Monday, January 2, 2012

Wk 74 - 2012

--me, pires, and cunha
-Last goodbyes

--how things used to be....

--Christmas from Brasil


-Morris, me, cunha, yorgason

--me and elder olson eatin sushi

--a swiss chocolate (the rocha family had a relative visit them from

--a local store of lembranças

--porto das barcas

--a christmas display

--clappin doors

--Fábio and Wesley

-Viviane´s baptism

--iverson was in the hospital this past week
Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Cunha

Well this week was pretty insane... or maybe that was just today...
but its been good so far! It was good to hear from you all and hear
what you are up to... I love the videos dad and mom those pics were
pretty sweet! haha thats awesome that bailey passed by.. im excited to
see him again.

Monday we played soccer....... just this time was Elder Cunha´s last p
day and we dominated! there are a lot of people that come to the
church court to play that arent members and there are some good
players... but they play king of the court style. We played for about
2 hours straight and we didnt lose one game! ive never played better
soccer in my life. i think i made at least 10 goals and i was actually
playin it up with the brasilians... it was sweet! but we were dead at
the end haha.

Well the usual routine started on tuesday with the district meeting...
last district meeting for elder Cunha. That was an awesome district
that we had here. Elder Olson gave a training about teaching people,
not lessons. After lunch i went on division with Elder Pires.. We
visited Fábio, then to his friend Wesley. Wesley wasnt home so we
talked to the mom a little... she still wont let him get baptized. We
taught a dude that moved about a week ago from Rio de janeiro... his
name is Vitor. They have a funny accent so it was cool, and elder
Pires lived in the neighboring state so it was fun for him to talk to
him... We taught viviane then went home... when we got home, we got a
call from viviane and she told elder cunha that she wanted to get
baptized! it was good news.

Wednesday we were given money to make lunch, so me and elder olson
went at it. We made rice, beans (whats a meal without it?!) I made a
mashed potatoe salad thing and he made omelets, with a little chicken
thing as well... turned out pretty good. The day was pretty rough...
we only got to teach fábio and Viviane during the day.... In between
christmas and new years, it is pretty slow moving here... especially
as missionaries.

Thursday we again taught fábio to keep him going good... he kind of
lives in a rough area with a lot of drinking, drugs, and loud reggae
music so we like to visit often to make sure he´s ok. later we had to
do a division so the zone leaders could do an interview for viviane...
i went with elder paz and my comp stayed. We went to some family night in his area. My comp
came later and we went back to viviane´s and she gave us pizza.

Friday we taught fabio and wesley again... They are quite the
characters... i just hope we can keep fabio strong. We cleaned the
baptismal font and got the baptism ready... Viviane had her neighbors
come... two little girls that have been coming to church and their
mom. The one little girl that is 10 years old whispered to me and
said, ´how can i be baptized.... i really want to´ it was cool. It was
good that viviane was setting the example for her.

Saturday we went to branch 4 real quick to say bye to Elder Yorgason
and Elder Morris... two happy guys. they are a lot of fun and made a
good part of our district. We had lunch then i went with elder olson
on division. We taught some people in his area, but it was difficult
because everyone was getting ready for new years. It got to the point
where noone was wanting anything anymore, so we bought sushi... it was
dang expensive! but totally worth it... we had a good time. We then
went to President Rocha´s who had a barbeque and gave us some food for
new years, then took us home. I got up on the roof at midnight to see
all the fireworks and stuff it was pretty cool...and the neighbors
turned on some good U2 music so it was a good start to the year haha.

Sunday we had church from 9 to 10.. just one hour like last week.
Viviane got confirmed and it was Elder Cunha´s last sunday. It was
cool because there was people who were on vacation that were there
from his last area and it was a good meeting. he bore his testimony
and i did too.. usually not something i like to do, but it was good.
It is a new year and it has been good so far. We taught viviane and
her sister one last time, then went to lunch. Lunch was pretty
interesting! it was rice, and some Cow intestine soup thing... i dont
know how to explain it... little chopped up peices of stomach and
intestine... there was a wierd smell to it and it was very chewy....
but just do it! It wasnt TOO bad... but not what i would eat everyday.
haha We taught Laís, then fabio and wesley and he gave his last
goodbye´s to everyone.

Today we had viviane´s dad drop elder cunha and me off at the bus
station at 6 30 in the morning... we had our last good byes with elder
olson and pires and we got back home and got calls about
transfers........... IM GOING BACK TO TERESINA... this time in the
presidents ward....i heard our assistents
are changing as well...

anyway im pretty sad... we gotta go pack and clean the house... Elder
Olson is going to imperatriz and elder Pires is going to teresina as
well... im gonna be a comp to some newer guy that has like 4 months..
his name is elder lima...

Have a good week and make it a good start to a new year!

Elder Smoot

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