Monday, September 5, 2011

Wk 57 - Parnaíba...once again

---on the bus with elder larsen!!! going to parnaiba... we got an
executive bus... the seats were huge!! 2 seats on one side... 1 on
the other of the aisle.. it was a good ride
-entering the zoo
--the lion king.
--everyone there
--cool bird
--black, bailey me, rudolphi... coke
--the river
--at the river
--iguana love
---cool monkey
--in the center of teresina
--me bailey and helton.. leaving teresina
--at the bus station... 40 celcius = 104 F
--i got my package!! thanks mom...
Area: Parnaíba
Companion: Elder Arrant you have heard. im in parnaiba again. Im in the same area
too! but the area was divided so i am only in half of the area. My
companion is elder arrant from hooper, UT. another american! and he is
a good guy. so this time will be a lot different in parnaiba. I was
pretty disappointed at first, but now it wont be too bad. I have seen
a few people i was teaching in the past who got baptized and are
really good members in the church now!! that is very cool and makes me
very happy. So im sorry i didnt get many pics of them this week... but
next week ill get some pics for sure..

so the week went like this.... as you saw on monday we went to the
zoo... it was a lot of fun and very chill. We met up with elder
Crittenden, gonçalves, black, rudolphi, larsen, and coelho. It was a
very relaxing place with some cool animals.

Tuesday we went to district meeting, but the others didnt know we were
going to have it, so we hung out, talked a little about what was going
on in our areas and then we ended up staying in cidade jardim to eat
lunch. When we got back, we went to work, me and elder bailey, and we
taught daniela, who is an old investigator and one day will get
baptized i think, and then lediane, who sells dvds and we talked to
her about the book of mormon, and then with jancy. jancy is a cool guy
with a family of 3 kids and we just started teaching about christ and
how joseph smith restored the church... pretty basic, but very good

Wednesday we went to lunch, like normal, after we talked to maria das
Graças and then over to cassios mom Nice because she lived close....
just a normal day ya know? we went down to a member named juliana, the
angel of this ward (ALWAYs happy and there to help someone and never
talks bad on anyone... which is rare here), we taught her cousin....
right after we taught her cousin we got a call from a few missionaries
that were getting transfered... from cidade jardim, from elder black
in campo maior, and from crittenden and his companion.... so we
thought, because we didnt get a call, that we were staying and i was
going to be the last comp of elder bailey.... so we kept visiting and
we met with dailane and then went home... we get home and gessel was
all asking if we were ok and we were fine. Then he said, ´you better
get packing´.... he didnt know that we hadnt been told yet! it
sucked... we got the news at like 10 so i was up washing clothes and
packing till about 1 am...

Thursday morning we got up early and said bye to everyone.... a few
people started crying, but you know... we tend to have that affect on
people haha just messin. We had to go to the center for bailey´s ear
appointment, then we came back and helton gave me 30 reais to get a
taxi.. that guy is a stud. So i went to the bus station, helton met us
there, i got on the bus and was traveling all day to parnaiba... it
was so nice when i got there. i forgot about the wind and i still
havent used a fan since ive been here... i saw elder iverson and all
and im excited to be here.... oh and quick note... my first comp is
here again too... just he is in another house... the house of elder
iverson. im back in the same house, but this time with 8 missionaries.
they uped the number of missionaries because they want to make a stake
here in parnaíba in the next year or so.

Friday we studied then the other missionaries marked to teach english
at this ladies class.... so we went as guests to talk to some people
in english. we grabbed some addresses too so it was cool. we had a
good lunch with açerola juice, amazing by the way, and then went to go
get to know the area. i found a bunch of members houses ive already
passed and it was kinda fun... especially now that i can speak
português!! Anyway it was pretty fun to see everyone again.

Saturday we had another good lunch then we went to go do interviews
cause my comp is district leader... we visited another guy that i used
to talk to, then went to the church to teach english... some class at
the church that elder chiba started... everyone here misses elder
chiba a lot, so we gotta do good here to not mess up what he has
started. AFter, the other guys had a baptism and we stayed and

Sunday we went to go get some people to go to church... and we already
lost an investigator we were teaching... but its ok. We went to
church, which was good and fast and testimony meeting, then we went to
lunch. It was fun to catch up with everyone, especially the people
that i started teaching and found in the street and that are still
going to church! We spent the afternoon trying to get people in the
afternoon ward and we did get a few... so it was fun. We stayed pretty
close to the chapel and just talked to a bunch of people in the
street... cause we dont know who to visit. Anyway, it was a good day.

im glad its p day cause im pretty tired..

Well, thats about it for me... sounds like life is still going for you
guys. those pics were awesome mom! Jade looks pretty dang tall... but
now in this new house i have a pull up bar, my ab wheel, pushups, jump
rope...etc. And my headaches have gone away, im just taking it is slow
and easy at first and ill work back into it... so i think im still
gonna be bigger... sorry jade. i still love you though. Tayton sounds
like things are going good and jenna as well.. you are all just
awesome people and i cant wait to get back... but for now im way
excited to be here as well... it is difficult and hard work, but i am
enjoying making new friends and learning a lot of new things... its

live life to its fullest this week.

elder smoot

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