Monday, May 16, 2011

Wk 41 - Pretty chill week I´d say...

Elder Bailey, Smoot, Crittenden, & Gessel

this person from the ward caught this little bird.
I was holding it, and of course with my luck it pooped on my hand...
I didnt want to hold the bird anymore

We are eating these amazing top ramen sandwiches that Bailey makes.
They are the top ramen noodles, hamburger, it has a piece of fresh pineaple on it,
tomato, some really good mustard stuff.... its just a good sandwich. and very filling.

Crittendens hand...

HAHA i forgot to tell what happened.
He was going to break a brick with his hand or something...
so he just opened it right up! it was hillarious.
But he ended up getting stitches and you could see the bone! It was pretty dang deep

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

So it was another good week here in Teresina with Elder Bailey. I am so thankful that I get along well with my comp and that we have a good time when we work. It is a lot easier to face the day when you get to be with someone that you dont mind being with. I gotta say it is hard when you have to go work with someone that is difficult to get along with.

Tuesday started the week good with a good zone conference. We had training from the assistants and our new
ZL´s.... Elder Crittenden and Gessel. I love those guys. The training was good and it helped me realize that I need to be a little bit more straight forward with some of our investigators. So we visited Mayara (15) and we kind of told her that she needs to decide if she is going to follow the things that she knows is right or if she is just gonna go back to the catholic church.... so she is really close to baptism. We talked with Joelma (20) and kind of told her the same thing. We said that we wont be able to visit her again until she comes to church. And pretty much the same thing with Daniela (17 yrs. old). She is probably the closest of these three to get baptized. We told her she needs to get baptized and she knows it... she just is afraid. That night it was my comps b day so some ward members made a cake and a little suprise party for him. It was pretty funny and i think he had a pretty good day.... I hope at least. he turned 22 and has about 5 months left in the mission.

Wednesday was pretty tiring... but a pretty normal day... I dont remember anything special other than the same old visits and what not.

Thursday we decided to help some new converts out.... They are having some family problems. One is Carla who we baptized a few weeks back. They are neighbors with this other person, Ana. They are always just yelling and fighting with each other. So we took a video there and we made their kids a list of jobs to do and it was kind of ridiculous.... but it seemed like things were getting a little better this week. We also met Ywério who is one of our new investigators. He is 14 and is pretty cool. He is a friend of a member and this kid invited us to go teach him... Anyway his lesson was good.... I just thought his name was pretty cool.

Friday we marked a baptism for amanda (8). she is a cousin of some members and wants to be baptized. We actually marked it for saturday, but her mom called saturday morning and said that they were going on a trip... but its good because we are teaching her mom as well... just that the mom drinks a lot so we need to help her with that. but she supports amanda´s baptism which is cool. so we´ll probably do that next week. We also had some new street contacts and had a guy stop us and ask for something to read about God and Jesus.... that was cool. The problem is you have to decide if he really wants to read, or if he wants the paper to roll a doobie and smoke.... but this guy was cool and we read some versus with him and he said he was stuck there for the night and wanted something to read. Its amazing to see how sometimes you will have people jump in front of your face and ask what your doing, or ask to hear what we have to say.

Saturday, like I said, amandas mom called to say the baptism wouldnt work... but we still went to the church to help Gessel and Crittenden clean the baptismal font before their baptism. We had some good visits and the day went well.

Sunday we had church, which was really good and a man from the stake came and talked about the preisthood because of the anniversary of the restoration of the preisthood. It was a really good talk. We had an amazing lunch at a members house and they have a parrot which was cool. Later in the day we passed by the church for a missionary work meeting and this person from the ward caught this little bird. (one of the pics i sent) I was holding it, and of course with my luck it pooped on my hand... i didnt want to hold the bird anymore. We had a nice long walk later that night to teach a new investigator that was in the church and it was good. Probably one of the best investigators I've seen because he understood the lesson. Most people are just clueless, but he read and understood the things we were teaching.

Today has been pretty chill. I learned that I should wear shoes to play soccer (all the brasilians go barefoot... but i cant do that more than 15 min before my feet start hurting)... and that it is a bad idea to put your finger in the fan (that was on accident but my finger is killing me) haha. I think we´re going to the center today so that should be fun.

Thats wierd thats school is almost out! Have a nice week and live it up.

Elder Smoot

Random questions we sent Tanner this week:

*investigators? investigators are good... we have about 5 really close to baptism. Im excited for Manuel and Maria especially but they will be in a couple weeks. 27th=married 28th=baptism.

*what time of the month do you receive your packages from the office? i think i can pick them up in the center on p day... i just have to call to ask if i have a package there... theres no real specific time of month. . you just gotta get lucky.
I know your birthday package is in customs right now-- Ya for some reason they just seem to take a long time randomly... i wonder what is really going on with the package all this time.

* How many people did you get to church on Sunday? we had about 9 investigators this sunday. Daniela, manuel and a bunch of others that we teach... well 3 new ones who were just invited by friends... so it was a good week.
* At one point you said that you needed a few more priesthood brethren and you could split the ward. Do you know how many you really need to split? It is either 5 or 6 more to split the ward...
* You said that you have a big house. How many rooms are in it? 3 main areas... one is our room but it wouldnt be considered a room without our stuff there. 3 rooms. 1 bathroom. How many beds do you have? 1 room has 5 bunk beds... but we dont use that room. so other than that it is our 4 beds. How many extra missionaries can you handle staying there? we had about 12 or so missionaries in our house for 3 days about a week ago. Its possible to have that many.. but you dont live very comfortably.
There is a room was about the size of our garage? thats where our study room or my bedroom is... but we just push everything to the sides and put some garbage cans on the side as goals and play with that new little soccer ball mom sent me. thanks mom!

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  1. I liked the pictures of my friend Elder Bailey, very nice, very nice to see you again ... a big hug for you my friend