Monday, May 9, 2011

Wk 40 - Happy Mothers day mom!

Elder Stewart gave me that jersey with my name on it!

Irmão Maon´s birthday

little jarede´s baptism

dia das mães party or mothers day party-
in the church parking lot

No the iguana didnt bite... just whipped with the tail and scratched with his nails....
it was a beast! But i didnt get hit by him.

ya thats a caterpillar!
They said if you touch those hairs you could feel symptoms of the flu...
We saw it in the road and elder Crittenden carried it all the way home,
just to take a picture haha!
he carried it on a leaf so he didnt touch it.... just so you know..

Gracielly & Daniela with Elder Smoot,
Bailey, & Moraes

9 months... im due!

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

Well it was an eventful week. Most of the week was spent with about 14 or so people in our house... and one shower. it was crazy. but we made it through and we are all back to normal now.

Last Tuesday i had to do a split with Elder Pimentel... good hard work... but lets just say its not my choice of companion. We had a nice talk with Daniela and everything is going well with her. We did do a lot of work, but lets just say im good with the comp that i have. I also feel really blessed for where i am from. Some of these guys come out on the mission with two years of membership in the church. I was blessed enough to have the church with me all my life... its amazing. Also, Elder Stewart got to our house late and gave me that jersey with my name on it! What a cool guy. i wish i could be comps with him someday.

Wednesday i officially hit 9 months on the mish... its going by pretty quick. The days last forever, but it really does pass by fast. I had to go on another split with Elder Pimentel... who actually was in the MTC with me and was comps with Elder Moraes. Anyway, before that we had to go to another area to set up a wedding for manuel and maria who with get married on the 27th this month so that was nice. with pimentel we worked hard again and we had that drunk guy take us into his house (the one i told you on the phone). He gave us dinner and kissed my head.... pretty interesting experience haha. but, we got a free dinner out of it so its all good.

Thursday we had lunch then the assistents told us to go to the center.... we get there and we remember that moraes had to get his stuff from the house to go to imperatriz and we had the keys... so we had to go on another bus ride back to where he was at to give him the keys... we spent a couple of hours getting everything set to go and we had to do a split... again! but it started to get late so i went with my comp. Anyway, finally everyone left this night and we had just 4 in the house after this... the house was a mess. So we spent a little time cleaning it up and finished the next morning. I just gotta say im glad to have our house back. Moraes is gone and Gessel is here for good. We are havin a good time. Oh and i got my easter package this day.

Friday we left with Rafael again. We had some good visits with Daniela and others. Daniela didnt come to church on sunday so that was a bummer.... we´ll have to work with her. Anyway at night i was a little disappointed because everyone says they will read the book of mormon, go to church, but nobody does anything... its hard but its what we do.

Saturday was a good day. We came out working hard and we had Cássio leave with us to have some lessons with members and it went well. Later that night there was a dia das mães party or mothers day party and then after there was Irmão Maon´s birthday. There was a ton of meat and food. I guess its tradition that every year for his birthday he kills a cow then feeds it to everyone. It was a pretty cool party. He really gave us VIP so we could come in and eat quick and sent us home with some soda and cake. What a cool guy.

Sunday... happy mother´s day mom! It was a lot of fun to talk to you all. I love you so much mom and thanks for everything you´ve ever helped me with. And thanks for all of the packages and everything! It makes the mission a great experience. I will do my best to send a package to you guys... we´ll see.

And today we went to little jarede´s baptism. He is the bishops grandson and the son of irmã socorrinha who always gives us lunch. So we went to his baptism.

Well thats about it! Today we were cleaning out our backyard and then an iguana ran in! So i sent some pics of the iguana we caught as well... it was pretty cool. have a great week.

Elder Smoot.

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