Monday, February 14, 2011

Wk 28 - So much better

Area: Campo Maior
Companion: Elder Braga

Well im sorry if i already sent some of these pics... after youve been
in an área for a while, you kind of run out of stuff to take pictures
of.... but ill do better in the future... i think there is a lot to
take pictures of. And i am perfectly fine now! I probably shouldnt
tell you when im sick so you dont worry so much! Its just momentary,
and now i am way more thankful for my health than i used to be! And
the coke idea is good. It helps with some stomach problems haha thanks
matt rex.

Last Tuesday was pretty normal... nothin tôo exciting... but it was
good. We went to go visit a less active family which lives about a 40
min walk from our house. We went there and just talked about what we
could do and how we can help them get back to church. The wife wants
to go again, but the dad hás drinking problems now because his mom
owns a bar... its been a difficult family. But their daughter came to
church again two Sundays in a row so it was good to visit them. I
really hope the best for them.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference. It was a really good meeting and we
learned a lot and set some new standards and guess what??! He took off
the rule he added last time about the rings. So if you would like, a
CTR ring would be awesome! Nothing fancy or expensive, just a cool
ring would be awesome, of course if you want to. He ended up taking
away 2 rules off the list. Anyway he just said to follow the
Missionary Handbook about this stuff now. That day we took the worm
pill, which made me go to the bathroom quite a bit, and i got my
valentines package and 3 letters! I still havent seen tammy´s package
yet... bummer. That night we taught Yasiara, she is about 18, and when
we teach she is really interested, but as soon as we leave and try to
get her to come to church, she shuts down all of a sudden.. its kinda

Thursday We went out to the less actives again that is the 40 min walk
from home, and tried to help her. The only thing that is hard about
going there is that she doesnt let you leave! She loves to converse
for hours, so its hard, but we are trying to help. My Mp3 stopped
working today... not really sure why, but i opened it and i may have
made it worse, or it was already broken inside... kind of random. so
now i can only listen to other peoples music.

Friday was a good day, not AMAZING, but it was good. We went to this
persons house named Eliane. She is 27 and for the past 5 or so weeks
she has said she will go to church. Everytime we go to her house, we
teach good and she is ready to go, but she always had an excuse why
she didnt go. Turns out we had a miracle this week! She came to church
and was very warmly welcomed by the members, it was amazing. She said
she will go again and will most likely baptise. She has a 3 year old
son and used to be married, but is now seperated and is looking for
change. It is cool to see her finally come to church. So this time we
just went to her house and my comp said, alright you can just take
this one... i really just decided to bear my testimony and invited her
to come to church and stuff because we already taught a lot.... It was
amazing. Just bearing my testimony reaffirmed the truth for me again.
We bear our testimony a lot, but this time really hit me, it was
pretty awesome.

Saturday The other elders went to Teresina, Elder Almeida and Iverson,
because Almeida was getting his Patriarichal Blessing so that was cool
for him. That day we spent more time talking to some less actives and
it pounded rain later that day. So we took cover in a home where the
boy Nataniel is 18 and the only member in his family, so we taught
them and it was pretty cool.

Sunday, like i said, we finally had Eliane in Church... Unfortunately,
the 8 houses we passed by before church all had some sort of excuse of
why they couldnt go, we even caught one of them just leaving there
house to go shopping.... its seriously annoying! haha but we all have
agency. That afternoon i did a split with Almeida because we had a
meeting with the ward that night and they needed a missionary from
each area. It was cool and i got to talk about our investigators with
the ward leaders and how we can help them. We then went to work in
his area and it was cool. He had his recent convert teaching out of
the book of mormon, or all of us would read a couple verses and then
explain, so it was really clear what we were talking about and
learning in the Book of mormon. Anyway at about 7 30 it started
pounding rain until 8 30 or so... i was wet, but it was fun and we had
a good time teaching. One thing i miss is a Dryer for my clothes! I
had my clothes outside on the clothesline and they were all wet when i
got home... this is like the 3rd time.. man it stinks!

So it was a pretty good week and the health with everyone is just fine
now. It was just a week where everyone was not feeling so good... And
ya, i gained pretty much all that weight back in a couple of days

Well just a quick thing i liked from General Conference again...
President Monson spoke about the Divine Gift of Gratitude. He said
´The things that provide deep and lasting happiness that money can´t
buy: Our families, the gospel, good friends, our health, our
abilities, and the love we receive from those around us.... Feeling
Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not
giving it.´ So i was thinking about what truly makes me happy... and
he listed them. Family and good Friends are really big for me. Also
that we should be grateful and SHOW that we are greatful for them.
What good is a present that you wrap but dont give? So Be grateful and
show that you are.

Love you and have an amazing week!

Elder Smoot

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