Monday, October 24, 2011

Wk 64 - Weekly letter

-Nonato and adriano

The Post office
-i know its hard to tell... but im like way taller than anyone there
our pet tarantula... lasted like 3 days before we couldnt stand him anymore

i wanted to climb up that ladder and get a coconut..

skateboarding again.

-me and joão Gabriel

me and irmão vitor

-long day... had to drink a coke.

-it rained!
Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Arrant

Well hello again…. It was good to hear from you, as usual.. I still
don’t like this internet thing… ugh. Its kind of boring… but ill keep
doing it for you mom. You asked me to and I told you I would… but
sounded like your week was pretty cool. I loved the videos of ruger..
haha looks like a stud! And byu football is still doing better? That’s
good to hear as well. School is going and all… sounds like fun. And
baseball… just like always.

Well this week was a little different…. Kind of…. Tuesday did not
start with district meeting! Haha. There were some transfers so we
didn’t have time to do it. We had lunch as usual, but we had Elder
Yorgason (he is from west valley, ut) with us because he and elder
amaral were waiting for their companions to get there. Me and Elder
Arrant were the only two to stay together in Parnaíba this transfer.
We played a little guitar at lunch cause they had one.. that was fun.
Its little things like that that keep us goin. We went with João Paulo
to a school fair his school was doing… that was interesting. It talked
about pollution because that is a huge problem here. We visited Nonato
and his brother Adriano… it was a tough day to work, even though we
got a couple of visits in. we went to irmã ivanez´s house and she
taught us how to do a cool dessert. She gave us lunch on Wednesday and
wanted to teach us how to make the dessert the day before. We went to
visit Tiago who wasn’t home and later a lady from our ward called us
over to eat….. Chicken noodle soup! I don’t know what it was, but
that’s what it basically was. It was good. And she gave us ice cream…
good stuff.

Wednesday we had lunch with that dessert we made before… it was an ice
cream type thing… pretty good. We went to João paulos to talk to his
mom… she wont let him baptize yet so we have to talk to her to get her
to let him get baptized… its been tough. We visited a recent convert,
chagas and his daughter… she was baptized about 6 months ago. They
gave us coke and cookies… not the best mix but whatever. We had a
lesson with joelda. It is a lesson that we used cups and knifes and 3
things that represent prayer, going to church, and reading the
scriptures. It´s how we get a testimony and keep strong in the church…
it is a good one. Then we visited Alan.. we were lucky to find him at

Thursday we visited raimundo, who was a member in a different city,
but now he is going back to the church after a couple of years. We
passed by bruno´s house to go to another appointment and it started
raining. We stayed there until it stopped, then we got a ride on the
back of a truck to cross a stream of water that was passing because of
the rain. We had a meeting and it was a nice cool night because of the

Friday we went to joão Paulo, then we went to bruno´s to teach teresa
cristina. Teresa just got back from São Luis and brought back peanut
butter. They had it in a walmart there.. well its called bom preço but
it’s the same as wal mart. So we had bruno go get bread and jam… but
it ended up being mocotó with flavoring of strawberry.. it looks like
jam, but its made of cow hoof and horn.. it wasn’t that good. Anyway,
Teresa was reading and wanted help again and read moroni 7… she said
it helped. She is an elite investigator. We visited a lady named dona
graça, and then I did a division with elder albequerque. My comp had
to do some interviews and I went with another elder that is pretty
crazy… very just… weird guy.. but he´s funny. He went home for a while
and just came back to the mission. We taught Joelda and it was pretty
good. She came to church on Sunday.

Saturday we had lunch at vitor´s, it was good. We split up with the
zone leaders because they wanted to do some sort of interviews for
us…. Baptismal interviews. Anyway, I stayed at the chapel and helped
cleaned up for their baptism later… then we talked to joão Paulo, then
went to ciro and Vanessa. They live in the zone leaders area, but we
were divided so I got to go. They are getting close to a wedding and
it will be cool when they finally get that! And no we didn’t baptize
this Saturday… but we should this next week I hope.

Sunday we went to get people for church.. and everyone we went to
wasn’t home or couldn’t go… it was not cool. But we had 6 people
there! It was nice. We visited João and a less active member and his
family.. his name is Lindomar. We had Vitor with us as well which was
awesome. Anyway, later we met up with a kid named Weeltyone as well.
He just moved from a different ward and stopped us in the road and
said that he wanted to be baptized… or was thinking about it… pretty

Anyway, it was a good, long week and I just feel this way every week….
I get to p day just spent and it works out perfect… thank goodness for
p day. Today we are going to chill and play cards, wash clothes,
sweep, then play soccer a little later.. should be good.

Well have an awesome week… I´ll try to do the same.

Love ya

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