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Wk 77 - So Much to do.. so little time

--view during the day

-love ya mom! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

--a catholic church in our area

--our group that went with us to teach... and a huge umbrella!

--Our district

--the view at night (the little blue thing in the distance is the
ponte estaiada)

--p day lunch.. pizza and lasagna
Area: Teresina Horto 2
Companion: Elder Lima

Well, as you can guess, this week was pretty good... haha like the

rest of them. Sounds like everyone is ok... thats a bummer that tayton
is sick.. and jade take care of your arm! Jenna congrats on the
diploma or whatever that is... Pretty Sweet! your movin up in the
world. thanks for the email... always puts a smile on my face.

This week was.... pretty much normal. Tuesday was district meeting, we
worked, it was a pretty awesome day... we talked to david who is less
active.. he is a rocker who has long hair and was baptized last
summer... but stopped going. He is hanging out with these gothic dudes
that his whole idea of God and stuff has changed... anyway it was
interesting. We talked to a crazy dude named Daniel. I cant even
explain the visit... but he is like close to 50 years old or so and
lives alone and has no life (sorry i dont know how to explain it
better). At the end he said the prayer and had all of us holding hands
and yeah... we will probably not go back there... i had to bite my
toungue to not laugh. We then got to fernando.. he is about 26 and has
2 kids, but isnt married with his ´wife´. He was super stressed out
though and so we started teaching the lesson and it just completely
changed to how the gospel blesses our lives, and specifically our
families... it was pretty neat.

Wednesday we went to lunch and i met this guy that served in the south
salt lake mission.. man it was good to catch up and he had returned
last december for his work (american airlines) and is getting married
to a girl from our ward... it was fun to talk about utah... but he was
there till december 2010 and he told me about the snow they had that
year.... bummer i missed it! He said it was pretty awesome. We then
had 5 members (4 being recent converts) go with us to teach their
friends again. We taught a family that was pretty cool, a girl named
Larice who started crying and said she was thankful that God sends
support when she needs it and im hoping she´ll get baptized soon, and
then we went to Marcyjane. We were teaching her and she was saying
that she knew the church was true... she read all the pamphlets and
answered the questions. one of the recent converts then asked, `Well
then what´s missing?´ and she said...´just need to mark a date for
when i can get baptized´. Yeah you cant hear anything better than that
as a missionary... we marked for sunday, but it didnt work out.. she
will leave for home for 2 weeks, then on february 4th she´ll get

Thursday we woke up and it was like 75 degrees in our house! I was
freezing! we havent slept with our fans for the last couple days.. it
has been super nice at night! We had a mess up at lunch and the member
asked us to go to a restaurant... so we did. We then taught a girl at
a members house... some neighbor that was at their house when we went
to eat lunch, we asked if we could come back to teach her... so we
did. We taught another guy that is a recent convert, named george, and
it started raining while we were at his house! But we had to go.. so
we got soaked. We were passing in the road, and a guy asked us to come
in and stay dry... so we went. there were a bunch of people drinking,
but they were nice and gave us a towel to dry off, gave us a cup of
juice, then gave us a ride home to the apartement to get our
umbrellas. We then had a meeting at the church to talk with the leader
of missionary works.

Friday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Hope you had a good day. My day was
alright. We didnt sleep with a fan, and we woke up early to shoot some
hoops! there is a court near by, so for exercise in the morning we can
go use it. We played for a little, then went home. We had lunch at the
stake presidents house... it was good. I had to leave the message too
haha. Nothing like leavin a message for the stake pres and his family.
It was a long day.. i dont remember much, but i do remember that we
talked to david again... the dude with long hair. On the way home we
had some drunk guy pass us and say ´your church is going to hell´ haha
good one. We had a good laugh at that.

Saturday It rained again which made the temp. go down which is good.
We taught a family again (the same family where the group of 5 taught
with us. and thats where the big umbrella was). They live right next
to the airport, so we heard, and saw planes passing over our head the
whole time we were there... it started pounding rain while we were
there. After we went and taught Hudson who said he was going to go to
church with us sunday morning... he didnt go though so it was a waste
of time. We went to Domingos to talk to him and his family.. it was a
cool lesson for them and we talked a little about temples and mostly
about priesthood... Just another time that the spirit testified about
the importance of the priesthood and how blessed we are to have it on
the earth today.. also how blessed we are to have temples everywhere!
Here is just pictures that people see... and it is a dream to actually
go there. But really saturdays are pretty tough here... but we made

Sunday we got ditched by hudson.. we were gonna take him in the
morning because he said in the afternoon didnt work for him... but he
didnt go.. said he was too tired. so it was a rough start to the day.
But lunch was good... then after we had a couple of good lessons, then
it was off to church. We had a meeting before church, then church
started. We had Larice there with her brother and a few others so it
was a blessing to have people at church. Marcyjane was there as well.
We had a good meeting and the last person to give a talk was amazing.
He is the president of institute.. i think.. and he talked about being
the light of the world. How Christ is our light in this dark world and
yeah it was a great talk. Also this was the first sunday i saw
president there... I gave him a call during the week to ask about the
endorsement thing... i am actually getting to know him better and i
respect him a lot more as my president.. there is a lot of people that
didnt like him... but really the mission has changed a lot. Everyone
is working hard and president is recognizing it and it has been pretty
awesome the change.

So things are good here and only getting better. I have been trying to
eat better too haha i bought 1 kilo of granola and i like to eat it
with yogurt. its good. And i also wanted to give a shout out to Talia!
happy birthday this week! love ya.

One other thing.. i did hear that i got my package, but he hasnt given
it to me yet... ill get it this week i hope. I also need to do
something for grandma Smoot that she sent in a letter. She asked me to
write my feelings about the book of mormon.. So i just want to say
that i have seen the difference it makes in people´s lives. It brings
a peace and happiness upon those who read it, and these blessings come
from the spirit that we feel when we are reading a book inspired by
God. It brings a spirit that inspires a desire to change and become a
better person. The book of Mormon is a divine testimony that Jesus is
the Christ and is our Savior. It is a witness and a proof that Joseph
Smith was called of God as a Prophet to restore the True Church once
again to the earth. And It leads us to know that this is the true
church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. When you read, ponder and
pray about The Book of Mormon and receive a witness that it is a true
book, you will without a doubt know these simple truths.

Also had one more question... i have a friend (elder augusto) that
wants to know how foreign students can go to BYU and if there is a
scholarship for them so they dont have to pay.. just a question.

Well thanks again, have a great week.

Elder SMoot

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