Monday, July 25, 2011

Wk 51 - Life in Satélite...

a cool family we met...
me and bailey by the river
Cool bridge thing
the river... i think river parnaiba

 guy playing an accordion in the street

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well hey there...its been a while... i gotta say im kinda sick of writing emails haha, but mom i think you enjoy it at least so ill keep doing it... just cuz i love you.

Tuesday... Well we usually have district meeting, but my comp wasnt feeling very good... he´s had an ear infection all week and his throat was hurting so we went to the doctor in the morning. The doctor gave us a prescription to buy some really expensive stuff... so we did. Then we had lunch at irmã socorrinha´s.. or at least we thought we did. we started eating and someone called us saying that lunch was in another house... so me and elder bailey had to eat twice... im so sick of eating.. especially the rice and beans and stuff... i was enjoying it but now im just done eating for a while. We made friends with lots of people and they all give us food... ugh! Its so hard to down it all. We then talked to the coolest 10 yr old named Rodrigo. He told us he asked his mom about baptism and he told us he´ll get baptized on the 30th... pretty cool kid. We met up with João Paulo, but he said he is going to Brasilia for vacation (the students are out of school for a month right now). Then we met up with Italo and his parents. They are very cool people and we had a very good lesson with them. they are totally supportive of him in the church as long as he is doing the right things. Then to end the night, we went to Pauão´s house to teach his family english.

Wednesday we left early for an interview with President... It was pretty cool. He read the talk about desire from the last general conference, then we just talked about the area and how things are with my comp... all is well. We ended up goin to the doctor again for my comp.. he still wasnt feeling well when we talked to the pres, so he told us to go again, just to a different one, which did pretty much the same thing. Then we had lunch and talked to a man named Claudio. he is less active and his wife isnt a member... so we talked to both of them. They are cool, and she went to church on sunday! Then we talked to Priscilla, whose cousins are members, but she didnt go to church on sunday... bummer. We went up to talk to manoel and maria but just maria was there... she is 9 months pregnant so any day now she´ll have a baby... pretty cool lady. Then we went to a members house to give her a blessing... its a pretty common thing here. And to end the night we went to Helton´s to teach Lustosa, and Helton bought us pizza.. i love that guy.

Thursday we had a nice weekly planning in the morning... Lunch at the bishop´s house... Then to our visits.. as usual.. I think its funny mom that you think your lives are boring... nothing has really changed since day one. I do the same thing almost every day haha. Well we talked to Dailane´s, which was on the other side of town! It was far. Then we talked to Priscilla again. Pretty cool girl, but she doesnt seem completely interested. And that night we talked to Italo´s parents again. His dad asked to hear about life after death and it was an awesome lesson. He had lots of questions and he said he liked it and even said that he felt the church was true... pretty awesome progress. Then we talked to Rodrigo and it seems like everything is set for the 30th.

Friday we met in the morning with Dailane and some of her friends that work at the Salon with her. They are very cool and still love the visits... now we just gotta get them to church... but they are very cool people. We had lunch at socorrinha´s which was very good... at lunch, because she is a hair person, bailey had a squirt bottle and started sprayin people... it kinda turned into a little water fight haha. so about running through sprinklers... they dont really have any here.. but man it would be nice. We both got a little wet but we turned the water fight onto her little kids and got them all wet haha it was funny. They are a really fun family. Then we talked to Claudio again with his wife whose name is Renata. He was working on sunday but his wife went to church like i said. After we talked to a man named vicente, just one of our friends we say hi to in the road, then we headed to Rodrigo´s. His mom signed the baptismal form and it went well... pretty sweet. everything is set for him on the 30th.

Saturday we went to lunch and they asked us to go get a member and bring her to the house... this because she is in a wheelchair. We brought her over and then i played in her chair haha. I got pretty good too. I can wheelie forever now which is something i have always wanted to do. Then we talked to some friends in the street, but they didnt go to church... so much for that. A couple appointments fell through.. and we figured out that Priscilla doesnt live here, she was just visiting her mom... So We made a contact in the road and talked to this lady for a while... it was pretty cool. We talked about how there are so many churches... but only one God and one Jesus... so why so many churches? anyway, it was fun. Then we talked to a recent convert and ended with Italo´s family again... and they gave us food... ah man im sick of eating some days... but you just put down whatever they give you.

Sunday we had church.... or i should say we were going to go to church, but on the way there Elder Bailey decided to have a dog run at him and bite him haha. So Elder Gessel told him to call Sister Dias... she told elder bailey to go to the hospital... we skipped church to go to the center just to have a doctor tell him to wash it well haha. it was funny. Then we had lunch and we went to visit some less actives and recent converts... We visited Ana who said she gave up on the church.. then to Carla who said she is going to a new church now... its amazing how much can happen in one week... but she started crying and wanted help.. we just gotta get her back to church. The we visited the Uruguai ward with Dailane and talked to Mayara on the way home...

it was a busy week and today i heard there was some transfers... just not us.. I guess im supposed to stay here with Baily forever. I think its just because we get along and maybe President wants him to be happy out here on the mission.. he has had some very hard companions so its nice for both of us... just we both want a new area now haha.. but the people are awesome and we have lots of friends now so there is that part we dont want to leave behind... so i dont know... good thing we dont make the decision.. we just do what we are told.

Well it was a good week.. have a good one.

Elder Smoot

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