Monday, September 12, 2011

Wk 58 - Hammock time!!


Elder Smoot & Arrant

Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Arrant

Wow sounds like life is good! the baseball is still a rockin and
sounds like the big rugster is a stud. thanks for sendin pics! i love
them..sounds like dusty had some accident?? thats not good... that
reminds me of that one time he went blind... i miss our dogs. most of
the dogs here are gross and diseased. i love animals but here you
never know what they are carrying with them. BYU football has started
already! thats crazy.. too bad they didnt beat texas that would have
been cool. I guess elder gessel knows the byu quaterback... he said he
is a little cocky haha. funny stuff.. well im good with everything for
now.. im loving the package! thanks mom.

Well.... its funny because working in the same area, im seeing some of
the same difficulties we had before! but i have a good comp that we
help each other and we are doing good. my comp is elder arrant and he
is from hooper, ut. He loves hunting and is a pretty cool kid. i think
he lives up by russell smoot?? or something. up in that direction.

last p day was pretty cool... we went and visited a few places, the
bridge and stuff.. then went to play cards, phase 10, at tiago´s
house! so yes i have seen tiago haha he is in my branch.

tuesday we got back into the swing of things with district meeting. my
district is me my comp, elder martinez and elder amaral. We went to
lunch at the branch pres. house. they had a guitar there that was
pretty cool. I have learned a lot on the guitar and am excited to get
home and play more. We went to work pretty good and it was tough. We
walked a lot, but we found a less active girl that i knew before, i
saw bruno again, and we pretty much talked to random people in the
street all day.. We were on our way home and an irmã from the ward was
eating and she called us over from the street and bought us espetinhos
from the restaurant, i think they are shishcabobs in english??, and a
fanta soda.. it was sweet. the people are really awesome here when you
make friends.

Wednesday was brasil´s independence day... and we woke up to a nice
cool breeze outside... so because we have 8 people at the house, 3 of
us sleep outside in our hammocks. its me, my comp, and elder larsen.
Every night we have hammock time.... its the bomb... everynight is
just the best time ever because we are so ready for sleep. and
outside gets nice and chilly so its awesome. we visited joão paulo and
nayara in the morning to help them with english and their mom gave us
lunch! thats cool and all, but we already had a lunch marked... so we
had a 1st lunch, then a 2nd lunch haha. it was funny. it was kinda
hard to work because of the holiday, but it was alright. we had vitor,
a member, go with us and we had a visit to a lady named maria de
jesus... she had stopped us in the road and said she had talked to the
missionaries before and wanted more visits... there are many times
here that i have seen people come up to us and ask to hear about the
church.. i thought that was really interesting mom because i recognize
that it happens a lot more after you mentioned that prayer thing...
thought that was cool.

thursday we had lunch at luziano´s which is good because he owns a
restaurant thing so we go eat there. We worked and met some people
that the missionaries were teaching... but they didnt go to church and
i can tell they dont want anything so that was a bummer. And we met
francisco... he has a lot of potencial in the church, but his parents
are catholic and were saying stuff to him so its gonna be a tough

Friday president and the new assistents (Elder gessel and Elder Vitor)
came to parnaiba. they did a leadership training so i went with elder
larsen and amaral to lunch at bruno´s. it was a good lunch and a lot
of fun. We visited felipe, the kid i baptized, and then went to go
get our comps back. me and elder arrant went to visit a guy that got
baptized about a year ago that i used to visit... it was alright.

Saturday we split again. my comp went to go do an interview with elder
martinez and i went with amaral to teach joão paulo and nayara. we met
up after and went to lunch. We met up with wilson after and he is a
good guy that also has some potential... but until now i dont think he
is understanding how important the church is... cuz he didnt go.
Anyway, at night we taught english and its really fun... another cool
story. 2 men stopped us in the last week and asked us about this
class, and actually came!! then they asked about the church and how
they could learn more about it.... Elder Chiba helped set this english
class up and it is awesome... lots of success. then we stayed and
watched elder martinez´s baptism.

Sunday we walked to pick people up for church... but nobody went... so
church was good, but i was a little dissappointed that noone went.
Lunch after was really good and all at irmã ceres. we started working
and we visited francisco at an irmã´s house here... after she had
prepared food for us.. but we were fasting! it was tought but she sent
it home with us in some tubberware. After we visited a few more, and
vitor with his wife ione... we got home and a member dropped off a
cake for us too!! everyone was offering food to us... it was hard...
and funnier than this.. we are here at this lan house and the sweet
lady that lives here, its just in the front of her house, just came
out and gave us soda... we decided we were done and just drank it.
funny stuff!! gotta love it.

ok so ive been studying the past conference... and i like some good
talks that are good motivation... especially for people thinking about
missions. Elder oaks-desire. and elder anderson - preparing the world
for the 2nd coming.

I've been trying new fruit.. cajú was a recent one... it was alright.
and i tried jambo... that one was pretty good but i didnt think it was
amazing... the fruits are really cool here and there are a ton of
different ones.

just wondering...people were asking what americans eat... i dont
really know?? what do we eat. and some wanted some simple or cheap
meals they could make... anyway, if you have any ideas let me know.

well i love you and sounds like things are going good.. make it an amazing week.

elder smoot

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