Monday, February 21, 2011

Wk 29 - What up fam?

Elder Smoot & Elder Iverson

Rat hunt!

Area: Campo Maior
Companion: Elder Braga

It has been a pretty awesome week! We got a lot done and im loving it
more and more. Sorry to hear that all of you are kinda sick... its not
so fun.. i know.

So Tuesday we had district meeting, as usual, and it was really good.
we got some new sisters in our district, 2 americans, and they
reopened the area piri piri. anyway it was a good meeting. after we
ate lunch and then went to work. we ended up going to a members house
to get them to go do some visits with us. There is this one girl there
named erika that is 14, she has been a member for less than a year
still, she has a calling to teach primary, and is an amazing teacher.
when she comes with us i am seriously just impressed. with any
question or anything, she does really good responding. so she came
with her friend Deinha, which is a lot older and pretty much her older
sister, and we did some visits. We went to Eliane, if you remember
her, and it went welll... and she came to church again! I am thinking
she will be baptized here pretty soon.

Wednesday we visited Sara, which lives close to our house, and the
visit went well. I decided im enjoying the mission more and more. That
night we started talking to some catholic women. one of the biggest
things i see is that people have a hard time changing religions... how
do you help that? They are so set on their religion that they kind of
push any other ideas away because they are affraid it might be right..
anyway it was a good day as well.

Thursday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I will be honest, i dont know how old
you are anymore... just more than 40 and less than 50 haha. sorry. But
i sure hope you had an awesome day. I sent a letter, like i sent for
mom and tal, i just dont think it will get there for a little while.
Anyway i had an awesome day! I went on a split with Elder Iverson. Our
first visit was this house that is about 1 hr 45min away by walking.
It was sooo far. But the walk was soo cool. We pretty much left the
city and walked for an hour on this dirt road. Anyway, what is more
impressive is that we passed a recent converts house to let her know
we were going and she ended up bringing 2 other recent convert friends
and 1 that is about to be baptized. So we walked for about 1 hr and 25
min with these four girls to go visit one of their moms. We got there
and had a great lesson and one of the girls that lives there is being
baptized on saturday this week. the mom still wasnt ready, but she
will be... dont worry. Then we finally got back after the long walk
again and started other visits. When we got to some houses i had no
idea what we would teach. i had a little idea, but i would just look
at elder iverson when we got there and say, ´you have faith´ he would
say ´ya´ i would say, ´haha thats good man, we gotta trust in
something more then ourselves cause i have no idea what we will do
here.´ i just came in and had to talk a little and start a message out
of nothing, it was a great experience. All of the lessons went awesome
and we had a great day.

Friday was a good day too, even though i was super tired, and i have
no idea why. but i was seeing some progress with our investigators and
im hoping for some baptisms.

Saturday we ate lunch and then passed in the house real fast to brush
teeth and grab my umbrella.... all of the sudden it was like.... HOLY
RAIN! It was raining super hard for about 20 min and we left right
when it started. My feet were soaked the rest of the day, luckily my
umbrella didnt break, and i grabbed the rain jacket of elder iverson
before i left because he forgot it haha. It worked great! Even though
most of our visits fell through, it was still a good day. Erika, the
14 yr old, left with us again and we visited Eliane. That night at
about midnight elder almeida comes running into our room and gets us
up. He saw a rat run into a corner and he wanted help killing it.
Anyway they pulled everything out and the rat went running. We
basically played hockey with it for a while with the brooms and then
it took off and got stuck in the front door and Elder almeida just
smacked it. Long story short, it was pretty bloody and intense, but
good story.

Sunday we had church and Eliane was there again. We ended up having
that weekly meeting with the members again so this time i went with
almeida to work and the other two stayed for the meeting. It was
awesome! We got a lot of visits done and had a good time. He took a
bunch of pictures with there investigators so i will try to take those
from him some time and send them. I will try to do better taking
pictures... my pics are pretty lame i know. I will try to get some
with our investigators and what not this week.

Other than that, Dad and Jenna, i think tiago sent you a message on
Facebook or something? Tiago is a member here and is like 17 i think.
He is just a friendly kid, kinda reminds me of Taylor Ottesen if you
know what im talkin about, he is just really friendly and cool, so
your safe to add him on facebook.

Hey mom, i know that sending the bigger shirts is like way in the
future, but i am thinking that you could send maybe 16 or 16 1/2 and a
normal collar. I see people use the button and the normal (non button)
and i havent seen a difference. I havent seen any of the other collars
get ruined... just a thought for the future.

So i have used a scripture a lot this week in thoughts and in lessons
this week, it´s Mosiah 2: 41. Its basically saying that you are happy
and blessed if you keep the commandments, and God will bles you with
temporal things, as well as spiritual things, and if you hold out to
the end, you will have never ending happiness=our goal.

Well thanks for everything! have a great week.

Elder Smoot

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