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Wk 32 - I´d say it was a good week

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Last night with Tiago

Felipe's baptism

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Area: Campo Maior
Companion:(none) Elder Almeida & Elder Iverson

Well it was a pretty good week! I still dont have a comp, so i was with Elder Almeida and Iverson all week.. it was pretty awesome. I´ll write what i did real fast and get to answering your questions in another email.

Tuesday was the last day of Carnaval, which now seems forever ago, but it was crazy. We tried to go visit people, but the recent converts were at the ward camp and all of the investigators were gone or sleeping... so it made it hard, but we went home by 5 again. We had a good study of chapter 5 or PMG which talks about the Book of Mormon, then we made food, cause there was nothing else to do. I ended up making a pizza and a little later french toast haha. I am pretty sure i put on a few pounds that day. Then i was sleeping and woke up at like 3 30am just hearing the party from a mile away, but i could hear everything it was sooo loud.

Wednesday was a tough day to work too because everyone was sleeping from the party the night before. Even the members that came back from the camp were all sleeping! So it was a little slow and lots of the stores and all were still closed down, but we had a few good visits still, it was just a little later in the day.

Thursday Elder Almeida went to a leadership meeting in Teresina, he is our District Leader, and so it was me with Elder Iverson. I felt like the day went really well and I had a really good time with Elder Iverson. We taught some people that are getting ready for baptism in their area.

Friday Almeida went to go do interviews in PiriPiri with the sisters that are there, so he took a member as his comp and me and Iverson went to work again, and again it went really well. We had some really good lessons, and prepared Felipe for his baptism on Saturday and helped him know the questions of the interview and everything. Also we talked with Jefferson and his fam who is getting ready for marraige so they can be baptized. The kids are already baptized and we are working with their parents. Almeida didnt get home till 3 am from Piripiri because the guy told him wrong and a bus didnt pass until 1 am. haha it was kind of ridiculous but he told president and was kind of stuck. Sometimes it just happens.

Saturday we had Felipe´s interview and Elder Daniel and Elder Rackham came to do that and it went well. The people there actually ended up making us a lunch and everything. The people here are super giving and nice, and she wasnt even a member. The only thing is that we already had a lunch planned so we had to have a second lunch! It was pretty awesome and it went well. Later we had the baptism of Felipe and in the pic it shows his sister Karliane too, who was already baptized like a month or two ago. Also the LZ´s broght my package! Thanks so much! I love the Fruity pebbles, the horn (which i will use for our investigators on sunday), the mouthwash and everything. it was pretty sweet!

Sunday we had a good sacrament meeting and it was funny. The president announced that iverson was giving the openining prayer and he didnt hear so it was kind of a suprise. I almost died laughing at his reaction, but he did really good. Im loving it with Elder Almeida and Iverson and we have a good time doing the work.

Well have an awesome week. I was studying about the modern prophets this week and their stories are awesome. That Our Heritage book has a lot of cool stories.
Anyway, Love you.
Elder Smoot

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