Monday, August 15, 2011

Wk 54 - Another Day... same old stuff

going to church
dinner with Helton & crew
the dinner again... with Lucimar, Lustosa, Helton...etc
in the street
At Zone Conference
Hump Day Package
Cleaning the roof shingles
Rodrigo and his family...
We are teaching his mom Francisca
matching cute!
at Stake Conference

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well hello again.... It´s been a while. Man i am so tired right now so if this email is a little all over the place... forgive me.

So like i said, last tuesday we had Zone Conference. It was a good one... Elder Bailey and Elder Crittenden gave their last testimonies because it was their last zone conference. After zone conference we visited Dailane then visited Ywério and his mom Benedita. Benedita went to church on sunday so we are trying to help her know the church a little more. Then we went up to Maria das Graças and we talked to her husband, who is not a member, about prayer... we challenged them to pray that night together and it was pretty cool. We really went up there to tell her that we were going to pass by the next day to wash the roof shingles again.

Wednesday we went to Maria das Graças to help them wash shingles again. We then went to lunch at Rosalene´s house which was pretty good. We met her neice there named Luana. We started teaching her and she said she was going to go to church on sunday... but didnt because it was stake conference in the center. Then we talked to Carla who has been struggling lately. For some reason she stopped going to church and stuff... so we are trying to help her come back. I think it is because her sister Ana has a very cool store now and Ana stopped going to church so now carla is a little jealous. ugh... We had a good visit with Francisca, who is Rodrigo´s mom. She has some very big problems to fix before she can get baptized, but she is progressing well. We had a little visit with Fernando, the less active guy, then we had a member call us over to eat some pizza which was very nice.

Thursday was the same old stuff, just a new day. But, i have been studying Jesus the Christ and im almost done. I have learned a ton and i really think that book is making a difference with my thoughts and how everything is starting to focus more on Christ.. its sweet. And i can understand the new testament a lot more now...incredible book. well, we went to meet with Ana after lunch, but she wasnt there so we talked to some of the kids that were baptized. We talked to Benedita again, ywério´s mom, about the Book of Mormon this time... I read today the talk given by Holland when he talked about his testimony of the Book of Mormon... that book is so important.... and if these people just read and understood it, it could change their lives. Then we talked to Manoel and Maria and Pedrina who was also there. they are doing good. We then tried to find a reference, but just ended up talking to a bunch of people in the street. We met with Italo´s family, but the dad wasnt there, but it was still a good visit. And to end the night we visited Dailane. She is doing good... she is seperating from her husband though, so that has been a little hard.

Friday was lunch at socorrinha´s.. as always. It was another good lunch there, then after lunch we headed to the doctors. My comp has a little sore on the botton of his foot so he went to go check it out. The doctor told him it was a little hardened skin that was hurting and told him it would be best not to walk very much for 5 days... haha! Ya right. President told him to follow the doctors This week we are going to try and not walk very much.. we´ll see how it goes. We had a good lesson with Francisca, rodrigo´s mom, again. She just kind of has one big problem. I think she is getting with this guy that is already married... It is very interesting and will be really tough to get out of. Getting a baptism here is rarely an easy thing.

Saturday was very busy and a long day. We started in the morning visiting a new investigator named Naiara. She has visited the church before so we went to teach her. Then we visited Ywério to see how he was doing. We then went home real fast and i made some amazing acerola juice... like it was really good. then to lunch, which was very good, then hit the ground running again. We visited two references, met with socorro to see how she was doing, then headed way up to Manoel and maria´s again to talk with pedrina... sadly pedrina has not prayed yet so we told her to pray about what we have taught so far and the importance of prayer. After that, we did a division with the elders from cidade jardim so that we could do an interview. I went with Rodrigues to Socorro´s house to visit with her, lucimar, and lustosa. We had a good time talking about baptism and i think that lucimar is very close... she just needs an answer that she is sure the church is true. And they gave us spaghetti after which made my day.

Sunday we actually got to study in the morning because we had conference in the afternoon. We went to visit Luana, from lunch on wednesday, and she said she couldnt go to church like she promised.. so we left the first message and told her to pray. Then we had an amazing lunch at irmã Jaqueline´s, who isnt even a member, and visited them. They are a sweet family. We then went to conference and in the middle of conference they asked the missionaries to give up their seats so people could sit down cause there was so many people of there, so i missed the last our of the conference. We took the bus back to our area and went up to visit Rafael.. who is planning on getting baptized on Saturday... just that he has to give some stuff up first... concerning the law of chastity.. he is like 18 and we taught him that lesson and he just was jaw dropped and is having second thoughts about baptism now.. its gonna be a tough one.

Well that was my week... im pretty tired and i think we are just gonna chill at home today. hope you guys have a good one.

Elder Smoot

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