Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WK0 - Well I am finally here!

Area: Brazil MTC
Companion: Elder Shepherd

Well I am finally here. I cannot even believe that I'm actually on my mission. It has been a really long couple of days flying and I'm just glad I get to sleep on a bed. It is nice and cool here in Sao Paulo and was cloudy pretty much all of today. There are so many buildings here, but everything is just dirty, and honestly the MTC is the cleanest and most healthy environment to live in down here I can almost guarantee it. Traffic is crazy and it has the motorcycles weave in & out just like Taylor's mission. It seriously looks like they're going to kill themselves its just insane. The place here seems pretty relaxed, but at the time still hardworking. It just is different. I am still not completely sure on all of the rules yet. I got my companion which was weird because it's like nothing now, but we are going to have to spend a lot of time together. I'm not sure I like having a companion so far, especially one I didn't get to choose haha just sayin. Mine is pretty good but definitely not my top choice, but it has been only one day so I gotta give him more then that.
I love the Brazillians here. They are very nice and fun to try and talk to in english. I can't wait for the things to come so wish me luck with it all because it isn't necessarily fun and I'm easily distracted by everything around me. (not negative. I just ran out of space) talk to you later
Love you all,
Elder Smoot

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