Monday, March 7, 2011

Wk 31 - and CARNAVAL is going

splits with Elder Almeida

recent converts

Eliane- back left

corn on the cob anyone?! (Elder Iverson)

Area: Campo Maior
Companion: Elder Braga

HAHa alright so noone really complained about the pics... just made
comments.. it was a joke. Anyway, this week was pretty eventful.

Tuesday we had the same old, same old district meeting... which is
always pretty awesome. We also had president Dias come to Campo Maior
and gave the final word that we can move into the new house, right
next to Tiagos actually, when it finishes... but we still havent
moved. Then we met with Gilvana and that visit went well. She hás two
little boys that we play with and it was cool. She hás been reading
the scriptures and stuff so that was awesome. Then we went to Eliane
and taught the Word of Wisdom. She accepted immediately , which is a
miracle in itself, and she was preparing for the baptism which was
supposed to be on Saturday.

Wednesday we went and met with Liliane and Michaele, which are friends
of Eliane. It was funny because Liliane hás been to church and was
telling Michaele she needs to stop being lazy and go. After we went
and talked to a recent convert, José. He is about 50 or so and is a
cool guy. He got baptized after about 10 years of the missionaries
passing his house and now he is pretty solid coming to the church with
his fam every Sunday. Again we passed Eliane and taught about Chastity
and again she accepted immediately, it was awesome. Things were going
great with her.

Thursday we went to the far away place, the less active family, for
lunch. They were nice and then after we went to visit Deglan and
Douglas, the brothers. They have very sincere hearts and all so i hope
we can get them to come to church... just this week was a little
complicated with Carnaval. Anyway, we visited Eliane again and taught
about tithing and fast offerings and she accepted the commandment just
like the others! Things were going really good with her.

Friday... I now have 7 months... wohoo... haha not a ton, but a good
dent in two years... but it was a good day. Me and my comp bought
sling shots and went to Gilvane´s house again. Her son´s came and shot
them with us and we followed up with her. She is reading still, the
only problem right now that i see is that she works on Sunday... but
she wants to change her schedule to come, which was cool. We tried to
go to Eliane´s, but she wasnt there. We ended up seeing her in the
road! It was a miracle. We went to a little bread shop and just
prepared her for the interview and it went well. It was also the Pré
Carnaval and so the city started getting a little crazy that night.

Saturday we had the interview with Eliane after lunch and her and
Elder Almeida stayed there for about an hour... She came out looking a
little sad. Turns out she was praying a lot and just talked with
Almeida. She knows she needs to be baptized, and she could have as far
as i know, she just wasnt ready yet. There are a few more things in
her life that need to be in place i think. But this next week may work
out... so we´ll see. Carnaval was just kind of a crazy week to do a
Baptism. Plus we had to be inside the house at 5pm because of

Sunday there was hardly anyone in church... this because the ward does
a camp to keep all the youth far away from the temptations of
Carnaval. Anyway, it was cool. We passed the sacrament and almost
everyone there bore their testimonies. It was a good experience and i
had a good fast sunday. After church and lunch we went to do a visit
with the other two elders. It went well and then we had to go home
again because of Carnaval. We got home and the President has a list of
some stuff for us to do durning Carnaval because we´ll be in the
house. Anyway we did it and then me and Elder Iverson made these scone
type things (i was just guessing a recipe and turned out amazing!) and
then we made bread with the remaining dough and made a cake, and i
tried to make an ice cream thing and dumped it on it.. anyway we ate
it today and its amazing too. It´s pretty much an icecream cake and it
was so good.

Today was pretty crazy. My companion ended up getting emergency
transfered so now i am here with the other two chillin. Anyway it was
a long night but now we are here! Carnaval is still goin and goes
until tuesday. Wednesday everything will, or should, open back up
after noon because everyone sleeps all day and parties all night.

Well it was a pretty great week here... guess we´ll see what a new
comp has in store for me.

I love the gospel and what it does for individuals and for families.

Com Amor,

Elder Tanner Smoot

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