Monday, July 18, 2011

Wk 50 - My weekly letter

Lustosa's baptism
-baptism... Lustosa... Helton... Helton´s sister

with elder Rodrigues in Cidade Jardim
division in Cidade Jardim.. playing volleyball
-Cassio.. left on the mission this week.
the flute playing indians...Live! It was pretty funny!

In the street in my area

Area: Teresina-Satélite
Companion: Elder Bailey

It was a pretty awesome week.... we had a miracle baptism and we had a good time....

Tuesday we had a pretty good lunch at Edna´s house... after which we met up with Gleiciane and her mom... she is 8 and her mom is an old less active member that hasnt gone to church for a while.. then we talked to ywério who is still doin good... and then we talked to his friend Italo who we baptized last week and we gave him his baptism pics. We talked to Rodrigo who is a smart little 10 year old and has been going to church with us for the last few weeks... his mom is also less active but wont let him baptize yet... Then we contacted a girl named Mylena... pretty funny because she was a reference that a member gave us... just that her dad came out and told us they are catholic and dont want anything to do with us... so we talked to her real fast and it was cool. Then we talked to another reference that was a contact and he was pretty cool. His name is João Paulo and we talked to him and his dad... it was a good restoration lesson and man, every time i teach that lesson it makes more and more sense to me... Then that night we went and talked to Helton and his friends Lustosa and Lucimar... They are very cool and Lustosa was progressing very well.. we challenged her to live all the commandments and she has been doing it for the last week... the biggest problem here is to stop drinking coffee... but she did it.

Wednesday was a rough day to me... just one of those nights where you dont sleep so good... a little bit of an upset stomach and you are just tired... but we got up and at em and after lunch we talked to Carla, who still has some little problems, but we had a good talk with her about the importance of the church in our lives.... it was cool. Then we talked to her neighbor cleiton.. who is kind of revolted from the church... he was just baptized when we got here and just doesnt like to go to church anymore... its tough. Then we talked to Rodrigo again because he is a stud and then headed up to Manoel and Maria with Adão.. We taught a little lesson from the Liahona, then i started to help Adão learn to read because he doesnt know how... so that was a new experience. Then we visited with Dailane who is doing great and is really happy she got baptized.

Thurday we had a lot of appointments fall through so it was pretty tough... but we got a couple of lessons in... then at night all of the power went out from 4 o clock in the afternoon till about 9 at night... so we tried to go a few places and then a member called us and told us its better to stay at home because the streets can be a little dangerous when its so dark... but i wasnt too worried but everyone locked themselves inside their homes so we headed home a little early.

Friday morning we went to a beauty salon where Dailane works... So we went to teach her friends and it was pretty cool... And we heard after that like miracles started to happen... first visit we started talking about the coffee... because she asked... so she gave us money and we went to go buy her some... that instant we left, she got a call from an old costomer that wanted to come back... and the cool part was is that she said it was because we came and were teaching her... she wants to hear more, so im excited... it is incredible to see the miracles out here... So that was in the morning... after that i met up with Elder Rodrigues and Elder E. Ferreira and we did a division.. I went with Rodrigues to Cidade Jardim and Bailey stayed here in Satélite. It was a good day, we had some good lessons, and at the end of the night we went to the church to see if there was some investigators there.... We ended up playing a little bit of volleyball which was fun.. then a member gave us ham and cheese sandwhiches to end the night! Man i love sandwhiches. When we got home i played a little guitar that was in their house and when i slept i had to turn off the fan in the middle of the night and i woke up freezing!! best day of my life. Also that night Elder Bailey called me and told me that lustosa prayed about baptism and wanted to get baptized the next day... luckily we were doing a division and Elder E. Ferreira is our district leader and did the interview right then and there.

Saturday we traded back and i went back to my area. We had a good lunch and me and elder bailey sat and talked to a girl named Carla who wants to be baptized.. it was pretty cool.. except that she lives in the other elders area. but then we went to irmã socorrinha´s who cut bailey´s hair and helped me a little bit learn how to cut with scissors... Last time i used the trimmer on his hair he almost cried because ´i took too much off´ haha... just messin. But after that we cleaned the baptism font and i got a call saying that i was going to baptize her... so that was cool. We had another talk with Rodrigo the 10 yr old and his dad listened in as well which was awesome. Then we had Lustosa´s baptism and it was awesome. After we went to Helton´s for a little food which just added the cherry on top.

Sunday we had church and i had the opportunity to confirm Dailane... that was pretty cool. Here the confirmations are on sunday, not right after the baptism... Then we had lunch at Irmão Maon´s house. He is a funny and rich old man. he is the only person that has a car and will give us a ride... so he took us to lunch and we ate good. Then my comp was a little sick so we went home to get some medicine for him and then we had a few visits. We went to Dailane´s and we talked to her sisters... they are pretty cool. then we went to talk with Helton and another member named Maysa and their other friend Edna went to Sao Paulo so we had her sister Socorro there who is not a member. Anyway it was awesome...

I am enjoying my time here and i owe it all to my comp... We are doing well together and it is an awesome part of my mission.

Well make it an awesome week.... still havent heard anything about transfers but i know its coming soon... talk to ya next week.

Elder Tanner Smoot

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