Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WK2 - Dois semanas em Brasil (Two weeks in Brazil)

Area: Brazil MTC
Companion: Elder Shepherd

Hey! so the mtc has been good, but is super busy right now! And again this computers enter doesnt work so they all must be that way. Anyway last wed-sat we got to sing at an open house for a monster stake center. it was way cool and i have letters on the way from mission ties that should explain a little more about it. The letter thing from mission ties works best for me because i have time to read it. i have 10 unread mail messages right now because i dont have time to read them. so also last wednesday i bought some ties from the lady on the corner.. they are actually pretty nice i like them a lot. And i got your gift certificate for mr. chenneys haha. thanks. So honestly there isnt a lot to be writing about when your in the mtc.. you pretty much study all day and go to bed at night. The choir thing was the highlight of last week and they actually got it all on video which was cool because we watched it. good times. And randomly on saturday, the last night of singing, my friend elder goldhardt from slc, went up to a lady that looked like the one in the conference edition ensign and got her autograph it was way funny. She has a picture with two little girls and it says sao paulo brasil under the picture. Sunday i slept for an hour or so which felt way good. sunday is when i have a meeting and also monday, but they are only like a half hour or so. and sunday was the best day to write letters so i wrote a few, all in mission ties now. Tuesday i got a haircut from the barber and its funny because he doesnt speak much english and sings songs the whole time he cuts your hair and is actually a pretty good singer. and also on tuesday about 50 missionaries left the mtc for the field, about half brazilian half american. Today we went to the campinas temple which was awesome. The sao paulo is really cool too. But we were gone from 6 30 this morning till 1 because it takes about 1h 30 driving in a bus. So after that we had 15 min to eat lunch then went to the federal police. And then back here and we have hardly anytime to email. so onto your questions... my comp is Elder Shepherd from Tri-cities, Washington. He loves to crack jokes and is a baseball player. He played for a small college up in washington this year, but when he gets back he is going to play for BYU. he is a cool guy. We arent exactly alike, but being with anyone 24/7 could be frustrating a times. We are good together though. My district has 8 people. My comp is going to Belem so im the only american teresina missionary here. I have met only a couple of brazilians going there as well. Elder Houston and E. Skabelund- Belem. BTW E. houston is really cool guy i like him and am pretty tight with him. E. seymore and E. Manson- Belem. E. fridley and E. Goldhardt- Brasilia. So we have an awesome district and we have a lot of fun. And there are no sisters in our district. The teachers are awesome here and are really patient. The language is hard, but i can start to pick out words from conversations here and there. The food is as follows. Breakfast- ham and cheese sandwhich and some porage stuff. (i have this written in my letter to mom) luch- rice and beans and some form of meat Dinner-rice and beans and some form of meat. Oh and guarana at lunch and dinner. It gets old usually but sometimes they switch it up. And last, it takes 2 to 3 days to get a letter depending on when you send it. They dont do mail on sat or sun. But ya it works. well love you all! have a great week. -Elder Smoot

This picture was sent to Marcie from Elder Houston's mother.  This is Tanner's District.  Tanner's companion, Elder Shepherd is on the front right.

Letters from Tanner.  Written by hand and scanned and emailed by

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