Monday, October 17, 2011

Wk 63 - Another week

--ridin the bike, brasilian style

-i wrote my name on a wall... haha it was someones wall and they
pulled into their house when i was doin it... we had to go back to
take a picture

--makin cookies for junior´s birthday

--Tell me he doesnt look like uncle travis...brasilian style


--At lunch on sunday the four missionaries from our house and Bruno a member

--junior linhares... he lives in rio grande do sul

--ADAM SANDLER?? this is wilson that we have taught in the past.... he
looks like adam sandler

Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Arrant

Well your emails were awesome! thanks. hope bailey´s homecoming was
good... i loved the pics and the video. he´s the man. And Tayton, keep
up the good work bro! i loved hearin about your baseball games. And
Byu is doin better now? haha serves them right. they changed their
quarter back right?

Tuesday was district meeting... we talked about finding new this week we were gonna do a lot more contacting
and searching for news. we had a pretty far lunch, which is pretty
normal, it just stinks for me and my comp because we go way into the
other area and have to come all the way back and down into our
area.... oh well. its food right? We got back and had a member with
us, João Vitor, and we went to go teach his friend Brendon. We had a
really good lesson about the Book of Mormon and we watched the
Restoration DVD. This kid will get baptized pretty quick if his mom
doesnt get in the way... he is 14. We then went to see felipe, the kid
a baptized a year ago, and this time was cool because we ended up
talking to his whole family... well his mom and her boyfriend as
well... it was a good lesson, but its gonna be a lot of work to get
them to church and all. We taught Joelda, who is about 21ish, and she
is pretty cool. We have taught her a few times now. and we went to see
Junior Linhares who lives in Rio Grande do Sul, but is originally from
here in parnaiba. He was here to get a surgery done.

Wednesday was a holiday here... Dia das Crianças... or in other words
Childrens day.... dumb holiday if you ask me. oh well. So it was
pretty empty. but we taught joao paulo.... we tried to teach in the
afternoon but we didnt have much success... we went to teach maria de
jesus but she was busy preparing for a party so we helped her blow up
balloons.... and the afternoon was spent making contacts. and at
night, it was junior´s b day so we went and made him cookies.

Thursday we had our weekly planning... later we visited brendon with
joao vitor the member... he had some friends over so we taught them
all. We visited Joelda to make sure she was reading and praying... we
came back friday cause she had more time. We finally got ahold of Alan
so we had a good talk with him... and we ended at Prado´s house, but
we just talked to his wife valda that was there.

Friday we taught Joao Paulo with his mom.. we have been talking about
baptism but he cant get baptized without permission.... his mom still
didnt agree but we´ll keep workin with him. We had a far lunch, but it
was a nice place so it was worth it... funny story. So in many
brasilian houses after lunch or whatever they will ask if you wanna
take a shower to cool off or something.. we always deny... but i was
always curious if they really let you. so she offered if we wanted to
take a shower at this lunch and i accepted... she gave me a towel
haha. it was nice. We spent the day visiting all the people we
contacted on wednesday.. and they were all home! miracle. we saw
junior again and at night we visited Joelda with her sister Josieda.
We taught them about my two favorite things. Because of Christs
sacrifice we can be forgiven of our sins, and that our families can
last forever... good lesson.

Saturday we had lunch, and then went to go visit a contact. She wasnt
home so we talked to her son. it was good. we had our english class
which is really fun. and at night we visited Tiago who is a new

Sunday we had a huge Round-up to get investigators to church. We got 7
to church! it was pretty cool. It is hard to get people to church, but
we did well this week. we walked a lot to get people there and had a
couple come on their own! it was nice. We had lunch that was about 2+
miles away.. we spent a while walking and all... we got back to our
area finally, and it was a rough day. we even took 2 members with us
to visit and nobody was home or could talk to us at the moment... it
was a long day. All i can say is that as soon as i got home, i was
ready for p day...

Thanks for the emails again. i love to hear whats goin on and i love
pics. love ya,

Elder Smoot

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