Monday, September 19, 2011

Wk 59 - Hello again.

Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Arrant

well... its been a pretty long, yet quick week as usual... it sounds
like you guys are doin good though.. sorry to hear about your finger
dad. thats never too fun. sounds like ruger is doin good.. what a
stud. cant wait to meet him some day.

-Let me just say this.. preach my gospel is one of the
most inspired books that the church has. it is very clear and direct
on your purpose on the mission... if you want to have success you will
follow that book. The book itself is an inspiration, but it mostly
teaches you to follow your personal inspiration. a great talk in the
last conference was by Elder Bednar (who by the way is coming to my
mission in november) and it talks about revelation from the spirit.
Many times the mission is a difficult place, but when we follow the
preach my gospel and seek inspiration by praying, fasting, obeying the
rules (even though it is nearly impossible to be perfect), and
seeking inspiration... that is when you will be a succesful
missionary. The preach my gospel nights were some of the most
memorable nights i have of the priests quorom...right along with
boating and ice berg... but it was an activity that is guaranteed to
help any young man preparing for a mission. You will be able to
practice in the MTC with confidence because you have already practiced
and thus you will go into the mission field better prepared. The
Preach my Gospel says it all... but the last part of this title,
because it was taken from a scripture in D&C, says that we need to
Preach the Gospel (not our gospel, but the lords
) BY THE SPIRIT. If you follow the guidlines in the Preach my Gospel,
you are guaranteed to become a better person and have more success in
your mission.

By the Parnaiba River

part of the last package!

Hammock time!
Where 4 Elders sleep

smoot, arrant, martinez, amaral,
ferreira, tomé, larsen, ribeiro...(all in the same house-
not sure who's who!)

Elder ?, Arrant, & Smoot
Well to tell you about my week.... it was the routine. same old same old haha.

Last p day, like this one, we played soccer... we are playing a lot
now. me and my comp like to practice at home, even though we are
american and arent that great... we practice soccer and arm wrestles..
he is a pretty strong kid and was a lot stronger before the mish, but
we have a good time and we are gettin pretty good.... i think.

Tuesday we had the district meetintg... its pretty chill. we had a
long walk after that though. Our lunch was on one side and our area
was on the other... it was a lot of walking. but it was alright... we
talked to a lot of people but not a very fruitful or successful
day..which made it drag a little.

Wednesday was good. we had a good lunch and a member showed us this
lady that has gone away from the church... it was a good lesson with
her. and we met up with a lady that stopped us in the street (i think
i already mentioned her before) maria de jesus. She is cool, but deaf,
so our lessons are basically pointing and writing stuff down on a
peace of paper. and we also met this man named paulo who is cool and
has a sister living in france that is a member of the church. He has
some very cool dogs too, which is rare, and a big white wolf looking
dog... anyway it was a good talk with him, but he has a big problem
with drinking.

Thursday we had our weekly planning, had lunch, we met with gorete who
is a lady i used to teach when i was here, and then we ran some
errands real quick and the rest of the day was pretty slow.

Friday we walked and then some. our lunch was super far in the other
area. we went and got tiago, from campo maior, then he went with us to
basically the other end of our area.. but it was fun. we had a good
visit and later i found ciro and vanessa´s house and i think it might
be part of the other branch now that they moved.. but they are cool
and it was a miracle that i found him.. he saw me passing one day in
the road and told me to pass by.. nobody new where he went when he
moved... so that was cool.

Saturday we left early in the morning to this irmãs house who offered
to wash our hammocks for us... she is so cool! she gave us 10 reais to
buy breakfast as well... her name is irmã lurdes and she is a big help
to us and is very cool. i think her son, jorge lucas, added dad on
facebook... they are a good family and they dont have a dad... anyway
we had a good lunch and then we met some awesome investigators that
were contacts of other missionaries. We met first, Teresa Cristina.
She is 19 and is very smart and is studying and said she hasnt
switched religion yet because she hasnt found the right church... and
she willingly went to church on sunday with us... she was cool. Also
we met prado.. prado has past cancer and is very beat up looking. Very
willing to do the lords will and he also went to church on sunday and
loved it... it was awesome. And at night we had our english class.
good saturday.

Sunday was cool with the people in church. We met with Prado after
lunch and he talked to us for a while which was cool. We had a meeting
at the church about missionary work. They put in more missionaries
here in parnaíba so no the whole church focus here is to get the
branch to grow... this sunday in particular has been one of the
fullest sundays anyone has ever seen in our ward... it was cool. As
far as baptisms are going... its still tough.. but we are doing our

Well thats about my routine haha.... it was a good week and time is
passing by pretty quick here... have a good one.

elder smoot

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