Monday, October 10, 2011

Wk 62 - TGIP-day

me and João Gabriel (Vitor´s son)
skateboardin at bruno´s
the sand dune that Wagner took us to
-footprints up the sand dune
-The wind on the sand dune was insane
backflip... yeah we got a little dirty up there


some surf dude we saw... and got his address to go teach him.
Prado and Kayque.. cool family we teach
The catholic party we passed
-In doggão with elder martinez, jorge lucas, joão vitor, elder
arrant, eu, and elder amaral
me elder amaral and elder pearson! (he got sick this past week...
the doctor made him stay for the night.)
me elder arrant and teresa cristina
some street
Wagner me and elder arrant.. wagner speaks really good english
our lunch... hot dogs and mashed potatoes... yum

Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Arrant

Well im really glad its P day... its a day that we can take a little
stress off of our backs. But as i was thinkin.... i got an email from
matt tenney and man.... i would rather stay out here than go home!!! i
gotta live it up while i still can. Oh and go to Elder Bailey´s
homecoming... i wanna hear how it was.

This week was decent. some good days... some not so good. but overall
good week. Tuesday i officially hit 14 months! sometimes it seems like
i just started... others seems like this mission will never end.
either way, im glad im still here. the day started as usual with
District meeting... it was a holiday in Parnaíba so it was pretty
empty in the city... but because of that, we had a very good lunch
because the family had a lot more time to prepare it... it was very
good. Since we didnt have a ton to do because everyone was gone, we
went to visit our friend wagner... he lives just over the bridge and
you actually have to take a bus to get there... the bus that heads
toward the beach. (you get off about 10km before the beach though)
Anyway, we talked to him then he went and showed us a big mountain of
sand that was close to his house... thus the sand dune pics. he is a
cool guy and speaks english fluently. He has a very interesting style,
but a very good guy. We came back and taught Prado. We talked about
conference and the importance of prophets. at night, we went to go get
hamburgers at a place called Dogão. They were a little expensive, but
very good. We had to walk through a big Catholic party though because
it was a saint holiday.... everyone here is catholic.

Wednesday we did a division. I went with elder amaral to my area. it
was a pretty tough day to work. i think we passed in about 10 houses
during the day, but only 2 were home. the others were just a waste of
energy. we spent most of the day walkin. we did teach maria de jesus
and prado though which was good. we also visited elder pearson who was
at the hospital... he wasnt feeling good but was fine when we went...
it was funny because the doctor made him stay the night.

Thursday was pretty much the same as wednesday. we walked a lot and
almost noone was home. But we did find some dudes in the street
playing volleyball... so we challenged them to a game.. they played a
lot, but we are american ya know... haha just messin. but ya we beat
them pretty good. we were a lot bigger than them... but they were
really suprised that two dudes in church clothes could beat them after
they practice all the time.. they were like 16 years old. Anyway, even
the members werent home. bruno wasnt home when we knocked, karate
class fell through when we showed up with kayque, Vitor couldnt leave
with us, but finally we saw alan and we taught him. again, another
great lesson, but he didnt go to church and i havent found him at home
since then.

Friday morning we taught João Paulo. he´s doin good and keeps going to
church and stuff... so i think he´ll be baptized soon. we still have
to talk to his mom though. We had a great lunch at Bruno´s house.
after lunch we even tried to ride his skateboard.. that was cool but
im not very good at it. We had a good day though. we taught francisco,
who is 13 and just a kid i started talking to in the street. We talked
to him, his mom, and his older brother. Then we met up with Teresa
Cristina. She cant meet up with us often and not at her house, so we
went to a members house to talk. Then we taught Joelda who was there
with her sister josieda who is a recent convert. it was a good lesson,
but i dont know if she went to the afternoon ward with her sister...
we´ll see tomorow when we go teach her.

Saturday was a basic saturday. we had lunch at irmã gorete´s. she
forgot about lunch so me and elder arrant had to take her bikes to the
store and buy a chicken, that was fun. We had jonathan come with us,
he is kinda annoying but he is good for helpin us, we went and visited
that surfer guy that i took a picture with.. he is kind of not doing
anything with his life, but he said he´ll go to church next sunday..
guess we´ll see. We then had english class... that was a lot of fun.
We have some people, one of them is wagner-the rocker dude, and they
speak english very well. we just talk and they ask us questions. that
is the advanced class. After english class we went to prado´s and
watched the restoration DVD. good day.

Sunday was good as well. We had João paulo in church again. After
church we had lunch at prado´s house. he did lunch, then a churrasco
(meat)(assado), and he had a guy from scotland there, and gave us
dessert afterward. It was a fun lunch and a good time. We had João
vitor and jorge lucas do visits with us. We visited a man named
francisco and we marked his baptism for the 22nd. Oh, and i was on
another division but this time with elder Martinez. And we visited one
of joão vitors friends from school named Brendon. it was a good lesson
and he will go to church next sunday. anyway it was a good day and a
good end to the week.

All i gotta say is TGIP-day. Every week you end just dead and p day
just saves you.. its nice. Well, i hope you also had a good week. it
sounds like BYU is doin ok... thanks for the updates. anyway it sounds
like the cold weather is movin in... lucky!! its just hot here... as
always. anyway, have a good, colder than mine, week! love ya.

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