to help her. And to end the night we went to visit Marcynha and her friend... And we were told that the first counselor to the bishopric of our ward disappeared... it was very wierd.

Wednesday we had lunch at the members house that had disappeared.. There was lots of members there to help and they made a lunch for everyone and it was just a little wierd... This member just disappeared at 6 in the morning when he was going to work.. his wife and two kids are still at home. Anyway we went home real fast and i tried to make cookies, but i left them in the oven to long and they turned out black... Bummer. (but i made some on saturday and they were really good) We visited Rodrigo again to make sure everything was all good for the baptism on saturday, then we got a call from this lady, Dailane´s mom, whose husband had ran away as well and wanted our help.. She had never met us before but knew who we were because we baptized Dailane.. anyway, she asked for us to pray for her.. we came back on thursday and she was doing a lot better. We then went to Manoel and Maria´s house, and maria is 9 months pregnant so we have and will be visiting them often. Then we went on a 45 min walk to the other end of the area and bought my comp some meds and stopped to talk to Dailane and her friends at the salon where they work. On our way home we stopped to talk to Renata, who lives in a house with members and her husband is a less active but she is just getting to know the church so we are teaching her.

Thursday we went to bishops for lunch. So the member that disappeared is his son in law. And his first counselor... so i guess the man that disappeared had called and said he was ok.. and that he thinks someone is trying to kill him so he ran away... it is a very interesting situation... and he is still not back. Anyway, we then visited Paula again... to make sure she stops with her drugs and stuff... but she keeps leaving at night to sell them and stuff... its easy money. So we are still trying to help her. Then we visited a member named Maria das Graças. She is a sweet old lady that loves our visits and always gives us juice and crackers when we come. really cool lady. We visited Dailane´s mom again and she was doing better, as i said before, then went to Manoel and Maria´s again. To end the night we visited Lucimar, Socorro, and Lustosa with Helton... They are an awesome group of people and it is pretty fun there.

Friday we went to lunch early because Irmã Socorrinha wanted me to make pancakes for her... she received some syrup and wanted to use it. After that and after we ate lunch, we visited Daniela... who is our old investigator. She is doing good... but doesnt want to join the church because of her boyfriend. Then we went to visit Carla again because she was pretty stressed out. We visited Renata again and Paula... (they live in the same house). Paula is still selling drugs and it was hard to teach renata because she has a little kid and she is always helping the little baby and it starts crying and what not. but it was good.

Saturday we had a good lunch at Naya´s. Her mom makes really good food and any day we pass there her mom gives us juice and a treat... its awesome. After that we visited Rodrigo, cleaned the baptismal font and got our stuff and went to the church. We had a good baptism and a lot of rodrigo´s friends came... After the baptism we went to go see Renata to see if she prayed... it was a pretty good day.

Sunday we had church, and rodrigo was confirmed. A lot of rodrigo´s friends came again that arent members... it was pretty funny. We had lunch at Paulão´s, which is always amazing and then some. we visited Gina, who is a recent convert and wanted comfort because her grandpa just died this past week... We visited the Uruguai ward with an investigator named Rafael and also Dailane. After that we visited a less active named Fernando.. He was pretty interesting, but he hadnt gone to church for over a year, and for some random reason he showed up on sunday.. pretty cool.

Well sorry my week was pretty lame... i really dont know what to write anymore... But it was a pretty good week.. Lots of visiting and trying to solve people´s problems...

Hope you guys are having a good one and happy august. Cant believe im already hitting hump day this week! See ya in another year.

Love ya,

Elder Tanner Smoot

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