Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wk 53 - Officially on the downhill...

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well... officially hit the year mark and am on the downhill... sorry about taking so long... we went to the lan house yesterday and all 4 of them in the area were busy and then some... it was pretty annoying, but nothin we could really do.

Last Tuesday i started with the everyday routine... wake up, do some little exercises, take a shower, and get ready. We had District meeting, again, but it was pretty nice and chill.. at least we have a good district. We had a pretty good lunch then we went to talk to Renata and her husband kaká and also their sister paula. They are all kind of willing to listen but they arent changing anything in their lives... so they have been kinda hard. But i think they will finally get Paula in a clinic for her drug abuse, so thats good that bishop is working on that. Then we talked with Jó, who is really funny recent convert. Good guy and just super chill. After that we took a long walk to the salon to teach Dailane with her two friends Lucilene and Oscarina. They are awesome people and oscarina went to church on sunday and lucilene lives in a different area and is talking to the elders there. Then to end the night right, we had a visit with Lustosa, our recent convert, with Lucimar and Socorro. They are all doing pretty good, and Helton was there.. they are just good friends so i really like teaching them and we have a good time.

Wednesday was my last day of the year.. exactly a year ago i was set apart. In the morning we left to go help Maria das Graças with a service project while she made us lunch. We cleaned a few hundred tiles, which are like a ceramic stuff, and it was alright. She made us a good lunch though so that was nice, and she insisted on us taking a nap after lunch like the rest of brasil and put up two hammocks for us haha. Such a sweet lady. Then we talked to Manoel and Maria because they live close and Maria just had a baby on sunday i think. It was a little girl and they were very happy. After that we went home to shower and get all ready and we went to visit Fernando, who is a less active that we are visiting now. He came to church the last couple of weeks and it has been good for him... he is a little wierd, but we are here to help everyone. Then we visited Dailane because she was feeling a little down, but we just come in happy and tell a couple jokes, leave a quick message and we left her a little happier... thats why i like being with bailey. We know how to make friends, have a good time, and do our job. If you arent happy... you arent doing it right.

Thursday I made it... I was officially on the downhill. We went to the doctor in the morning to make sure Bailey´s ear was fixed... everything was good and he even gave the guy a book of mormon... i thought that was pretty cool. We had a pretty good lunch at bishop´s house and i got to play on the wheelchair again, because it is the bishop´s daughter. We had a visit with socorro who is doing ok.. not sure if she understands everything yet, but she is getting there. We met a new girl named Luana who accepted the message very well.. You can just tell when people understand, and she was understanding so it was cool. We talked to a pretty rugged dude that my comp wanted to talk to. His name was Tiago and he has a big old beard and is on crutches and we just wanted to see what was up... i guess he got hit by a motorcycle about a year ago and he just sits outside on the front sidewalk because he has nothin better to do... like most brasilians here. Cool guy though. We talked to fernando again, this time about the Conference talk on Desire... its a good one. And once again to Dailane´s house. To end the night, we went to Helton´s and visited his family.. he bought us a pizza and a coke... i love that guy. Good times.

Friday we had lunch at irmã socorrinha´s, like we do every friday, but this time was especially delicious. It had rice, beans, spaghetti stuff, mashed potatoes and a salad... really tasty this time. She is a cool lady and i enjoy being at her house. We talked to Rodrigo and brought him his baptism fotos. We talked to his friends as well... just that they are all like 10 years old.. but we gave them a picture of the baptism becuase majority of them were there. We also printed some pics for manoel and maria of their baby so we took those to them, then met a girl there that is helping take care of the house while the baby is still new. Her name is Pedrina and she was pretty cool. We talked to Italo´s family and then went to an activity at the church. The bishop gave the other elders money to buy candy and so they bought a ton and we had a big activity with members and non members and it went well, though very exhausting.

Saturday we had an amazing lunch and then went to visit Renata and Paula again... and again, not a whole lot of progress, but there are some good members in the house to help so im hoping one day they will decide to change. We were walking in the road and i noticed these 4 ladies with some very heavy groceries.. so i offered to help, we walked about 1km with them and then my comp asked if we could pass later to talk about the messages we have... she said no haha. But we say Josecléia there, who is the sister-in-law of a member so we taught her and told her we´d come back. After we met up with Naya to go visit Dailane, ya know to get some member integration going on, but Dailane wasnt home so we stayed and Naya´s mom, Irmã Iva, made some Maria isabel... it was amazing. Its rice with meat in it and it had a really good flavor. That family is really cool too.

Sunday we had church and Ywério´s mom came... which was cool. We are now teaching her and she is progressing well. We had Irmão Maon take us in his car to lunch, which is always awesome to ride in a car. And at lunch it was, and always is really good. He has lots of fruits. there was mangos, banana, pineapple, tangerine...etc. The fruits are so good and tasty. Then we tried to teach someone, but they werent home, so we went to a lady´s house and it is helton´s friends and Bailey had them buy stuff so we could make them an american dinner. We had beer can chicken, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, and a normal salad with ranch dressing... It was pretty dang good.... i miss food from home haha. We taught lucimar and socorro there and we talked serious about praying for baptism and stuff... it was cool, but we wont see them again till next saturday because they are working and studying now... but it was a great sunday.

Today... tuesday, we had Zone Conference and i did get my hump day package... good stuff. Thanks a lot! Love you mom.

Well have a great week. talk to ya later

Elder Smoot
The Mission Office
Playing on a wheelchair
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