Monday, January 16, 2012

Wk 76 - Happy martin luther king jr. day


Ponte Estaiada in Teresina


Area: Teresina Horto 2
Companion: Elder Lima

So i realize i have a few other things to get together real fast so
let me just tell ya real quick about this past week.

Tuesday we had district meeting... and guess where??? Back to Cidade
Jardim. If you remember when i was in satélite we were going there
too. So it was easy for me to find this time. We had a way good lunch
that a member made... and it was a man that made it. Impressive right?
He used to work making food or something so he knows really well how
to make food. We then visited a recent convert that elder stewart
baptized that lived close by, then went to marcos, who lives close as
well and we marked his baptism for sunday... so we taught him the word
of wisdom. We then met up with a member who is 17 years old and we
taught his sister, who is a less active and ended up going to church
on sunday! i was really happy about that. We taught another man named
Rainier who we have been teaching... but he is kind of wishy washy.

Wednesday we went to a members house to do a service project... we
were trying to gain some confidence and trust from the members. We had
a good time spreadin out dirt and we moved a big pile of rocks from
one place to another... I really enjoyed it actually. it was similar
work to what i did in construction with taylor... good times. just one
problem. the lady has like 3 or 4 17, 16 and 18 year old young men in
the house and they didnt help us at all... lazy. I was a little upset
about that cuz they were inside playing video games and doing nothing
and we were outside working... then we called one of them later and
asked if he could do a division with us and said he couldnt cause he
had to stay home and help with the construction... hmmmm. yeah it was
stupid. But we had a decent day. We taught Marcos again and he said
his dad gave him permission to baptize on sunday. We met up with a
recent convert named domingos and we taught marcyjane there. She had
filled out all of the pamphlets that we gave her, about the
restauration and what not, and she was well prepared.. she´ll get
baptized hopefully in a week or two. We got a ride home in the car too
from a person that elder stewart baptized.

Thursday we had lunch and after some neighbor showed up and talked
about how she is a sinner, but god still loves her so she doesnt need
to go to church.... waste of time but whatever it happens. We had a
young man named George stop us in the road and said he is a member of
the church and wants to go back... so we passed on sunday and we went
to church with him and he grabbed one other less active member... it
was pretty cool! We taught another investigator named Emílio about the
Plan of Salvation (i even used that little puzzle you sent to me mom!)
and it was good... just that he is really wishy washy as well. Then
came the rain. We got soaked! we tried to wait it out, but lost
patience. we but are bags in a plastic sack and took off. we went to
teach marcyjane again. She again had filled out the pamphlets and was
doing well. We taught her the plan of salvation as well.

Friday we had another good lunch and we talked to a guy that served a
mission in Rio and got back like 10 months ago and is married... it
was fun to talk about the mission. We then had 5 members walk with us
the whole afternoon. They took us to their friends houses and we
taught a bunch of new people.. it was awesome! ive never had that
before.. we met a new family and lots of new investigators. And after,
we got a ride home in the car!

Saturday was pretty tough.. Its close to the end of the week and
everyone is in the bars drinking and doing whatever. We did get to
talk to marcos and rosa and what not... but the day was really slow.
We talked to marcyjane as well again and she had filled out the plan
of salvation pamphlet... i read a scripture in mosiah that pretty much
said, what is keeping you from getting baptized... and her doubt was
pretty cool. She won a beauty pagaent in Her city of miguel alves and
was going to compete in the MIss Piauí pagent... her doubt or concern
was that she had to wear a bikini in the swim wear part or something
and she didnt know if she couldnt do that as a member of the church...
and we had never said anything about it. So we explained the law of
chastity and what not and talked about how the church counsels it. She
understood and said something like, ya know, the miss piaui could take
me to nowhere if i dont win, but the baptism is for sure gonna take me
somewhere good. It was a good talk and hopefully she´ll get baptized
soon. We then had a meeting at the church and we got lost so it took
like 40 minutes to get there.... somedays im just sick of walking.

Sunday we went to visit francisca in the morning and there was some
dude that showed up and said she didnt want anymore and gave us back
the book of mormon and all of the pamphlets.... it was wierd. Then we
had lunch then went to marcos. He was doing good and we taught him
about the baptismal interview. Everything was set for the baptism. We
went and visited a couple more people then went to get george and his
friend lásaro to come back to church. WE passed at marcos´s house on
the way there and he was trying to hide from us. he wasnt ready to go
then ran inside and told his drunk dad to come tell us that the
baptism wasnt gonna work out today... so it fell through. we got to
church late and a little bummed... but there were a few investigators
that came that were a miracle... it was all good. I saw a couple of
people there from Satélite as well. anyway we taught a couple of men,
Dominos´s brothers, after church which was alright.

today we woke up to rain!! it was awesome. THere is a nice cool breeze
comin through here and it will be nice to just chill today.

Things are goin good and i appreciate the support! love you.

Elder Smoot

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